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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I thought Saint and Sigourney had clear shortcomings in the finale, so it was neck and neck between Dahli and Hoso for me. Hoso probably did best across all three categories, but Dahli's filth performance was one of my favorites ever on the show, so I'm pleased.
  2. Dahli's undead Bishop for Horror was legitimately terrifying
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  3. I'm still a little bamboozled from tonight's episode. When you compare Dahli's Zombie Bishop to Melissa Befierce's blasphemous performance only a few years earlier, the drift between that and Dahli's sanitised Blood on the Dancefloor pop music video imagery is massive. It's not bad at all by any means, but it definitely wasn't a moment, not the way Drac and Swan kept pushing during their deliberations. Even their Filth performance removed the actual filth, replacing it with slick pop polish. Confetti? It just didn't work for me. None of it. Hoso delivered variety, thoughtfulness, Glamour, Filth, and a very different kind of horror. I'm astonished Hoso didn't win. What a final four though. Talent x4.
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  4. No-one served horror!
  5. Saint in his little vest with those shoulders Hoso should have won but what a victory lap of a finale that was. I love that the Boulets always place emphasis on the girls’ art - like breaking down the looks during the pre-floorshow interviews - instead of merely looking at their character arcs. As a fan I just find it really fascinating but as an artist I imagine it must be super validating. I really like the way the Boulets interact with the contestants in general.

    I loved this season. I really need to go back and catch up on 1-3 and Resurrection.
  6. Love this season but actually disappointed with all of the final four girls with this finale, no one blew me away. I was thinking Hoso was gonna win but like I said this finale to me wasn't that entertaining especially compared to the past seasons.
  7. Saint may be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

    What a top four though, the abundance of talent. I’m excited to see all of them when they tour the UK.
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  8. Great top 4 and an enjoyable finale, but I felt a tiny bit disappointed overall. It felt very tame.

    Where exactly was the horror?

    I love Sigourney so much, but she didn't bring it at all. She just didn't have filth or horror, and both the pimple and scientist looks used the same skin peeling gag, so it felt rehashed. She did look great though and she has fantastic stage awareness, she just didn't meet the challenges.

    Hoso was really good and is amazingly talented, but was never winning. They wouldn't have ever showed us all the unprofessional backstage stuff if they were going to push Hoso as the winner.

    Saint is brilliant and that cat litter tray performance made me gag. But I just don't feel like Saint is on the same level as the others when it comes to performance. Or at least, not from what was shown on this particular show. Saint is clearly an amazing talent.

    Dahli didn't go nearly as far as I expected. The bishop character was good but I needed way more horror. And for filth, the sight of what was clearly a tube kind of took me out of that illusion immediately. And confetti? The fuck? The actual look was good, but why on earth would you not go full throttle on the gag? Baffling.
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  9. Historically the artists who won the floorshow won the season...but this year it was very clear that Hoso and Saint had far stronger looks...but they gave it to Dahli anyway.

    Dahli has show barely any range, received minimal scrutiny and was brought in in episode 2. No wonder people are dissatisfied.
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  10. Uno


    Stroking an obvious confetti cannon? They could've at least made it look more phallic to keep the illusion going. Saint's filth legitimately made me cringe, it was so gross (but so great).
  11. Yeah. They were clearly biased towards him. They brought him back when he didn't win, They barely challenged him all season whereas all the other Top 4 got asked to step outside their frame of mind.
    And it sucks because he IS great and he IS talented and his drag has changed and improved and refined from his original season. And it breaks my heart to see him emotional, having been someone who doesn't feel like he deserves good things. Because he really does.
    The storyline of this season for him though was just so predictable that I was hoping for a last minute upset. But, eh, it's okay I guess.
    I really hope they don't do returning contestants again for at least a while.
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  12. I was thinking this, couldn’t they have taped something on the outside of the cannon so the shadow had the shape they were looking for. Jerking off what looked like a roll off tin foil took me out of the illusion.
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  13. And they didn't even win Resurrection! The blatant favoritism just completely sours their run, and I'm saying this as someone who stanned Dahli in Season 2. Describing their horror look as PG-13 felt more damning than anything they said about Hoso, especially when they followed up their uncertainty as to whether Hoso was 'ready' with the intent that they weren't necessarily looking for someone to represent their brand.

    I don't know girls, I've loved this season but I'm still a Season 2 truther.
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  14. I didn't see it for Hoso for much of the season but they completely annihilated the finale for me. Honestly think she won all 3 categories.
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  15. Mm more so the use of the stage, of shadow, how…legitimately dirty they looked, the auto-asphyxiation, the intrigue and build up, the death.

    No shade but Saint’s filth was filth 101, and it was clearly chocolate. Eat actual shit if you’re gonna go there (Divine says hello). Didn’t Vander eat her own puke?
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  16. With the monsters taking part in a podcast, I'm starting to get Drag Race vibes from Dragula. I preferred a lone hand assasinating the monsters at the end of each episode too.
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  17. I thought season 2 Dahli had a bit more range teebs, I’m just whelmed.
  18. The entire podcast segment was so jarring, I know that white twink is heavily involved behind the scenes but it felt like his vocabulary sounded like he had stumbled off a performance challenge on the Drag Race set.

    Drag Race references should have ended at Zavaleta's 'you don't love me' in the reunion.
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  19. I can't remember what it was now but I'm sure the Boulet's also made a Drag Race reference at some point as well.
  20. The podcast segment was convoluted, tired, unnecessary AND spoiled the floorshow looks...
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