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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Does Kim Chi count as a big girl? I always kinda thought she did.
  2. Melissa absolutely sl*yed the filth look, but I think Vander bested her and Frankie at glamour and horror. Great results, overall. Vander captured my attention from the very beginning (that brain under the wig reveal from the casting video, YAS QUEEN) and killed it week after week, incredibly deserved.

    The last supper was amazing, fuck social media for deterring this kind of tension/rawness from happening on Drag Race.
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  3. I want the full tea on why Melissa and Loris hate each other the the reunion.

    Also, well done to Vander, and well done to the Boulet Brothers for creating a great little show that's filled the Drag Race void very nicely. Glad to see they met the IndieGoGo target as well!
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  4. Now they need to use IndieGoGo to raise money for better sound/camera equipment. I'm being serious. I think they could do it!
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  5. If they get a season 2, the one thing I ask is for them not to spread 5 episodes over four fucking months again.
  6. I didn't mind the slow pace, it meant it was always a treat when a new episode arrived.
  7. Yeah, was watching the last episode with headphones on and you could literally hear the camera man breathing through his nostrils during the extermination portion of the show. Not only annoying but also very eww.
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  9. I love everyone paying tribute to Divine, Queen of Filth!

    Honestly, the standard on Dragula for the final three was insanely high wasn't it? I forgot to post that I absolutely adored Vander Von Odd's glamour look with the photocopied chest in place of her breast plate. For me, that's pure punk.
  10. For those who maybe didn't see on the main Drag Race forum.

    It's so nice to see Vander more opened up and really getting into the conversation

    For nearly three years I've named Acid Betty my fave queen, but Vander has now taken that spot
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  11. I'm all caught up (finally) and I am OBSESSED with Vander, like I need her on Drag Race season 10, I'd reckon she'd storm it.
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  12. Also finally got round to watching this and... Melissa kinda killed it? I was so aghast & borderline shook at her pulling it all off.That Filth look was one of the season highlights - who knew she had the balls for that (quite literally)? Vander was still the winner though based on the series as a whole & that even more twisted Week-1 Witch reprieve for the Horror look. Poor Frankie got left in the dust (as she always was going to tbh).

    I hope if the Boulets do get a second shot at this that they stick to the format completely (because it's an amazing switch from where Drag Race is right now) but just polish it up, finesse it out. Right now it's all filth all horror but lacking production glamour.
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  14. I was excited to see this thread in the hope it would be the Reunion episode.
  15. It's coming soon, Hey Queen posted a photo on twitter with all the girls.
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  16. It shouldn't take them this long to put the reunion out. Hurry up, hunties.
  17. Great episode, the Boulet Brothers are hilarious.

    I think their release schedule is done so on purpose, as they mentioned at the end of the video season 2 will start this Halloween, so had they released the Reunion at the end of January everybody would have long forgotten about the cast of this season and the show in general. By trickling it out and prolonging the season until March it's a closer gap until Teasers for the next season will apear.
  18. So we are getting a Season 2? Wonderful.
  19. Melissa looks so masculine out of drag, she does a really great job at looking fishy.
  20. I absolutely changed my mind about Melissa. She wasn't very interesting, and quite frankly I've seen enough deathdropping queens to last several lifetimes - but my goodness I'm such a fan now, because that last performance is definitely one of the most punk things I've ever experienced from a drag queen.
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