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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by karmarisma, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. We been knew. Kekeke.
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  2. I can't think of 7th Sense without thinking of that p*rn meme from k-pop twitter.
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  3. Please do share x
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  4. I had a very busy weekend, apologies! Will continue tomorrow x
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    SF9 - Fanfare
    Fantasy: (@Serg. 11 ; @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan 10)
    Haters: (@Monkey0 4)

    Well after a busy schedule during weekend and my depression accelarating out of nowhere I'm now back, sort of. We continue where we left and thats a step before top 15 and before you even opened the thread you knew which 2 tracks weren't getting eliminated for sure one of those safely into top 15 WASN'T 'Fanfare' and y'all decided to get rid of it, which means I'm the first person to lose their 11 since we started the solo eliminations, the decay... Maybe I deserved this after I tanked so many of fan faves, unintentionally though.

    SF9 is a nine-member group from FNC Entertainment, home of the pretty girls and some other boy groups hehe. They were part of FNC's trainee system "NEOZ School" and took part in the survival show d.o.b (Dance or Band) as the NEOZ Dance Team in which they won the show. They debuted in October of 2016 with their first single album 'Feeling Sensation' that featured the rated single 'Fanfare'


    Well this is my 11 so y'all may think I have much to say about it or that I have some sort of connection with the song but she's nothing of the sort. I just absolutely love the production on this it's crazily weird and cranky and I even love the rap at the beginning, would I change my 11 if I rated again? Uhm maybe so I was under a spell when I sent my scores but I absolutely love this still and would still give it full marks and not to mention that SF9 has been serving it to you since debut until 'Now Or Never' with 1 smaller slip up we won't mention hehe, but anyways... STAN SF9.

    @eliminathan (10) - "Every single SF9 came out with is an absolute bop. Taeyang reminds me of Taemin except he doesn't have Taemin's debut look. He and Inseong provide the vocals, Rowoon and Chani have the visuals. The rest are just kind of there but it's fine."

    @Slice of Life (8) - "Wait at this sounding better now. Maybe I'm just stanning SF9 so much these days but this debut sounds good to me now. Not really the most memorable but at least this isn't tragic."

    @eccentricsimply (7.5) - "Oh, okay, lowkey bop. "

    @ThighHighs (6.5) - "A noisy mess, but pretty fun and I can see myself enjoying it after a few whiskey-gingers, so I won’t destroy it."

    @ryan_riot92 (6.25) - "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

    @Empty Shoebox (6) - "Too many 'la's in here. Sounds like a Red Velvet song."

    @Monkey0 (4) - "FLOP"

  6. Hope you’re doing well, Serg. Don’t push yourself too hard. We waited a year for these results, we can wait a lil more. <3

    Also fanfare is a bop.
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  7. Yes, @Serg. please don't put yourself out to do this for us! We're just happy to have results, whenever you can bring them to us. I don't want you to feel any pressure or stress about this.
  8. SF9 are so weird, I feel like they don't fit anywhere amongst boy groups.
  9. Whew. We stan one of a kind legends.
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  10. Thank you guys! I'm a bit dramatic this rate if anything has helped me, I love being here and doing this it's a relaxing thing it's the fact that I don't get the time on my PC to do this is whats the worst!

    We'll get to top 10 by Friday, for now VOTE in AOA Rate
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    INFINITE - Come Back Again
    INSPIRITS: (@Monkey0 10)
    Haters: (@eliminathan 5)

    WAnd so we continue the rate and after couple of recent debuts we lose another oldie and we're left with only SHINee and Cross Gene from the groups that debuted before 2012, the recency bias jumping or are the recent debuts just that much better? I'm quite sure it's the second. 'Come Back Again' recieved only one 10 which is pretty weird for a song that finished at #15 but it also got a lot of close to perfect scores with half of the other scores being 8.5 or higher.

    SINFINITE is a six, formerly seven, member group under Woollim Entertainment, home of the already eliminated Golden Child. They debuted in June 8 years ago with their first mini album 'First Invasion' which was headlined by the groups debut single 'Come Back Again'. For the most of the career group was a 7 member ensamble until Hoya departed the group last year after not signing the contract with the company, the current lineup is


    Uhm this is pretty much highlighted with the guitar and the amazing choreography and the electricly catchy chanting of 'Torawaaaaa'. I must confess I'm not a huge fan of the repeating guitar riff in the background but the song as a song is perfectly servicable and the 'Torawa' hook sticks with you to the point I was repeating this couple of times in my head over the previous days nn. 'Come Back Again' didn't see that much success for INFINITE and they didn't properly set themselves on the K-pop map until a huge hit 'Be Mine' that sold over 2 million copies and properly set their place on the boy group chessboard, after that they've had couple of more successful comebacks and have become pretty well known across the world until they had a 1 year hiatus and recently came back with their 3rd full album in January of this year.

