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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Vander did an interview with Hey Qween if anyone is interested I thought i'd post it. I love Vander. And her look for this interview is fab.
    Also get your feels ready, because this was Lady Red's final episode she filmed for Hey Qween
  2. ;-( about the Lady Red info. And Vander has always delivered with her LEWKS.
  3. I love that she spoke about her dollhouse number, as it's my favourite of hers.
    Now knowing the story behind it, I'm ugly sobbing.

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  4. Signed into my Amazon Prime account to rewatch Series 3 and apparently you have to pay for it now, even with a Prime account? It was definitely free at one point wasn't it?

    Will this ever come to Netflix in the UK?
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  5. Yup! I watched it all with prime for free, but I assume they'll move the whole series to Shudder soon.
  6. I'm getting one last watch of Series Two in before they do!!

    It still amuses me how far Erika Klash got. Also, Dahli in that eating eliminiaton would have totally been me, I wouldn't even be able to try!
  7. Before competing, Dahli had fallen out of love with music, and it seems something rejuvenated his love of it, which is always nice to see.
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  8. I love Dahli. They performed in a digital drag show for Act Up raising money for Act Up's AIDS awareness and all that. They did "Sledgehammer" by Rihanna and wow it was powerful. I wish she had uploaded the video somewhere.
  9. I miss this show.
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  10. Casting has begun; if all goes well, we could be getting this by Hallowe'en.
  11. $100,000?? That's incredible! I'm hoping that being on Shudder means they've found a more long term home, and no more app hopping.
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  12. I'm not expecting anything until Q4/2022. If casting ENDS at the start of May, they'll probably be filming in June/July. Though they could call it a 'nightmare before Christmas' if they release it that late.
  13. Thank God. I love Dragula.
  14. That’s nice. I hope we get to watch it this year.
  15. There is ZERO reason why Drag Race hasn't upped the winning amount at this point then.
  16. VH1, most likely.
    The last few seasons of America's Next Top Model that aired on VH1 also had a 100k prize.
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