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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. The actual channel is dire. I love horror movies this time of year and there's none I watch. No Hammer Horror. No Halloween. No Nightmare on Elm Street. What's the point? I can't believe Dragula is reduced to this.
  2. It does seem to have a smaller library, but I've seen a few gems on their lists that are definitely worth checking out; The Void, Mandy, Hellraiser, Black Christmas, Terrifier, Alice Sweet Alice

    The Mortuary Collection is supposed to be a really fun film too - Kind of has a "Tales From the Crypt" cartoonishness to it.

    And of course, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, if you want to indulge in some classic halloween trash!
  3. I LOVE ELVIRA, but I've got the Arrow Video edition Blu-Ray.

    So who do we think will win tonight? I'm hoping to see an early out queen like Saint or Kendra, if only because the others stand a chance of returning for the inevitable All Stars edition after Cycle 4. Let's face it: Priscilla, Loris, and Frankie are likely to appear again.
  4. Okay, so Resurrection was incredible

    Frankie's grand high witch: This was literally a Grand High Witch cosplay. Cute, but not what you bring to Drag and Swan for a chance to return.
    Priscilla's swamp witch: I often forget how creative Priscilla can be, so this was a really interesting take on swamp witch. I would the movie of a group getting lost in the woods and running into this woman, maddened by the years of isolation and performs bone magic to have her fun with them.
    Loris' sex witch: The construction of this look is amazing, I love the understated vibe.
    Kendra's witchdoctor: The headpiece is fantastic, but for me, that's where it ends.
    Dahli's desert witch: I got the complete fantasy; I fully believe that this is the type of witch you'd run afoul of in the desert. Her tribal fusion dance background would've sold this look a little better, I think
    Saint's moon witch: I'd never heard of the moonbathers, but I was excited by the concept. She looked absolutely stunning, and her tattoos really added to the look.
    Victoria's bayou witch: Not the kind of witch I'd expect from someone as conceptual as Victoria, so this was an interesting curveball. Victoria usually takes me to a very "Horror" place, but this was a little more AHS: Coven in the swamp. It's a great look, and the details like the snake and the burning book were really cool, but I think I expect a little more from the Haus of Black.

    Loris's possession ghost: Her makeup is always en pointe, but I feel like her concepts get a little lost in translation. I would've loved the human side of her look to be completely void of creepy makeup, or even made herself look happy.
    Kendra's fire ghost: I had forgotten what Kendra went through, and I'm so happy to see that she hasn't been afraid to face what nearly finished her career.
    Dahli's forest spirit: I absolutely loved this look, this was like something you see in a Witcher game told through the lens of Dark Souls... My only critique is that I wish she made herself look a bit more tree-like in her hands.
    Victoria's necrophilia ghost: Now this is the Victoria that I remember, it's kind of simple looking, but that performance and the prosthetics are incredible! But was it a ghost???
    Frankie's La Llorona: I got more dead bride than La Llorona; considering how La Llorona kills her victims, this look should've been water-logged.
    Priscilla's sex worker ghost: A wonderful message; I love that she paid homage to all the trans lives that have been lost, but I'm not sure it reads as ghostly.
    Saint's sheet ghost: This is fantastic! I don't think anyone else would've even toyed with the concept of a sheet ghost, but Saint clearly studied the origin and I love the idea of this demon coming to our realm and dressing up for halloween.


    Victoria's Bram Stoker vampire: Absolutely beautiful, with a dash of campiness, which I appreciate because I don't think we ever got that from Victoria.
    Saint's 60's gogo vampire: Another example of her out-of-the-box thinking that I really appreciate. I would've liked something more fearsome, but I like this retro vibe, it reminds me a little of Dark Shadows.
    Kendra's priestess vampire: It's a pretty look, but my running criticism of Kendra is that her looks always feel a little lacklustre.
    Frankie's bat demon: This was actually a great look for Frankie, but probably not the smartest for a lip synch.
    Priscilla's saloon vampire: I think this was Priscilla's weakest look, she is capable of bringing fantasy to life, but I felt a little short-changed here.
    Dahli's apocalyptic vampire: Sexy and scary. I'd let this vampire kill me.
    Loris' Mad Max vampire: This takes me more to season 2's Four Horsemen challenge than it does vampire

    I was rooting for Dahli to win and based on the critiques, she was a close second, but this was a well-deserved win, unusual concepts with some fantastic execution. Saint was definitely undercooked on her season, but I'm thrilled at the prospect of seeing this kind of brain unleash it's potential!
  5. I'm watching right now!
  6. Make sure you share your thoughts on Hollow.
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  7. The winner’s ghost look was absolutely mindblowing!

