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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I actually love Kendra's look. It's proper Halloween drag and I appreciate that it doesn't look like Clive Barker's FX team have put it together. It's fun.
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  2. If this is all just an excuse to give Hoso a crown, i'm going to be bored. I can't handle two back to back seasons of Boulet favoritism.
    I want Victoria to win. She's so damn good.
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  3. Victoria is amazing but HoSo has concepts underpinning her performances that I found far more interesting than anything Victoria came out with. That finale floorshow was amazing. Brave, smart, and utterly compelling. If Victoria can say something interesting with her drag in a performance, I'm here for her to win - but HoSo might do better with the crown and gain wider brand recognition for Dragula.
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  4. Abhora crossing her doll legs for the interview sent me.

    If I was basing it on the MTM videos alone, I'd say this is Victoria's season - her energy is that of a competitor this time around. She seems ready!
    I'm still obsessed with Astrud's look - it's monster movie ready.
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  5. Still waiting for Hollow Eve’s surprise reveal kept out of promo and spoilers.
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  6. I get the sense that Drac and Swan aren't fans after Hollow kept them waiting on set during the needle incident. For me, Hollow's a proper icon.
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  7. I never want to hear of Hollow ever again.
  8. The greatest time of year begins tonight, Uglies!
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  9. It's officially Halloween!
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  10. Yasss tonight is the night and I am hypedt even though the cast is not as titanic as the name would suggest. I mean, Victoria, Hoso, Melissa and Abhora? Sure, and Koco is THAT girl despite her lackluster run. The rest though? I’d rather have the likes of James, Sigourney, Frankie, Priscilla, Louisiana, Dollya, Disasterina… or even messy icons Merrie, Maddelyn or Hollow.
    The show is yet to produce a bad season, though, so I know we’re in for another ride.
  11. When does it arrive on Shudder?
  12. cpr


    It came out around 10:30 PM central time. I lived the whole episode even though it was a little long. On-location challenges are back, the cast walk in was fun, the elimination was a gag. Victoria is operating on an All Winner’s season caliber. Definitely Dragula’s best premiere and can complete with the best of Drag Race’s too.
  13. That was a strong, albeit slightly heavy, premiere. Definitely Dragula's best first episode.

    Did I misread, or did HoSo vote for Yovska?? For why??

    That challenge was so much fun - 60's campiness was such a highlight in the history of horror, so I really enjoyed it.
    Victoria is a rare and exceptional artist, and considering her weak spot on her season was performing and showing character - this is already looking very good for her.
    Astrud too, also knows how to bring a strong look together and she really did a great job in the most demanding role, although I think she's relieved to just place top three if it meant avoiding a repetition of history next week.
    I love what Evah did with her character - we never really saw something that gave femme on her season, and although her chest hair was out, I imagine most iterations of The Devil would be hairy beasties.

    I can't blame Erika for being so pissed off; once again, she's showing how she interprets horror drag and doing it better than last time, yet everybody just rolls their eyes at her.
    Koco continues to be a messy highlight - trying to cast her vote with those damn nails was so funny.
    I really do hope the look was deliberately messy and we see more polish from her, because I know she can do it.

    Obviously, watching the show and being there among the ghouls are two completely different things, but I do think Abhora going was correct, despite wanting to see more of what they had brought with them. The lack of preparation, the saltiness, the drama with HoSo and Astrud was too much.
  14. When Kendra called Yovska a 'toilet Teletubby' I admit I screamed out a loud laugh.

    Meanwhile, Victoria is everything I could possibly want for a Dragula queen to be...except fun. She seems to value the craft of drag over the joy of it, but maybe her edit isn't a comprehensive one.
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  15. The screams I scrumpt at multiple times this episode. What a premiere.

    Looks like
    the spoilers were wrong then, which is exciting!
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  16. Or...

    The eliminated queens keep coming back and going?
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  17. The premiere was fantastic, I forget that this is one of my favorite shows until it's actually a season in action!

    The harem of HoSo was kind of a scream but understandable. The cast is the perfect mix of outstanding competitors, queens gone too soon and good TV.

    Victoria's look was outstanding, as expected. I wasn't expecting that elimination but it was definitely warranted based on the performance. Eliminating the girls through trap door is so camp.
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  18. HoSo is giving off some heavy pheromones because everyone wants to fuck them


    Excellent premiere. I’m a bit bummed over who was eliminated, but, they were the worst, sooo…
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