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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Also, some guest judges have been named:
    Bonnie Aarons, Alaska, Harvey Guillen, and Poppy are returning.
    Katya, Joe Bob Briggs, Barbara Crampton (Reanimator / Jakob's Wife), David Dastmalchian (Dune, Suicide Squad), Justin Simien (Director of the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie and Dear White People), and Elvira will be coming to the season as well!
  2. At last.
  3. Will never understand why they premier this around Halloween so the finale is right around Christmas. It should finish around Halloween!
  4. I love having something new to start watching during Halloweek.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Great cast, I can’t with Abhora’s look

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  6. They all like great (Kendra looks like she ran to the costume shop on the way to the shoot though...)

    Yovska's look is fantastic and Melissa looks so stunning!
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  7. Yas Koco!!!!
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  8. Last minute addition
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  9. Halloween must be just around the creepy corner!
  10. I hope there's outdoor filming too.
  11. I'M FULLY OBSSESSED with Abhora + Yovska + Hoso + Coco's lewks.

    I don't remember Victoria Black being that basic with her Dragula lewks on her season but mawma, did she not have time?
  12. I.... don't like Coco's aesthetic.

    Very excited for Abhora, Hoso, Victoria (although a basic intro look) and Yovska! I know Saint has had her flowers at this point but it would have been nice to see her here too.
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  13. I adore Saint but she already won Resurrection and is included in the pantheon of Dragula winners. Plus she deserves a break!
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  14. So, we have some updates, apparently.
    The season will be 10 episodes featuring a brand new format for the show (Likely to be akin to Drag Race All Stars rules of letting the contestants sending each other home). Considering an uninterrupted season with 10 contestants would only require 8 episodes, we can expect a reunion, and possibly a non-elimination episode.

    Koco, HoSo, and Victoria are still top three.

    Astrud is no longer believed to be the first out - but rather makes top 5, at least. Potentially 4th, with Evah being 5th.
    Kendra and Erika are said to be among the first three out with either Yovska or Melissa being the third.
    Abhora is the shock elimination of the season, rumoured to only make it to episode 5 (Making her 6th place) - Drac is not happy with her elimination.
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  15. Isn't the general consensus on Abhora is rather problematic / kind of an unlikeable internet troll, or something of the sort? I can't keep up with how liked all the contestants of both this and Drag Race is. But I feel like she's had her fair share of foot-in-mouth absurd tweets or something.
  16. hmm not feeling this tea
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  17. It's so dark sided for them to keep bringing Kendra back, damn well knowing she doesn't have what it takes to be anywhere near a competition. Seems like a lovely person but how on your third attempt at this show do you show up looking like that?
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