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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. The music for that whole floor show was incredible
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  2. So I got a little teary eyed at the start - Dahli's determination to be here and love for Sigourney was so palpable.
    And of course, Merrie's appearance killed that heartwarming moment.

    I love Killer Klowns from Outer Space, so I've wanted a Clown theme for a long time now; I wish it would've happened earlier in the season so we could see more interpretations; but this is the top 4 we deserve and they gave us the stuff of nightmares.

    I think Dahli has had this character brewing for a long time, because it was fully realised and wonderfully performed.
    Hoso looked immaculate as usual, but there was too much going on... Which is ridiculous, considering this about clowns, but mild editing would've done wonders.
    Saint's concept was fantastic, but a killer clown it was not. I would've loved to see some Lady Deathstrike nails as her weapon, as that would've made her arms look even longer.
    Sigourney looked like perfection, but I wanted more of a story, which I felt like we got from the others.

    I am not a fan of not knowing who was exterminated; I love both Hoso and Saint, but I think I want Saint in that top 3 a little more.
  3. Ugh what a top 4. I hope they move to the finale with a surprise Top 4 and don't get rid of anyone. I feel like that is what might happen. Sigourney inching her way out of a bottom 2 though is nice to see. Glad she is definitely in the finals because I got worried for a sec.
    If they HAVE to make it a top 3, I want Saint to be there. Probably because of my personal bias with them. I also do agree that Hoso might be too young and inexperienced. The Boulet's kept bringing up they have to consider who is the right people to bring with them in how they interact backstage too. So I think that casts a bad omen for Hoso.
  4. Not surprised but very happy. This show has really gone through some tumultuous streaming agreemens. Glad it's found it's home... even if it's home does happen to be in a very niche streaming service.
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  5. The pre-title sequence!
  6. I want a twisted horror Wizard of Oz challenge on the next season especially after the Boulets were feigning melting like the Wicked Witch before bringing on the guest judges.

    Clowns just aren't my thing at all so this was horrifying this week for me but I hate to say I'm sort of bored of Hoso at this moment but honestly a top four would be great cause they are all so strong.
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  7. The end kills with the puppets were so so good!

    This is their best season and the best top four ever. I FUCKING love this show!

    I’m still confused as to who was eliminated? AKSKSKFN
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  8. That was a great episode, all told. Equal parts silly, campy, grimy, and heartwarming. The respect they all have for each other was palpable, and I feel that it really pushed all of them to produce some of their best work this season.

    Sigourney, just, wow. She has a level of polish and poise that is unparalleled, and whilst the look could have been filthier (I agree that the balloons should have had a t the very least glitter blood in them, with maybe a blood cap in her mouth for the knife play) it was a stunning silhouette and she sold it, malfunctions aside.

    I agree that Dahli’s look was peak them. The concept was clean, the performance was ferocious, and even if they’re now doing a lot of the same aesthetic, it’s SUCH a strong one. As a fellow sweet tooth it was a horrifying glimpse into a potential future.

    Hoso also nailed it, even if the look was a bit too busy. The melding of their heritage with more Western sensibilities has been such a strong calling card for them all season, and this look was a perfect distillation of that. The performance was super strong, too.

    Saint’s look was incredible, but the performance was still too muted. The silhouette of those arms was truly horrifying, but I’d loved if they’d leaned into that more. Give us a Freddy chasing Tina down the alley moment please! Saint is feeling the pressure of what they represent with their drag, which is super important, but Id like them to let that go on the main stage and really live in the performance. They have it in them. Bob’s critique was so touching, too.

    It’s such a strong top 4, but the scream I let out when they showed Sigourney’s puppet first. I was not ready for that to happen.
  9. Saying a clown from the past was coming back, cutting to Dahli mentioning Abhora which was my first thought (and favorite dragula contestant) only for it to be useless Merrie was frustrating. Merrie is absolutely the worst contestant on this show and I'm glad that her return was only met with mockery by the cast.
  10. Of the whole top four...Dahli is the one I am the least invested in their final floor show. I really like their aesthetic, but I know exactly what we're going to get.

