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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. They really were the worst. They didn't even learn the lipsync words.
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  2. I watched last night and they truly didn't even fucking try but then again they've never really been a favorite of mine so I wasn't too upset.
  3. Vicky did great but they honestly could’ve revoked her win and given it to Koco for plopping her titties on the table and struggling to cast her vote for approximately 10 minutes. That was high camp and easily the best part of the episode.
  4. Why is Melissa’s Vampire look giving Jen Shah?
  5. Anyways, Abhora shouldn't have gone home despite missing the brief. She was the best part of the espisode!

    Kendras's drag is so amateur and useless that she shouldn't have even been invited back for resurrection, let alone titans. Abhora may have had a look that didn't fit the brief, but Kendra's look was a poor middle schoolers attempt at Frankenstein. It was objectively bad. She doesn't deserve to be anywhere near a series that is described as the best of the best without being the default first eliminated. Abhora had a rough first episode but she has a distinct vision and approach to drag.
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  6. Currently rewatching season one and fuck is this gold, they had a budget of 20 dollars and a roll of masking tape and they made it work!
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  7. Strongly disagree, I'm afraid. She gave the worst performance and her concept didn't fit the brief. It's all well and nice being a fan but if the queen fails the challenge, they should be in the bottom two. Kendra's drag might have looked store-bought (I don't have a problem with that and I think Drag Race has created an expectation on queens that isn't always realistic), but in her favour she still came across as one of the Halloween archetypes and she knew her words. No, this was a proper elimination and the right queen dropped through the floor onto her arse. I'm sure we'll see Abhora and pointy nose again at some point.
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  8. Well yeah Kendra may not be outstanding but her and Koco kiking over Abhora’s elimination was one of the highlights this episode. Also shout out to the editing team for the masterful cut from the shocked twinks straight to Koco laughing her ass off.
  9. I thought that was fucking hilarious!
  10. Personality wise, I find Melissa, Abhora and Hobo (maybe to a certain extent Astrud) to be extremely insufferable. Melissa was also borderline bullying towards Yovska, didn’t really like that energy.

    With that being said, I’m glad this show is back eventhough the length per episode is testing my patience, it’s such a refreshing take after Drag Race. This show still feels FRESH.
  11. I find Astrud’s personality insufferable.
  12. The curse of baldness! I screeched, I have to say.
  13. I like how they Art Simone-d Abhora.
  14. Did they play a flushing sound effect as the credits rolled? Did I imagine that?
  15. You can come for Erika's drag all you want, but you really can't come for her drive - she was a champion in that Fright Feat.
    I... was a little disappointed with this floorshow, Vander's witch would've eaten the majority of them alive - Melissa got lucky because that witch was not it. Astrud, Evah, Victoria, and HoSo looked great though.

    Nope, they flushed that Teletubby Toilet.
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  16. You don't survive the most Exterminations in the history of Dragula without being tough as hell. Erika Klash is incredibly formidable.
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  17. Thank fuck Abhora is back.
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  18. I've only watched the first episode-- I don't care about spoilers-- But damn, multiple times during the episode I was like "Are they STILL talking?!" The drag to drama ratio was very skewed. I'm hoping that was just because it's the premiere and they had to open up some storylines.

    Also heavily confused to the Astrud - Hoso - Abhora love triangle. If I was Hoso i'd be like "Everyone shut the fuck up and subscribe to my onlyfans and leave me alone, I'm trying to win a competition not have sex with everyone". And at the end it came off as if Hoso was leading Abhora on... It did not warm me to her, I will say.
  19. The initial elimination order that leaked has been so off base that I can't imagine what it actually is now!

    Abhora for the crown!
  20. The absolute CRINGE of episode one. I had to pause when Abhora and Astrud were talking about Hoso.
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