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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Vander is brilliant, but her personality is too understated for Reality-TV.
    Meatball on the hand would be golden, I can only imagine the brilliant zingers she would come up with in her talking heads.

    Frankie's sea monster look was amazing, that shit saved her ass big time.

    The Boulet Brothers are definitely the stars of the show. I'm a huge fan of Heklina and Peaches, but them sitting next to the Brothers shows what long way Monster-Drag has come since the 90's.
  2. On the left is Vander after her second time in drag in April 2015 and the right is from November... How does someone progress and improve so drastically so quickly?!
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  3. Perched.
  4. I'm saving it for later! I can't wait to see it though. This has been marvellous.
  5. I really hope it gets recommissioned with a bigger budget and the necessary improvements.
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  6. We can only hope. I think the viewing figures have been good enough to bring it back. The format works. All they need to improve is the sound quality and show us more of what goes on behind the scenes with the queens.
  7. I think it's a bit too slow as well. I'd like to see more connection and banter between the BBs and the guests. The calibre of guest judges has been outstanding and I really hope they keep that up.
  8. It has a primitive quality to it that appeals to me, but the odd camera angles which make it look like the Boulet Brothers aren't in the same room as the queens is very disconcerting at times, isn't it?
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  9. I think that's intentional, but it doesn't quite work with the set.
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    The correct winner, even if Melissa shocked everyone by really coming for it during that final challenge. I GASPED at her blasphemous act.

    In the end though, it was Vander's sickening consistency that won it for her. What a queen. I can't wait to see what she does next. UK tour please.
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  11. I literally cheered at the top of my lungs for Vander. Her last supper look was stunning. Her glamour look was giving some Violet Chachki "editorealness". Her filth runway made me scream, I loved her take on Divine (And the commitment to her performance was something else) and her horror look... UGH! I love her so much!!!!

    Frankie is a great representative of horror drag in it's beginnings and I hope she continues to represent for the greats.
    I'm happy to now support Melissa as a horror queen, the ugliness at the last supper finally made her say "Okay, you want to see me dirty? Let's go then!" and boy, did she deliver! Her filth runway was everything.
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  12. I had to rewind it because I thought that she had to have put something in her mouth. Other than her fingers, that is.

    They were all really strong, but it just had to be Vander didn't it. The Carrie thing after her crowning was perfect.
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  13. This is amazing. I'm halfway through and enjoying it more than the last four Drag Race reunions.
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  14. Melissa was not having Ms. Uma Kompton during the last supper and I lived for every second!

    Final thoughts, or in this shows case, last words?
  15. @Tiger Suit
    We're getting a reunion!

    This was great. Though I wanted Vander to win early on, there was a moment during that Extermination challenge where I could have easily rooted for Melissa. What a fierce bloody brilliant bitch. Frankie was fab too. I adore all of them and will gladly support these queens and go see them live. I think the fact we're getting a reunion is a good sign that perhaps a new series will happen. The other queens brought back from the 'dead' more than earned their camera time too. The reunion will be glorious and violent.
  16. I feel like Melissa should have won. Absolutely no bullshit, no holds barred. She's one hell of a fighter and she listened to every bit of feedback and really improved, especially towards the end.
  17. If that last performance had appeared on Drag Race, it would have won the entire contest for Melissa. Honestly, it was that - and I use this word properly - iconoclastic. It's a timely reminder of drag as it should be; messy, provocative, underground, creative, an intelligent. I appreciated Vander sticking up for Melissa's right to be in the contest, actively answering the critics on Reddit. I found that refreshing. The table scene where Melissa looked like she was ready to beat up Loris was quite the shocker; far more has happened behind the scenes, which I think we'll find out about during the Reunion. I also liked how the Boulet Brothers made what I felt to be a passing reference to the drag that has become more prevalent post-Drag Race (overly-polished fashion queens and the obsession with the look over actual performance) whilst thanking RuPaul at the end credits. Drag Race has been a spectre all series, so it's nice to see them acknowledge the show, whilst remaining true to their brand.

    If Melissa had been handed that crown, I'd be quite happy. I wouldn't have said that last week. But Vander is a deserving winner.
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  18. The right person won in terms of sheer consistency and impressiveness. I would have been OK with them giving the win to Melissa after her incredible final runway presentation, but if they had given the win to Frankie it would have been terrible mainly because Frankie didn't show what she needed in order to win - I think her Glamour look was flawless, but her other two were lackluster and given that she calls herself a monster, her Horror look was very underwhelming, what with that sketchy bodysuit and her incessant neck-slitting moments with that knife. It was boring.

    The last supper fights were everything that's missing from RuPaul's Drag Race these days: actual criticism between the girls, not just soft blows in order to mitigate the social media reaction. Melissa's outburst in reation to Loris's comments was amazing. And Foxie's advice to Melissa had me cackling. Meatball stole the show with her reactions, though. I hope we get to see more of her!

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  19. I loved loved loved Frankie's "Last Supper" look so much, super glam and showed why she was the one in the finale and not Meatball or Ursula.

    The "big" girls on Dragula also made me think, Jaidynn Diore Fierce aside, we never had a young, fierce and fabulous big girl contestant on RPDR. All the large-and-in-charge ones were very pageanty and matronly. I hope we get to see a young one who can deliver something more modern and current on Drag Race. Meatball's PVC dress from last week was a perfect current and modern look for a chunkier drag queen.
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