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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. It just bothers me that they pretty clearly crowned Saint over Dahli for Resurrection to quiet the complaints about black queens not doing well on the show only to cast their personal favorite Dahli anyway, give them the star treatment over Saint by coming in episode 2, and praising them all season long. It felt like a slap in the face to Saint to even include Dahli, let alone the way they were favored and treated the entire season.

    I don't mind a predictable winner, as I was certain Landon was winning season 3 from the beginning and still rooted for him the entire time but Dahli felt more like a pre-determined winner rather than a predictable one.
  2. The Boulet's do love Saint though. And she deserved to win Resurrection, it wasn't like they threw her the win unwarranted just for like diversity. She's such a damn talented and hard working performer. As her friend for years, i'm just so proud of her. I don't think she feels slighted by the Boulet's in the way you're describing that she might.
    Maybe what should've happened was not have the prize for Resurrection even be returning for the next season. Gave Dahli the win for that. And then as a consolation, brought Saint back for season 4. That way it'd feel more fair across the board.

    But yeah, I do feel like Dahli did deserve to win.But I don't feel like they were challenged in ways other performers were challenged, when it came to critiques and whatnot.
  3. Hmm there’s a glaring omission from that All Stars list.

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  4. New feature piece in Variety confirming a new season (Likely to be Titans) this year and two more within the next 12 months!

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  5. Resurrection 2? I'm watching this again - and loving every second.
  6. Already prepping the candles for a HoSo/Victoria top 2 on Titans.
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  7. So Titans has finished filming and has a rumoured top 3 of

    HoSo, Koco, and Victoria
  8. Excellent. But who goes first?
  9. This is literally perfect wow.
  10. Oh wow that's a solid Top 3. I hope they all have a really fair chance of winning and the Boulet's didn't carry anyone/tip the fairness scales in anyone's favor like they kind of did last season.
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  11. We're not sure yet, but
    it's between Erika, Kendra, Yovska, and Astrud - Abhora finishes 5th in what's said to be a shocking elimination, and Evah finishes 4th.
  12. I really don't want Kendra to flop. I adore her.
  13. Holy shit this is gonna be good.
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  14. So Titans has a full elimination order - obviously, keep in mind that Reddit got Season 4 wrong from day dot, so a pinch of salt is required.

    10. Astrud
    9. Kendra
    8. Melissa
    7. Yovska (Said to have an incredible promo look)
    6. Erika (Has a far better run this season and likely picks up a solo win)
    5. Abhora (Is a front runner up until this episode)
    4. Evah

    Top 3: HoSo, Koco, Victoria
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  15. Oh my God.

    Astrud potentially goes first? After what happened last time...


    Melissa goes third?!
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  16. Fascinated to see how Koco makes it to the finale as I didn't think she was great on her season, despite liking her personality. Abhora being a shock elimination is upsetting as that's my girl. Victoria to take the crown, please. But I also love Hoso so...
  17. The last few replies of the thread being all SPOILERS! GURL!
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  18. Astrud going home first is a SCREAM i'm sorry.

    Not surprised to see Melissa go home first, her artistry is a different kettle of fish and the show has evolved A LOT since then.

    Can't say I'm particularly excited to see Evah on TV again, let alone outlast Yovska AND Abhora, but the top 3 looks incredible. I don't I could possibly call it between Vicky and HoSo.
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  19. As far as Titans or whatever they call it...
    I want to be proven wrong but this all seems like a rouse to crown HoSo, much like Drag Race All Stars 1 was kind of a rouse to crown Chad. I really hope the competition and judging plays out fairly and they don't just push HoSo to the end. It was very unsatisfying to see them doing that a bitsy with Dahli last season so... No more of playing favorites please.
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