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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Not the outcome I wanted. Really unfortunate as I've loved her drag for a long time, and would love to see more of it. It's a shame that she couldn't go out on more of a high.
  2. I'm absolutely astonished that


    has served two dire looks and as many mediocre performances, yet hasn't been in the bottom. Astonishing! Also, isn't Saint just brilliant? The little touches to her looks feed into her performances, making the whole package so satisfying.
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  3. How Merrie got away with literally standing there with a stink face is beyond me. 2 episodes of pure meh while two interesting performers went home.

    Astrud at least performed, but the look was the worst.

    Betty killed the extermination challenge though.
  4. Iconic episode. Dahli's Nosferatu, Vanessa's judging (camp!), and Astrud's freakout. I'm mad they saved Merrie like that though. Rigga Morris!
  5. I just can't believe it.
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  6. Absolute chaos, honestly, this came up on my Youtube algo and inspired me to start watching the show.
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  7. Yeah Merrie needs to go. But that was obvious from the promo look.
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  8. Why is Dahli back?
  9. I think Dahli was lowkey robbed, they served during the challenge (also he looks stunning out of drag), Saint was good though!

    Shocked Aurelia flopped this hard
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  10. I started watching this season after IMHO did a review and I’m stunned by the cast - crazy talented and reality TV ready. These girls are also so hot and cool? Saint is my crush.
    She was great! The little callback to “I’m so into voguing right now” made me shriek.
  11. Really sad with the outcome from this weeks episode and completely agree with everyone else's comments about Merrie, who is clearly not up to the level of the others. It feels like the Boulet Brothers might know her personally and want to keep her around for longer because of that?
  12. Uno


    It was weird they didn't want to put Merrie in the bottom but still had her stand there and gave her bad critiques. If you're going to go that out of your way about it, then just make it a Bottom 4; them calling her safe and then dragging her was just odd.
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  13. I honestly have NO time for the drama and untucked moments here. They are thirty times worse than anything in Drag Race.
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  14. The scenes in Series 2 of Dragula were tense and bitchy, but they're nothing compared to these queens.
  15. Once again, I'm gonna need these faggots to leave Sigourney the fuck alone

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  16. Miss Beaver is so fabulous and fearsome that I totally understand why they're immediately reverting to bogstandard bitchiness. But they can't win.
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  17. These girls are so talented, spirited and reality TV gold (except for Marrie).

    Saint, Dahli and Koko could literally murder me and I’d thank them for it.
  18. I want to watch the older seasons of Dragula for fuck sake. I want to see Vander Von Odd, Melissa Befierce, and hear NOT TONIIIIIGHT again.
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  19. I watched the episode again and I've contained my disappointment with what transpired. I'll admit that Astrud did herself no damn favors with that break down after her critique on stage much like Zavaleta's dumb shit in the last episode. Astrud flopped spectacularly after coming in owning this shit.
  20. One thing I will give Dragula... They don't rig stuff to keep people. Faves will leave.
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