    @Monkey0 (10) - "TORAWA bitches! Still fresh and hard-hitting as then. Can you believe it wasn’t that successful back then? 2010 was wild."

    @Empty Shoebox (9.5) - "Once the guitars quiet down, it's rather good."

    @ryan_riot92 (9.25) - "The guitar riff! That chorus!! YAASSS! BAWP! Honestly I would have given this a 10 but I’m really not fond of the verses."

    @Sanctuary (9) - "I have no clue what is going on in the video, but I appreciate the member in the spiked collar."

    @Slice of Life (9) - "Still the kings of choreography. They make it look so easy. The song does not do justice to Sunggyu and Woohyun's voices but boy do I bop to this all the time. Dorawa dorawa dashi dorawa~~~ I still love this so much."

    @eccentricsimply (7) - "Can they do a bad song? I don't think they can. "

    @ThighHighs (6) - "This has some good moments. I really like the video, although it’s like, why so many hats all the time? That dog-fox thing at the end of the video is frightening."

    @eliminathan (5) - "What on earth is L wearing? Why did the other guy get super speed for like 5 meters? Why did the guy stop skating just so he can go frolicking hand in hand with his mate? Why are they using a fennec fox as a prop?"

  12. The ddu du ddu du jumped out.
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    Snuper - Shall We Dance?
    SWING: (@ryan_riot92, @Monkey0 10)
    Haters: (@eccentricsimply 5.5)

    And so it goes I couldn't keep my eyes open last night to do an elimination. Can we please start a petition so Thursday gets taken off the calendar or something, I have lectures from 8am until 8pm and I literally can't breathe when I get home and immediately go to bed and sleep for the next 14 hours until I have to go to uni from 5 to 9 PM on Fridays, like what a fucked up schedule (at least I have only 1 lecture first 3 days of the week hehe)...I'm sorry for this mini rant, let's continue with what truly matters and thats this rate. I'm happy to have done 15 eliminations while whole LOONA rate started it's voting period and completely finished. I'm doing amazing. The song to leave us at #14 is Nugu Snuper with their mega underground hit 'Shall We Dance'

    So, Snuper (meaning: "Higher Than Super", not to be mistaken with an actual weapon) is a group inspired by GFriend hence having 6 members under WIDMAY Entertainment. They are actually the companies first ever idol group so not a bad way to get into the industry, Snuper are very talented, hope they continue producing some good groups if they ever continue because the boys are doing that well on the charts.....But anyways, the members are


    Snuper snapped with this one I just wish Koreans would be available to more than 3 groups at the time, like stop sleeping on underrated talented groups I'm begging youuuu!!!! Maybe after Wanna One disbands their hordes of fans will start stanning those underrated groups or is that just wishful thinking Snuper is really a good group and even if the debut song is not my cup of tea they've proven numerous times after it that they can serve a really proper BOP.

    @Monkey0 (10) - "I mean, if you’re debuting with disco bop, the only way for you is the top."

    @ryan_riot92 (10) - "Oh no … I can hear that 80s inspired instrumental. Oh no … this is really cute. Oh no … am I a stan?????? Seriously though, these boys are fantastic!"

    @Empty Shoebox (9.5) - "Couple of questionable vocal moments, but that doesn't really spoil it."

    @ThighHighs (9.5) - "Why is there a bathtub in the bedroom? Why is there a chicken in their apartment? Why is there one of them on the toilet? These are all questions from the first 20 seconds of the video. It doesn’t really matter, though, because the song is a fucking jam. What a chorus?!?"

    @Slice of Life (7) - "I appreciate this for the awesome 80s production but we all know this is far from Snuguper's best. Still, I bop like the flop I am."

    @eliminathan (6.5) - "It's a shame that this is the song that their voices sound the best because all of the other songs with their weaker vocals are just better songs. Shall we dance isn't anything special."

    @eccentricsimply (5.5) - "This song is a bit all over the place and not in a good way, but it gets a bit better in the chorus. "

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    Victon - I'm Fine
    ALICE: (@Slice of Life 10)
    Haters: (@eliminathan, @Empty Shoebox 6)

    The shock, the plot twist of the century I'm actually doing more than 1 elimination per day, yeah you read that correct I actually am doing exactly that cause I really wanna get to top 10 really soon and maybe the other reason is that I probably won't be able to eliminate a song tomorrow, nn the negative consistency is real with me. I'll come back with a fresher image I promise! I'm quite sure the rate will be done sometimes next week or beginning of the one after that. I mean I can't drag it any longer. For now let's say goodbye to more nugus I mean we eliminated almost all of the veterans so we might as well tackle the youth a bit while we still can, second up on our scheduled program is Victon.

