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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. What is going on in Dragula-verse lately?

  2. cpr


  3. I can't make any rash grab-the-pitchforks judgments based off any of these tweets, honestly. But jeez what a mess.

    And to say that Saint only has gotten as far as she has on Resurrection and Season 4 because of her going to production with screenshots... That's a bit of a stretch. She was not carried and i'm not sure minimizing her talent is the right way to go about standing up for this situation.
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  4. Saint fucking exterminated Resurrection through pure talent. The cheek of anyone saying otherwise!
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  5. I’m on whatever side Koco’s on.
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  6. Koco is salty that Saint didn't like her looks from the first couple episodes of this season. But like... They weren't the best looks, so...

    This is dumb because Saint literally makes a shit ton of stuff. She's literally the most crafty and DIY queen that I know personally.

  7. Grandmother Bitch has spoken
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  8. Didn’t like her looks or said she wasn’t a good representation of black alt drag?
  9. This was another fantastic episode of Koco Caine's Dragula. She might be the most ridiculous and real queen this show has had and I'm obsessed.
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  10. I didn’t care much for Koco on her season but I am properly OBSESSED this go around. What an incredible presence with a distinct point of view, and incredible narration in the confessionals.

    Crown her!

    A really great episode and happy with the outcome. Hopefully Astrud is out next because I can no longer tolerate her voice. What an insufferable person.

    Dragula consistently demonstrates how a reasonable elimination order can produce great character arcs, drama, and interest. Drag race should take note. Tonight’s double save felt justified and satisfying, unlike pretty much any that have happened on drag race.
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  11. Naur this woulda been my challenge.


    My inspo would be Sable.

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  12. Everything is a (bad) performance with Astrud. Everything. There's not one genuine word out of that mouth. It's so unappealing. Even the little flashback to her being annoyed at being up for elimination last season showed she's just putting it all on. And she's a shit actor. Everything is just like really bad line reading.

    At the complete opposite end of the scale, Koco is the one.
  13. I'm unsure why Astrud is there, to be honest. She left in her second episode. There are so many other monsters we could have had in her place (and be rid of the weird love triangle storyline in the process). At this point, Coco seems like the clear winner, which means she won't win.
  14. Astrud was a winner of Dragula, the live stage version, that the Boulet's used to do. Her drag is great. It's just the... everything else, that really puts her in unlikable territory.
    I haven't watched this newest episode yet, so I don't know what she did. But I have mixed feelings about her. Her personality can be scathing and annoying, but, she seems rather harmless. She word-vomits a lot mostly, which then makes one prone to having to put their foot in their mouth from time to time. But she is very talented and her eye for drag is very interesting.

    I also consider that she may not be great socially at handling being in a group setting. There is a lot of personalities and talent there. I imagine one on one she acts a lot different. But it's hard when you're in a room of judgmental queers ... I think she uses her over explanation and her words as a shield. Maybe she's been outcast by queens in her past and now feels the need to really speak out every chance possible about everything. It would make sense to me. The social aspects of drag are honestly a big complex challenge that everyone tackles differently- Amplified more by the fact that it's TV and she's there with the best of the best.
  15. Koco ate in the performance but I appreciate Melissa finally getting her due this week, I still haven't seen Season 1 in full and she's been a welcome surprise this season. This was probably HoSo's weakest performance so far but Evah was a distant last in the challenge. Zero need for a double save.
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  16. Whoever does Drac and Swan's makeup and wigs is tremendously talented. My goodness, utterly flawless.
  17. Out of everyone, Koco and Melissa have brought the most joy and spontaneous genius to Titans and I'd love to see one of them win.

    I enjoyed the wretched love triangle drama more than most but I'm far more engaged in Koco's sabotage storyline.
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  18. The way she waited until the most dramatic moment to fully reveal it, too. Absolute Queen behaviour. It’s been so, so lovely to watch her flourish in a way I don’t think she got to on her season. Crown it.
  19. Not the guest judge this week after all that's went down.

    Sad to see the eliminated contestant go the way she did but she'll always remain a true legend in the Dragulaverse and one of the franchise's fiercest ghouls.
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