    Taking the idea of a classic Halloween sheet ghost and making it drag and terrifying was amazing to see. I’m thrilled for Saint and can’t wait to see what they bring to S4

    Side note: Dahli out of drag is so fucking hot
  8. That was incredible. The budget and creativity on display was glorious to witness. The right queen won for sure.

    Saint's Ghost and Vampire looks were amazing. Making lace scary? A Mary Quant vampire? Genius. I can't wait to see her slay Season 4 and see the rest return for All Stars.
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  9. The winner's Ghost look 100% sealed it for them. It was incredible, and honestly a massive risk!

    Can we also talk about the fact that they've finally found their groove with editing the floor shows? Everything was produced so well, I hope they keep that for season 4!

    Seeing as they woke up, I'm guessing Dahli is making it to season 4 too? I love their new style of drag, and I felt like they were (other than the ghost look) so strong that I'm looking forward to seeing them compete again too!
  10. Hadn’t watched this part till I read your post. Y***SSSSSSSS to this.
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  11. I can't wait to watch this! But I spoiled myself on who won.

    And as i've mentioned here before, I've known her long before either of us started doing drag and we've had some... let's say, ups and downs in our history together. However, She's crazy talented and i'm so happy for her to get to show that further through Dragula. She was trying for a while to get on Drag Race before Dragula, and came pretty close to getting on. And thankfully she didn't because 1. They would've milked her history with Aiden for drama and 2. I don't think she'd be able to properly execute her style very well there, Dragula is way better suited for her, And i'm just so happy her commitment to showing the world her creativity is paying off.
    You obviously see the things she makes... She's amazing. She would always show me in-process photos of her making things and she just has such an eye for it.
  12. Probably for the best that I don't nn.
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  13. Saint stepped her bussy UP.

    All the ghouls were amazing, but
    Vicky and Frankie Doom could’ve also won and I’d have been happy.
  14. That was visually STUNNING. My mouth was agape at the talent on show. To think this was filmed with a skeleton crew during a pandemic.

    Victoria lost the prize the second she showed doubt about competing on Season 4. I do think that her taking part in this special leaves the door open for her to return for the inevitable All Stars season though (and the fact the Boulets even referenced it shows that it must be in the pipeline).

    I’m glad Priscilla didn’t win. It was lovely for her to showcase herself and hear about her journey but I don’t think she had anything further to show that we didn’t see on Season 3.

    I was really happy for Saint. That ghost look will haunt my dreams tonight. The cynic in me does wonder whether her friendship with the Boulets helped in some way (she was part of the cast on their European tour earlier this year) but it was well deserved in the context of this competition.

    That post credits scene. I actually gasped. Absolutely well deserved since they’re clearly in a different headspace now compared to season 2. So, Dahli will be coming back for season 4 too but won’t win the prize money? The drama that will follow, I can’t wait to see.

    Perhaps an extermination challenge at the very beginning of season 4 to determine which one joins the cast?
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  15. I met Dahli a couple years ago and she was the sweetest. And damn she's talented, not only as a drag artist but I actually quite like her solo singing/songwriting. Just definitely someone deserving of more attention than what she got on her season.

    It's so nice Dragula has so many stars. Real talents and also just nice people. Not really a lot of drama with the Dragula girls for the most part, especially in comparison to Drag Race. Which is why I prefer Dragula. It's more of a celebration of their art than it is drama filled... I mean, there's drama in the episodes more as the series goes on but it just is never the whole point of a person being there. Like they don't keep someone just because they're "good tv".
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  16. R92


    Saint's ghost look is one of those instantly-iconic looks for me, something along the lines of Vander's crowning look or Biqtch's wedding look. I don't see it leaving my mind for a long, long time.
  17. I desperately want Saint to reach a million followers on Instagram. That's one of the things about Dragula that frustrates me: it really isn't a good platform to gain followers online, a launch board for touring. Even the lowest rated Drag Race queen gets that, at the very least.
  18. I watched it tonight. Some of the parts at home with the contestants went on for entirely way too long. As for the winner... not who I would've expected, but it appears the contestant I would've picked to win might be returning anyway
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  19. It was a bit long but god I forget how much more satisfying this show is compared to Drag Race. There was so much talent on display and the winner was deserved.

    Victoria's second look was such a weird oversight for her? Technically incredible but not at all on theme.

    Also I'm here to say I'm in deep lust with Dahli.
  20. Victoria is an excellent special effects technician.
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