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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. The way that fucking loud music completely obliterated Hoso's cancer confessional, a moment that could have been both impactful and important... Oh, it was terrible. How could they do that?
  2. Saint and Sigourney completely balked the final really. If you're going to do filth, I need to believe it - I didn't believe she was eating shit for a second so it was very.... is that it? and Sigourney's liquid latex didn't do the trick at all. We were spoilt with Biqtch. Dahli's voyeuristic clown brought something completely new to filth so that's when I knew they would win. I think Hoso could have had this in the bag but her cancer Horror look didn't quite hit as she'd done the faces before, exactly the same with Sigourney. Biggest disappointment of the night is how she couldn't step up from glamour and gave us the same stuff again, and also the face peeling twice in a row.
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  3. Dahli SNAPPED. King. Such a satisfying journey.

    I don’t understand people saying the Boulets favored him. If that was the case, he could’ve easily been crowned the winner of resurrection.
    Also disagree with the “he wasn’t challenged” takes. The Boulets are definitely not the kind of judges that would ask someone to change their makeup just cause. They ask the ghouls to serve more filth, more glamour or more horror depending on the challenge and Dahli consistently did that. As artists with very defined aesthetics themselves, I think they actually appreciated Dahli’s ability to serve whatever was asked of him while simultaneously staying true to both her aesthetic and the show’s three tenants.

    Not to mention his performing abilities were on another level, Sigourney was the only one that came close.

    I did think the overall floorshow was a bit ‘weak’, though. Sigourney practically gave up (subpar glamour look and two similar gags for the other two… There’s no way she though this was enough) while Saint forewent the filth category completely and only served a good look for the horror one.
    Hoso and Dahli were the stronger two and I think consistency + performing abilities tipped the scales in Dahli’s favor.
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  4. Not Formelda's audition glamour look being more beautiful than what the final four served.

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  5. Zava still carrying on about dumb shit from the show on Twitter, give it a rest Mary!
  6. Okay so 2 things, 1. Koco and Saint have a podcast out today called B.A.P.s, for those of you who may care for such a thing.
    Second thing is that this happened as well
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  7. The Season 4 Soundtrack is now out, including the Boulet’s Entrance Theme which I definitely didn’t try to Shazam every episode.

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  8. I saw the Dragula tour tonight in Liverpool. Now I’m still very drunk but let me tell you, amazing, talent, cunt, yes. Saint came to bar area in his ghost outfit to watch the last part of the show and was an absolute sweetheart to speak to. I was thrilled throughout.
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  9. I saw the London show and had to hoist my short arse onto a stool to see the stage because i didn't get seated tickets nn.

    It was so cool to see the Boulets perform.
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  10. Yeh I had a few visibility issues as well at times. If they dropped to the floor during the performance to do something amazing, well I just had to take their word for it. My 6.2” boyfriend had a lovely time though.
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  11. I'm so jealous you whores got to see it! If there's any drag show I wanna at the moment, it would be this.
  12. There are whispers of an All Star season, possibly titled "Dragula Titans", currently in the works, as a number of ghouls have gone silent.

    Astrud Aurelia
    Erika Klash
    Evah Destruction
    HoSo Terra Toma
    Kendra Onixxx
    Koco Caine
    Melissa Befierce
    Victoria Black
  13. oh wow a season with
    Abhora and HoSo?

    I'm shaking.
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  14. Damn. Dragula is really not afraid to say "Y'know what, Who needs filler queens?!". Drag Race would never, they're too concerned trying to over produce. Just throw a bunch of talented performers in a comp together and see what the hell happens.
  15. I think I am done putting Dragula up on a moral pedestal vs. Drag Race.

    Its still a fantastic show that showcases a form of drag that I wouldn’t have explored without the TV show to draw me in, but last season highlighted how the Boulets are just as open to bending the rules, sticking their favourite in from a previous season and pre determining them the win.
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  16. Yes, I still cringe at how Saint won Resurrection yet Dahli still got brought through and made to win against HoSo who gave a far superior performance.
  17. Well they talked at length about HoSo's unprofessionalism. So I assume that had to play a big part in them not picking them.

    I do think that having 2 contestants come back against a crop of new competitors is a bit unfair to begin with. They were obviously going to be more elevated than the others. I think both of them are great though and i'm glad they did a final 4 at least. But yeah they probably should've only brought back Saint, rightfully. And maybe saved Dahli for season 5 or an All Stars.
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  18. Dahli also didn't even compete in the first week's challenge for the season. The blatant favoritism would have been annoying with anyone, but it was especially frustrating when HoSo was operating at a different level entirely on her first run.
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  19. Dahli did do consistently incredible ¯\_(ツ)_/ it wasn’t a far-fetched win.
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