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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Saint's Ghost look was up there with Abhora's Ghost Town Ghouls and Melissa's Filth look for me, I'm obsessed and I want it on a shirt.
  2. Just finished Season 3. While I knew the winner already and think they are deserving... I think Dollya should've won.
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  3. Dollya fucked it up at that speech during the reunion, I felt. The other two gave heartfelt reasons why they should win...and Dollya started off with how she maxed out her credit card. I winced!
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  4. I just finished this. First things first. 2 hours was far too much, I would have been fully onboard for an hour - or an hour fifteen max. I definitely didn't need the ego trip that was the Boilers starring at the camera for 10 minutes during every look intro.

    Secondly, I don't understand how Saint won, he ghost look was the best, absolutely, 100%. But both her witch and vampire were complete meh for me. I would have put her 4th at best.

    Dahli should have won with Victoria in second.

    Loris was the best witch
    Saint the best Ghost
    Frankie the best vampire (tbh there were about 4 best vampires)

    I enjoyed all the looks and floor shows but the show was a mess otherwise.
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  5. Saint fucking did. that. Dahli and Victoria were incredible as well.
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  6. I did initially think Saint's first look needed a bit more of a 'performance' to sell it but the look itself was so outstanding and clearly important to her that I came around to it. I'm excited to see this elevation in the context of a proper season.
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  7. The confessionals were so rehearsed I can't.

    They should've cut all of that out and just gave us the floor shows after the introduction.

    I'm surprised at Saint winning. I thought Dahli/Victoria had this in the bag.
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  8. I tried to watch Season 1 ages ago and couldn't get my head around the show. Especially the elimination.

    Decided to skip to Season 2 as I heard the filming quality really increased. ( I guess hello budget like Drag Race) I'm still trying to work the show out. The first elimination challenge with the piercing of the skin made my body hurt.

    I've only seen two episodes. I wouldn't say I'm hooked but it's intriguing me.
  9. It really picks up with episode three, it's far more electric.
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  10. Season 2 remains the show's peak but Resurrection is one of the best 'episodes' to date in terms of production and the drag on display.

    I'm a defender of Season 1 despite the crunchiness because I think the cast is dynamite and it has a lot of charm.

    Despite the production quality being higher, I actually think Season 3 is the flattest season overall and really loses steam once Hollow is eliminated.
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  11. I'd have to agree. The cast is undeniably strong talent-wise, but they were quite a mellow set of personality's besides Hollow and, ironically, the Haus of Black family members.
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  12. Yup season 2 was the best. Season 1 they were still finding their footing.

    But 3 despite the increase budget and production value was just dull after the strong characters left.
  13. The special was great and I'm happy for Saint but there was SO much talking. Loris makes me cringe every time she opens her mouth so I didn't enjoy those sections. If I'm honest I thought that Priscilla was the most consistent along with Saint so I would have been happy with either of them winning.
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  14. Saint’s first look didn’t impress me and I think her vampire look was the worst overall. The performance was good, but I didn’t like the basic 60s take for a vampire look.
    I wouldn’t pick her as the winner (she was only my 4th or 5th favorite), but she had such a positive and rootable edit throughout that it was kind of expected.

    My winners for each category would be Victoria (witch), Saint (ghost) and Frankie (vampire). Dahli didn’t win any but was in the top3 for all of them, so she was my winner.

    Loris and Kendra were bonafide filler, unfortunately. The scream I let out @ Loris doing a hot mess half male/half female latex look for the ghost category after spending her entire interview for the witch look talking about how she learned not to stray too far from what the Boulets asked for each category.... girl...
    Surprisingly, Victoria was in the middle of the pack for me. She absolutely slayed the witch look, but didn’t do a ghost look in the slightest and I though her vampire look was too expected and not particularly well done. Didn’t really understood why the Boulets flexed so much to justify her not winning. They felt the need to insert a clip of her saying she didn’t want to compete in s4 and then the Boulets themselves saying she’s too much of a power house and should only compete against the best of the best (hey, couldn’t you... Maybe... I don’t know... have thought about that BEFORE inviting her?). Like... just say she only presented 2 of the required 3 looks and that’s why she lost.

    Frankie and Priscila were AMAZING. As someone who didn’t think much of them after their original seasons, they impressed me a lot. Frankie had the best vampire, was top3 for the ghost look and I did like her Anjelica Huston witch cosplay. It was a nice, timely reference and looked very well done.
    Priscila had one of the best witches, a nice vampire and, even if the ghost look itself wasn’t my favorite, she had a great concept for it. And sold it really well.

    Overall I love where Dragula is nowadays as a competition. You simply can’t show up in a nice dress and pretty make up and call it a day, each floorshow demands a concept, creativity, performance skills, ingenuity. The girls bring out prosthetics, great props, extreme make ups, visual effects, even carpentry (!!). It’s so satisfying to watch.
  15. Season 3 didn't stand a chance because of Amazon Prime refusing to schedule it on time. Literally every week there was a problem. It's impossible to build an audience when simply watching a TV show becomes an object in enragement instead of engagement. Overall, I like Season 3. It isn't the best, of course, but the right winner emerged victorious and we got a lot of potentially iconic characters for All Stars i.e. Hollow.

    Victoria Black is difficult for me to completely stan. In theory, she's perfect: her effects are amazing but I'd like to see more drag in what she does. I think if she does something that really connects with me, I'll stan forever, a bit like Saint with her Ghost and Vampire looks. What a brilliant, original bitch. I stan forever. Dahli takes herself too seriously for my liking. She's not for me. I don't like queens without any sense of whimsy or the absurd. Hollow takes herself extremely seriously, but for some reason she's screamingly funny? Basically, I'm not surprised Victoria or Dahli were defeated by Saint. There's no heart in anything they present, while Saint had charm and humanity in abundance - and that's why I really valued seeing these queens in their own environments, hearing them speak outside a confessional.

    My Dragula faves are Vander, Disasterina, Landon, Hollow, Melissa, Meatball, Erika, Saint, and Biqtch.
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  16. The special was far too long. It needed editing down to 1 hour. Maybe with just one interview segment per contestant and not one per look. You could tell that a lot of them didn't have enough to say and so repeated the same thing over and over again (I'm looking at Loris especially here), too much filler dialogue.

    I was surprised that the ghost looks were completely off target for most of them. Victoria's zombie was excellent, but she needs look up the definition of ghost/spirit. Loris was also way off the mark.

    I was really happy for Priscilla during the show. She seems so much happier and healthier than on her original season.
  17. Priscilla's 80's sex worker ghost look with the city smoke and police sirens flashing had me so gagged.
  18. Biqtch is such a gift, I'm screaming at this

    Also, mood.
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  19. I just came across a Mothmeister ( photo slideshow on Facebook, and I'm now obsessed with their transgressive art. I'm not sure if it's something drag performers from the Dragula world could emulate, but it's in the vein of Yovska x Mad Max x taxidermy x Behemoth music videos. I find them fascinating and would love to see Boulet Brothers feature them somehow.
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  20. It's one of my favourite instagrams, the artistry on display is incredible.
    I'm waiting for a fashion photography book from them.
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