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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Bring Koco back immediately.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Binged the season over the weekend. So great, but as always also extremely frustrating sometimes.

    Merrie has to be one of the worst participants ever. Christ almighty. The perfect example of someone who has fully bought into their self-appointed "legendary" reputation, with absolutely zero humility or apparent goods to back it up.

    Really great top 4. They all bring something totally different. I fucking adore Sigourney's looks - she is fantastic. Dahli is such a great performer. Lack of variety in the face aside, I've really responded to almost all of their floor shows. Saint and Hoso are both incredibly talented, though I do find Saint a lot more likeable.

    The Last Supper was juicy and fuck yes at Koco letting those girls have it. She came fully prepared and didn't let them breathe. What an icon.

    Oh, and that latex vacuum seal extermination? No fucking thank you. That is one of the only ones that legitimately gave me the absolute fear. I was panicking in my chair at the thought of that.
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  4. Koko and Astrud both feel destined to return and dominate a season.
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  5. Special reminder that the finale comes out on Monday at Midnight this week instead of it's usual day.

    Of course... that confuses me because I don't know if that means tonight at midnight or tomorrow night.
  6. The correct winner! Seeing this and Canadas Drag Race have satisfying endings has been so lovely!
  7. Not that the winner didn't do good this season but I'm kinda super disappointed lol
  8. Who did you think should win? I felt like the Boulets did a great job at laying out why who won, won, and why the others didn’t.
  9. I could've seen anyone of the top 4 take the crown; a spectacular top 4 with a great winner!
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  10. ConDRAGULAtions Dahli!

    You make horror so sexy. Well deserved. This is their best season.
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  11. Can't even describe my happiness at the winner. Truly decimated the final and was the complete heart of S4 for me. I've been a fan of theirs for years and it feels so fucking right.
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  12. Hoso
    was the winner of that final for me, there's no denying it. Universally praised throughout the categories whereas everyone else had negative critiques on one or more looks.
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  13. What a great finale, they all delivered so well.
    I do feel there was some favoritism from the Boulet's. And the whole "No one's ever come back into a competition like this, and then won" thing... I mean, it's for a reason that most reality competitions don't do this. It's a bit weird to pit someone who is on their third try having lost twice before to come back and compete against people on their first try.

    But that nitpicky complaint aside, Still well deserving of $100,000 dollars.. I think they all were. So I can't be mad at the choice. They all deliver such distinct drag from each other. And honestly, I teared up a few times this episode from each one of them talking about why they do drag, what winning means to them... That is the queer empowerment stuff that makes me weep with happiness- not fucking Drag Race's "Tell me about your childhood trauma", but Dragula's way of so purely showcasing why these talented queer artists have battled their whole lives to get here.
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  14. The finale was very WELL edited. Finally they didn't milk it and it didn't overdo it with any of the other segments prior to the floor show.

    I can't wait for this show to gain even more audience after such a stellar season.
  15. It feels deeply unfair to me, especially with Saint soundly winning Resurrection and returning only for Dahli to be brought back too. It's not the ending I favoured, let's just say that. Hoso was amazing but I don't think The Boulets are fans?
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  16. They did make some comments about Hoso’s horror look.
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  17. Uno


    I feel like they knew they'd be crowning Dahli for this ever since Resurrection even happened. Definitely a worthy winner but it just feels deflated.
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  18. This feels like a Drag Race outcome nn. Deserved on a talent level, deeply unsatisfying within the context of the season.
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