    Victon is a seven member group under Plan A Entertainment former sub label of Cube, now Plan A is doing well alone with Victon and KPJC faves since June of this year, Apink. Victon officially debuted in November of 2016 and that makes them the youngest 'Hunger Games' grouped act in the rate and with that I can confirm we're losing an 'Archangel of The New Wave' tomorrow so the oldies are keeping their 2 remaining hair follicles intact at least until Top 12, can they make Top 10? You'll just have to wait and see.


    Why didn't I give this a 10, omg I deserve to get thrown into a garbage can. This is EXCELLENT. Well are we shocked the same producer worked with some of the Apink's GOOD work so it was bound to be a bop and it was, the video is very colorful and positive which is fitting with the happy vibe the song gives off and Naeun cameos are always welcome, she's really stunning. After this gorgeous debut, VICTON released 3 more mini albums and a single album this year only for no reason, we want more music Plan A pop it off hello! They're still a nugu group but they're young and I hope they'll get some success or some underground hit like they deserve, they're really likeable.

    @Slice of Life (10) - "My favourite 2016 boy group debut. Everything about this just screams fresh and I love that. There's a lightness to this that is very much appreciated. Honestly, just give me a bop and I'll stan. And Sejun and the boys did that."

    @ryan_riot92 (9.5) - "I honestly don’t know what to say other than I LOVE THIS and always have. It was one of my favorite debuts of 2016. It’s gotta be that totally catchy chorus and lovely vocals. The rappers are great too!"

    @Monkey0 (8) - "Vocals and melody are the two tools they know how to use amazingly"

    @ThighHighs (7.5) - "A soft bop. We don’t mind it, teeb. The multicolored plaid is really cute and they’re dreamy enough for me to be into it."

    @eccentricsimply (7) - "Another very lowkey bop."

    @eliminathan (6) - "It's fine. They didn't show Naeun enough."

    @Empty Shoebox (6) - "Getting some strong 90's vibes from this. Not sure why."

  16. VICTON's debut MV was so aesthetic, what even happened to them ddd.

    Also: *rings the Snuper klaxon*


    Also this would deserve Top 10 if they debuted a year prior:

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    ONF - On/Off
    FUSE: (@Monkey0 10)
    Haters: (@eccentricsimply 5)

    Actually screaming at the fact I planned to do this last night but I fell asleep quite earlier than I planned and then I still managed to forget to put my alarm on and oversleep college and literally everything and wake up at 2PM. A tragedy, but now that I skipped college I can do the elimination so yay. And I have to be quite honest when I saw who's leaving us next I was like... who? I literally can't remember this group and they debuted a year ago or something so it's not like they're some forgotten old nugus nn.

    ONF is a seven-member group under WM Entertainment (home of B1A4 and Oh My Girl). They debuted on August 2, 2017 with their first mini album On/Off. Is this the nuguest group we've revealed so far? All I know is that some of their member/s have gone to survival shows including cancelled MIXNINE and they've only had one comeback called 'Complete' somewhere in July. Did anyone even post this song I can't remember, sad.



    Okay but this is kinda an excellent pop-dance track, the video is quite quintessential K-pop video, nothing special happens but it's still very pretty like the song. I mean no one of you really stanned-stanned but A LOT, when I say A LOT I mean 90% of the scores were in the range of 8, so y'all really liked this. Now what I wanna know is does this group have more songs than BLACKPINK, that's gonna be interesting (they do). Anyways I hope we hear more of them in the future and they don't just get binned, cause one comeback in a year is not good for a rookie group.

    @Monkey0 (10) - "Most interesting musically debut of last few years. Not kidding, the consistency of their debut album? Amazing. The one to watch."

    @Empty Shoebox (9.5) - "I think they sound quit good together."

    @Slice of Life (8) - "Kings of MixNine! I basically stan everyone from WM Entertainment (B1A4, Oh My Girl, I) so I naturally really dig this as well. This is a rather tasteful debut. I just wished it was more memorable."

    @eliminathan (8) - "I like it, the music at parts sounds like something from Donkey Kong Country."

    @ryan_riot92 (7.75) - "This is nice. The highlight of the track for me is that “jabajwo!” part before the rapper kicks in behind the final chorus. The instrumental chorus is kind of boring but that’s just personal preference at this point. Hopefully that trend will bow out soon."

    @ThighHighs (6.5) - "The trop-lite production is kinda nice, but there’s not much else that really sticks out in my mind. I do like the chorus, but it isn’t super memorable, it’s just pleasant enough."

  18. ONF is the best, most talented group nobody (except maybe me) really cares about. So. There's that.
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  19. Nn I'm horrible at this I really have no excuse but I have free weekend I'll try to get couple out. Thank you for being patient with me.
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