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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Two questions:

    What did Loris do to piss off the other queens?

    The Secrets of Dragula episode already looks better than most of the series. Did they bought a good microphone and camera?
  2. Can we take that as season 2 confirmation?

    I'm sure Melissa will tell us when Hey Qween premieres. I actually love the lack of tolerance she has for Loris...

    Maybe after Vander used her prize money to buy film equipment, she loaned it to the show for that.
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  3. I'll add a third: is Pinche in on the joke with the whole "pile of ashes" stuff or did she do something to piss the producers off?
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  4. Surely it was just a joke because she got burned at the stake?
  5. From what I gathered, Pinche and The Boulet Bros have known each other for a while and she even won the club version of Dragula. It was probably just a joke.
  6. I was so happy to see Squeaky Blonde in the lost footage episode. I hope she gets to be a judge next season.

  7. Now that Drag Race has moved to VH1, there's a vacancy for a new drag show on Logo.

    Ahem. Hint fucking hint hint.
  8. This one's for you @Kirkland

    Vander is such a Suzie Stalker super-fan, it's super cute.
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  9. She's such a star, I love her.

    And I love that she's formed a Rolaskatox-esque sisterhood with Melissa, Meatball and Pinche.
  10. I love Vander and James. I think had Vander been around during the Club Kid heyday, he would be a huge nightclub superstar. Thank you.
  11. I didn't realise this was the reunion. Oh God does that mean having to sit through Johnny McGovern yelling a lot?

    But I will. I MUST.
  12. I'm very happy at the thought of more Dragula!
  13. I wonder if Logo will snatch this now that they have lost Drag Race.
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  14. I tweeted the very same thing!
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  15. If anyone knows the next drag supermonster, get them on this!
  16. I love when a queen details their influences

    And if anybody wants to try doing Vander-style makeup
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  17. Has casting started yet?
  18. I believe it ended June 23rd
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