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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Rewatched Episode 1 of Season 3, and Saint's supervillain look was lowkey one of the best; it wasn't in your face, but the concept was really cool.

    It'll be interesting seeing the non-instagram fan reaction to Dahli as their drag has changed quite drastically since season 2; the transition from tribal fusion soothsayer to genderless demon will certainly seem jarring.
  2. How is Disasterina not there? Its a great cast but can't help but echo how much a few seem like real power players
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  3. I was surprised too. However, we need to remember that many of the queens probably turned IT down due to concerns with Covid. I'll guarantee Drag Race All Stars will be the same. Some expected queens will not benefit from appearing on the show at this point. They can't tour. They could fall ill. It's a mess.
  4. At least this means Hollow is winning All Stars!
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  5. Yeah I hate that coming back to Season 4 is a winning prize considering some of these girls would have such an unfair advantage having been a top placement in their own season, then winning this, then coming back AGAIN? I'd love to see someone a bit more underrated win it.
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  6. I adore her. Such a beautiful spirit. She is also going to drop a single on Halloween produced by none other than Mr. Kitty !!!!
    So perched for that.
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  7. As promised, I'm watching Season 1 as part of Halloween. Immediately, Vander is a flawless goddess of oddness. But I nearly forgot about Xochi who I really thought might win. The make-up and effects! She's really underrated.
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  8. When Meatball is soaked by water in The Floorshow and screams, "Ugh! You fucking bitch!" is a highpoint in the creative medium of performance.
  9. Xochi is one of the most iconic Bou-girls for this alone

    I still think she went home too soon.
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  10. Isn't this fabulous?

    I'm on Episode Three and I can sense "Not toniiiiight!" is about to happen.
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  11. Xochi is amazing. Her drag is great. And she posted a status a few years ago about being HIV+ and I messaged her and we had a small conversation and she is really sweet, which I always appreciate from drag artists.
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  12. I agree that the cast is a bit of a mess but I'm still excited. I'm gonna need fewer exposed corsets from this girls though...
  13. It's strange that I don't recognise most of them because we never really saw these queens out of drag. Unlike Drag Race, Dragula shows the queens in drag during their confessionals. Oh, I can't wait. I'm really enjoying my Dragula rewatch for Halloween.

    EDIT: Really, if we're talking trailers, then this is everything you want and need:

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  14. Can you imagine Loris got through? She would piss the new cast off. It might be good TV.
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  15. By the Pricking of my Thumbs...
  16. I finally started Season 3 last night, I know the winner but nothing else. Dollya is my fave so far.
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  17. "Not toniiiight!"

    Actually, tonight. Who else got their Shudder subscription set up and ready for later?
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  18. You've just reminded me!

    My band practice has been cancelled, so I can actually get a few episodes in to prep!!!
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