    It bothers me how little scrutiny they've gotten for giving basically the same mug every week.
  11. Finally somebody said it. Everybody else got clocked for repeated aesthetic but Dahli has actually not switched it once.
  12. Uno


    The puppets throughout the episode were so well done.
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  13. I agree. Out of all the remaining 4, Dahli has been challenged the least. So them winning would feel the least satisfying.
    If Saint or Sig show aesthetic growth in their final floorshow, (Saint being more animated, Sig knocking it out of the park with the pillars of dragula), I think it's theirs to win.
  14. Merrie coming back just to get constantly dragged by the remaining queens, I did scream a bit.

    I think I've been so conditioned by Drag Race to buy into pre-packaged narratives because I anticipated Hoso would continue to get the 'diva' edit. It's been so refreshing to see her get two consecutive wins and even if I thought some of her critiques were a reach this week (I'm surprised we didn't at least see Bob ask about the relevance of the sword?) it still feels like she's the frontrunner. The complaints about her being unorganized just made her endearing more than anything? Like yes her station is a mess but it has to be because she's a creative genius.

    It's been disappointing to see Saint kind of fizzle at the final stretch, I was surprised they all thought she belonged in the finale? I adore her and her taste level is impeccable (it reminds me of Naomi Smalls a bit in how she can thrive on minimalism) but this week was just not it next to the others. On that note, I was shocked they gave the win to Dahli for the exact reasons pointed out above: they haven't been challenged at all and while their concept was inspired with notable attention to detail, I'm tired of the same mug. It almost feels like a formality to have Dahli in the top 3 and their win would kind of sour me to the season when Sigourney and Hoso are two of my favorite queens to ever take the floor at this point.

    I'm not even acknowledging the possibility that we could lose Hoso at the final stretch because I refuse to live in a world where we don't see her final floor show.
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  15. They were perfect. The whole episode was a veritable feast for the eyes. The clown go-kart race (?!!) at the end was so beautifully shot and had this wonderful, freakish energy to it. A literal victory lap. Koco as the flag girl (complete with enormous titties and those insane lips) was a touch of genius.

    The whole top 4 is just so fucking cool and sexy. I feel intimidated by all of them and that’s exactly as it should be. Hoso is probably my winner since I feel like their drag always takes me to that special place but honesty all of these freaks deserve the 100k.
  16. Dahli is the best one to win, I feel. Hoso feels slightly underdeveloped and Sigourney has floundered when trying to switch it up. Dahli is the heart and soul of dragula
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  17. Also I cannot stop thinking about "I'm trying to get this piñata busted by Bozo".
  18. I think I'm Team Dahli because they're the most fully realized. Though I agree they've been sorta one note. They're all great tbh.

    Kinda interesting that no one in the top 3/4 has been selling capital S sex this season. Like a James Majesty or Melissa Befierce (final floor show, specifically). I thought Dahli could have gone harder with the horniness this week.
  19. Controversial opinion: I don't think they should've brought in returning competitors.
    I do think Saint and Dahli had more to show, and I want more opportunities for both of them. Plus I know Saint in real life and he's one of the most talented and creative drag artists i've ever met.
    But just as a viewer of the show, it feels a bit weird to have these seasoned artists & alumni both come back. The prize for Resurrection should've been money and a regular guest host spot or collaborator or something similar. It's going to be almost anti-climactic if one of them ends up winning in my opinion.

    Dragula is kind of known for some twists and turns when it comes to who gets eliminated, it's not always so blatantly storylined, they have no issue eliminating frontrunners. That said, I feel like Dahli is being posed to win... And Eh. Them not being challenged pretty much all season like every other competitor is disappointing to me. And they didn't even really win Resurrection but got to come back anyways so I feel like they should've been challenged harder. It's very clear the Boulet's love Dahli. And they are phenomenal. But... It's just not a very exciting pick at this point to me.
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