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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I honestly kind of just feel bad for Sigourney and Jade because it seems they've had Merrie, Zavaletta and Betty calling them out as not monsters from the beginning and now Hoso has joined in. Dahli and Saint proved themselves before so they escape it.
  2. I would have had to fight the urge to simply serve Davy Jones cosplay. What an awesome challenge idea.


    Glamour King!!!
  3. I was surprised Sigourney donned her classic hair and mug this week, because she was showing off that pearl headdress and a Erté inspired illustration with smaller hair. Guess Zava doing 20's style fingerwaves and Betty being covered in pearls from head to toe made her decide against that, which was very savvy of her to shun the possibility of comparisons during deliberations. She is smart, talented, beautiful, breathtaking. She IS the moment.

    Now on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as far as savviness in a Reality TV competition setting go, Hoso, what the hell was that? Never, under any circumstances go for "out of the box" when the prompt has been so clearly spelled out like it was this week. And throwing a hissy fit because "they just don't get it" is not a cute look.

    I did like Dahli the best this week though, the mug was so pretty and his lipsync was killer.
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  4. Uno


    Sigourney has the girls quaking and I'm glad she isn't backing down to them at all.
  5. AND then go to the winner of the challenge and tell her everything you hate about her look. Like what the fuck was that? I wanted to slap her so bad (metaphorically). It was so uncalled for. Sore loser.
  6. Hoso's tantrum was cringe af. Like...either commit to being a bitch or don't say anything at all.

    I'll kinda miss Betty because her dynamic with Zava in the cauldron this week was legitimately unhinged. They just kept feeding off each other and got nastier and nastier. Kinda iconic.
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  7. That latest episode was everything I ever wanted. Best one so far of the series?

    The drama at the cauldron. I-

    John Galiano?
    Taylor Swift?
    2 DOLLARS?
  8. This episode was a peak for the franchise, by far the best edited episode I’ve seen bar Resurrection. I always have a lag in Dragula every week and keep wishing the floor show would hurry up but this week I couldn’t keep me eyes off the screen, looks, performance and drama all served.

    Sigourney is a star and a goddess. The nerve of some of the other queens to come for her when they have half the creativity she has.

    It has to be Saint, Dali and Sigourney top 3 they are leagues ahead of the others.
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  9. The editing in the Cauldron was pure season 5 untucked but with just a little bit of coherency. Incredible.
  10. This was literally Hoso's look this week except make it terrible

  11. I cannot imagine signing up for a show and then presenting yourself so terribly like Merrie and Betty did just to completely destroy any goodwill and career.

    Just awful humans. Christ.
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  12. The cast: kys u stupid worthless wench

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  13. Not me thinking the drama was going to subside following Merrie's extermination. That cauldron gave me whiplash. Bless Dahli for injecting some levity. Amazing television.

    I adore Hoso's concepts and I always look forward to seeing what they're going to deliver. It was actually kinda fascinating to watch them react to the (accurate) critiques and see their arrogance on full display. I consider them a bit of a maverick so to an extent I understand that defensiveness, but I can't deal with the whole "I get mean when I'm mad hold me back ;/" schtick and then just reading Sigourney anyway.

    This is the first season of Dragula I've seen, is Hoso's art as incredible as I think it is in the context of the whole series?
  14. Yeah, Hoso is pretty great. But, Dragula has a lot of great artists. And some of them do go home early. It's not as cut and dry as Drag Race is. Drag Race sometimes goes out of their way to save people they have cast to be the frontrunner. Dragula will eliminate who does the worst with no remorse... Which I kind of like. Like I found the Astrud elimination kind of shocking because she is such a talented creator and has even won the live stage version of Dragula before being on the show, so I thought she would go further. And past seasons have had similar contestants who we see being so talented before and after the show, and an episode just trips them up and they go.
    But yeah... That attitude was so off-putting. And I haven't really seen any of these queens apologize publicly to Sigourney, directly. Which they really should.
  15. I'd say Hoso's vision is akin to season 2 alum, Abhora, but with some cleaner edges; Abhora's looks were mostly great and she had a unique frame of reference, but sometimes that was to her detriment and her creations became a little too out there, especially if the Boulet's gave a challenge with clear spelling.
    If they were given a "Spirit" challenge, then I think I could buy what Hoso was giving, but with something as clear as "Ghost Ship Glamour", then Sigourney gave what needed to be given, and did what needed to be done.
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  16. You need to watch every series. The first series is so low budget, but the creativity and drama make it worthwhile. Vander Von Odd is in it too.
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  17. So far season 2 was the best season by far, but season 4 is shaping up nicely. I also have a soft spot for season 1 because of the cast.

    Season 3...happened.
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  18. Thanks for giving me context. The standard of artistry on this show is such a tonic. As is the brutality of the judging, for the most part.

    I absolutely will. I tried season one last year and it was a bit overwhelming. Then Shudder made season four impossible to ignore and it's always more fun to watch along in real time with a PJ thread anyway.
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  19. You can always start with Series 2, which is fantastic. Peak drag telly.
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