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■□ The Boy Group Debut Singles Rate □■ ☆ 60TH PLACE ☆

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by karmarisma, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Sis we waited a year, we can wait a few more weeks nn
    Don't worry about it and just take your time.
  2. I only have 2 songs left with scores above a 9, including my 11, and I think we all know who that is.


    I have 6 songs at 6 or below left. KNK needs.. to go before Top 10.
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  3. Sis they lost a member and aren't signed to any company right now. They're never going to see another top 10 in their lives. Give them this one top 10. Once it gets to top 5 it's a problem.

  4. Me begging the people of Korea to stream A.C.E's music before BEAT Interactive goes bankrupt.

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  5. Spoiler: these kings probably won:
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  6. #11


    BTOB - Insane
    Melody: (@eliminathan 10)
    Haters: (@Sanctuary 5)

    Y'all I legit got seriously busy I only quickly check forum on my phone nowadays but here I am. I actually started this elimination post like 5 times over this past week but just never got around to finishing it, fell asleep in the middle of it at least 4 times nn but now I'm determined to actually get this over with and get us to the top 10, this actually has the same average but the other song at #10 has more 10s and thats why it got edge in the competition over BTOB.

    BTOB (short of Born To Beat) is a seven-member boy group under Cube Entertainment, who loses it's final boy group after earlier eliminations of Pentagon & Beast. BTOB debuted in March of 2012 and have since then become a pretty solid staying boy group. They've came back just couple of days ago with their newest magnum opus 'Beautiful Pain' just as their members are starting to enlist into the military, but the song is doing really well on the charts coming #2 on all streaming services just behind Jennie. I wish BTOB all the best now especially since Eunkwang is now in the military and Minhyuk is taking the temporary job of being the leader of the group.


    @eliminathan (10) - "BtoB has plenty of good singers for a debut. Unlike their sunbaenim they didn't get vocoder treatment so we can hear them singing. It's weird seeing Peniel with a weave. This sounds exactly like someone Beast would do especially the Ilhoon rapping mid chorus."

    @Empty Shoebox (9) - "Another that sounds a bit strained at times, but that doesn't ruin it."

    @ThighHighs (9) - "Okay now, this is great! They’re obviously going for a kind of SHINee look and the music is actually really good. After so many of the songs in this rate had choruses that just repeated one phrase, I was expecting the chorus to just repeat “Make me go insane” over and over, so when there were real lyrics I was actually shocked! The vocals are able to pull it off. This is definitely one of the best debuts here."

    @Monkey0 (8) - "What can I say, they never topped this."

    @ryan_riot92 (7.5) - "Probably one of the best BTOB songs in my opinion. (“WOW” probably being their highlight) It kind of reminds of Because of You but with a tougher beat and more intense production … maybe that’s why I like it kii Regardless, it’s pretty great … it’s just a shame that BTOB are still around yet haven’t really done anything memorable."

    @Slice of Life (7) - "I remember hating this so freaking much when it was released ddddd. But now, I'm apologetic because we let this BopTOB flop. And now we are stuck with BeigeTOB. Sad."

  7. Top 10

    Cross Gene - La-di-da-di

    SHINee - Replay

    Wanna One - Energetic

    VIXX - Super Hero

    KNK - Knock

    A.C.E - Cactus

    Seventeen - Adore U

    Highlight - Plz Don't Cry

    Day6 - Congratulations

    Nu'est - Face

    Thoughts? Predictions? Wishes?

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  9. 10. KNK - Knock
    09. Wanna One - Energetic
    08. Cross Gene - La-di-da-di
    07. Shinee - Reply
    06. VIXX - Super Hero
    05. NU'EST - Face
    04. Day 6 - Congratulations
    03. Seventeen - Adore U
    02. Highlight - Plz Don't Cry
    01. A.C.E - Cactus

    Please & thank you.
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  10. The fact that my lowest remaining score is a 9... iconique.

    My ideal top 10:

    10. KNK
    9. Cross Gene
    8. Highlight
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  11. Calling for KNK to leave is homophobic tbh, they will leave when they are DAMN good and ready.

    I'm fine with A.C.E winning but it really should be NU'EST.
  12. Me if I spent all this time willing A.C.E's win just for them to lose:
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  13. #10


    VIXX - Super Hero
    Starlight: (@Slice of Life, @Monkey0, @ryan_riot92 10 )
    Haters: (@Sanctuary, @BEST FICTION, @eccentricsimply 6)

    Thank U Soooo Much for waiting patiently for the results to unfold, today we finally continue with the eliminations because I found some free time before my exam on Saturday. Omg I keep trying to balance writing the whole post and bopping to TUSM, Yubin snapped. But anyways let's get rid of the #10, which would be VIXX, that has same average as our #11 song but edged it on the basis of having more tens. Everyone thought KNK would be leaving first, well guess what..looks like you can't get rid of them yettt.

