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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I said this weeks ago, though I have to disagree about Saint, who absolutely tore Resurrection to bloody little bits. Should Saint win after they won Resurrection? Maybe not. Two wins might be too much, yet I really like what Saint brings so I'm here for their win should it happen. Dahli definitely shouldn't be there, and their inclusion feels like fan pandering - but then I assume The Boulets might want to put Dahli in All Stars at some point to take on Victoria Elizabeth Black, who will possibly be the one to beat? And we know Victoria is a deadly force on Dragula and she has history with Dahli the show will possibly exploit for drama.
  2. I agree. I don't need Saint to win this, because they already won. But the prize was to come back and compete again... So I'm kind of torn either way. Because I know him personally. And then I am from Chicago so I have bias towards Sigourney as well.

    It is really going to come down to what they do in the final floorshow. But yeah, my only issue going in to these final weeks is that Dahli has not been challenged at all. And they didn't even win Resurrection so their inclusion here should've been tested more and it really wasn't. If they win i'm really going to go "Meh." I love their drag, they seem like a great person. I got to meet them after their original season and they were very kind to talk to, even took time to go outside and met underage fans outside of the club who were waiting and hoping to meet them. Just from a competition standard I don't feel like this was really their season to win.
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  3. In general it's annoying when competitions contort to award someone specifically regardless of that individual's talent level. The Boulets have largely avoided this so far and it would be an unsatisfying conclusion to the tightest season yet to crown someone who hasn't presented anything outside of a specific aesthetic, especially when Dahli could surely rise to the occasion if prompted.
  4. Hmm, I'm not sure I agree on Dahli going unchallenged at all. They've done a pretty great job at committing each time, more than all of the others, and really going in on the character. The moment they didn't they landed in the bottom. It was Merrie they kept saving!
  5. Dahli is great, I’m rooting for him. With Hoso and Sig, this would be my favorite top 3 ever.
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  6. I think I'd be happy with anyone of this quartet winning, but I think it is between Dahli and Sigourney.

    Hoso has had a better track record than Sigourney, but there's growing to be done.
    And Saint, while serving beautiful fashions, is still missing something.

    Meanwhile, in an alternate universe - Astrud stays slaying the lot of them.

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  7. It's not so much that Dahli has been bad and then got carried like Merrie. It's that Dahli has been doing good and hasn't been asked to push harder in anything.
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  8. I'm confused, is it between Saint and Hoso?
  9. Yep. A top 4 is also possible, I guess.
  10. If this happens they are carrying Saints' ass, literally the same note each week and has changed nothing.
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  11. Really? If you said this about Dahli's mug, maybe I'd agree, but Saint has put out a good variety of looks, surely?
  12. Saint is incredible but their performances are very one note and muted.
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  13. Whew! That Last Supper was spicy.
    Koco is iconic. Formelda and Astrud call me.

    After that, I'm happy with a top 4 finale - this has been an fantastic season, and I can't wait for the ghouls to serve us next week.
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  14. I'm so looking forward to this tonight. I've even bought a great big bag of Monster Munch for the viewing. Yum.
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  15. Merrie not giving anything as usual, to the bitter end I'd say. I screamed at "you were a fish in sketchers!"
  16. Uno


    Oh my God, Koco was the star of that reunion for me. She didn’t let the girls breathe not ONCE and everything she said was absolutely correct.
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  17. Also, the other queens seem to really respect/fear her which I loved seeing.

    Resurrection 2, anyone?
  18. Formelda's auditon tape looks were outrageously good.
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  19. I will be watching tomorrow but between her showcase at the end of the race last week and what y'all have said about the reunion I'm glad Koco has gotten her flowers to some extent!
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