    VIXX is a boy group from Jellyfish Entertainment, home of KPJ fave nugus gugudan, they have 6 members and have debuted 6 years ago in May of 2012. All the members participated in Mnet's survival show 'MyDOL' until the final 6 were chosen via fan voting. Since then they have released 3 studio albums, 4 mini albums, 6 single albums and some special albums and repackages plus debuting in both Japan & China. So they have been quite busy. Peaking as high as #2 on Gaon Charts with their best selling song 'Love Equation' and have become popular for their story-telling through their music and videos.


    @Monkey0 (10) - "They were amazing right from the start"

    @ryan_riot92 (10) - "The real heroes of this group!! This song has the complete package of amazing vocals, killer instrumental, and fantastic visuals. VIXX were the first male group I ever stanned, even before SHINee. There’s no way I wouldn’t give them less than 10 in this rate."

    @Slice of Life (10) - "Before VIXX became King of Concepts, they were just electropop kings. This still sounds so fresh which is amazing for a 2012 release. I will say that I'm not gonna complain if they ever revisit this sound."

    @ThighHighs (8.5) - "I really love the production on this one. Those throbbing synths always seem to do it for me, and the chorus is true boppery. I want one of those spinny pink hallways in my house. Also, the one in the mesh shirt can get it."

    @eliminathan (8.5) - "I tried my absolute hardest to understand what Ravi was saying in the beginning but I don't even know if it was Korean or English. It's a hard life being a Hongbin stan when Leo and N look better than him. I can't even say he was a good singer to make up for it because all of them are good singers except for Hongbin. Why do I stan flops."

    @Empty Shoebox (8) - "This is okay. Not quite catchy enough to get a higher score.."

    @eccentricsimply (6) - "Seriously I'm so fucking glad VIXX is not doing... that anymore. Like, it's not bad, but Shangri-La is pretty much ages better."

  14. Y'all ever notice how Ken looks like Ricky Dillon.
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  15. [​IMG]
    @GeiPanda get her.
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  16. Thank you and gratitudes to Hairy French Oppa for notifying me (cos I doubt my boy-group-indifferent arse would venture into this thread otherwise ddd).

    Ok, so @Sanctuary, we have a major problem here, and I have many questions:

    Secondly, who on earth is Ricky Dillon? Just from the name alone, I will assume that he is a basic white man and therefore completely DEFIES any comparison to my beautiful Asian angel Ken.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thirdly, I just wikipedia'ed Ricky Dillon and saw this in his bio:
    "Dillon has mentioned in multiple interviews that Demi Lovato is a major influence to his musical career."

    POOT IS SHAKING IN THE BASEMENT. And you deserve to be trapped in there with ha. Please have a think before you share such ridiculous opinions again.

    And that's sincerely Geipanda.
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  17. #9


    KNK - Knock

    Tinkerbell: (@BEST FICTION 11; @eliminathan, @Monkey0 10)
    Haters: (@Sanctuary 4; @eccentricsimply 5)

    TWell I've been busy with AOA discography that I finally finished and getting closer to the finish with SHINee but now I finally get a breaker between those two to continue with this rate that might finish after both of those above with the tempo of the eliminations up until now. Last time we were here VIXX said goodbye but now it's finally time to eliminate the song some of you have been calling for some time. I'm personally quite surprised about the placing of 'Knock' as I've never even heard about the group or the song before having to rate it here.

    KNK is a four membered (formerly five) boy group created by YNB Entertainment, but have now left their original company. KNK stands for K-Pop Knock, or little bit better explained "To knock on the door of K-Pop with (their) music". Since debuting in March of 2016, group has released 2 digital singles, 2 single albums and 2 mini albums. In early 2018 it has been revealed by their former entertainment company that the groups main vocalist Kim Youjin has been diagnosed with Panic disorder, the group has latter in the year terminated their contract with the agency and continued to be a group of 4 with Youjin eventually leaving the group due to his medical condition. They're yet to release a song since leaving the agency in September but the group has been preparing for their comeback, just not exactly sure when and under which label.


    @Monkey0 (10) - "Amazing, brilliant, talented, tall."

    @eliminathan (10) - "Everyone in this song sings well if you just pretend that zaddy Seungjun isn't part of the group. It's the worst KNK single but it's a good song. The caveman walk is pretty stupid but the singing makes up for it. Jihun and Seungjun look great as usual as well."

    @Slice of Life (9) - "WAIT. Who are these dads??? This is legit amazing. I never checked out KNK before but I might actually now."

    @Empty Shoebox (8) - "The echo seems to really work here. Not sure why, as I never like them."

    @ryan_riot92 (7.5) - "Not bad. The chorus is very loud and demanding to be heard. I was more distracted by the quite attractive members."

    @ThighHighs (6.5) - "Meh, this is pretty well-tread ground and I don’t know that they add anything to it. The choreo is weird, too. This misses the mark for me, but it isn’t offensively bad."

    @eccentricsimply (5) - "Meh."

  18. I love them tbh. Hope they can come back soon after everything that has happened. Please listen to every other song they released bc they bop harder than this song.
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  19. Aren't most of their songs ballads? 2 AM found made redundant.
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  20. They’re a BEAST/HIGHLIGHT cover band. So some ballads and lots of bops.

    Don’t mind the no video, YNB is trash.

    I would post Rain because I live but it’s a ballad.
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