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■□ The Boy Group Debut Singles Rate □■ ☆ 60TH PLACE ☆

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by karmarisma, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Nu'est - Face

    L.O.Λ.E: (@junglefish 11; @eliminathan, @Slice of Life 10)
    Haters: (@Serg. 5)

    Rumor (by IZ*ONE) has it that I've forgotten about this rate a bitsy and I'm here to confirm the rumor... What a horrible host nn BUT yeah there's also some rumors that we're finishing this rate until christmas if I bring myself around it! Only 7 songs to go, LETS GOOO!!! I only have one week of tests to go until late January so there's no stopping me anymore, I'm finish this pretty soon and the first song to leave us after the hiatus is another 11! (Mind you none of the eliminated songs so far have gotten as many 10's as NCT Dream that left us like 2 months ago dddddd, so thats still YET to come pretty soon)

    NU'EST is a five member boy group that debuted under After School/PRISTIN anti label, Pledis Entertainment in 2012. Their name stands for 'New Establish Style Tempo' (ddd). Since their debut the group has had 1 full and 5 mini albums as well as some singles outside of the albums, four of their members have competed in MNET's Produce 101 S2 where one of the members (Minhyun) managed to debut in the unfortunate 'Wanna One' in the mean time the remaining 4 members promoted under the NU'EST W the subunit of the group until Minhyun's contract experation with MNET that ends at the very last day of 2018.


    @eliminathan (10) - "Kings and queens of talent and androgyny. This is one of the best debuts that I know. Watching it back and seeing Seventeen members when they were 3 years old is gross. Aron used to be my bias from this video because Minhyun looked a mess but him saying "hey what's up loser" is still enough reason for him to be a bias wrecker in this song. I guess at this point in their careers they didn't realise Minhyun was a good singer so Baekho did everything. Glow up zaddy."

    @Slice of Life (10) - "ANTI-BULLYING ICONS!!! Kings of Addressing Societal Issues. When will BTS? And are those Seventeen members acting as bullies??? I can't. Woozi, sweetie, I'm sorry but no."

    @ThighHighs (9) - "The chorus to this one is great, isn’t it? I am one of the many who never really checked for them, but I remember this song and thinking it was pretty good when it came out. I have ALWAYS cringed at that last minute english rap, though. What a kii seeing the lil baby Seventeen members being “bullies” in the video."

    @Monkey0 (9) - "Most important anti-bullying anthem. Ren’s beauty cured the nation basically."

    @Empty Shoebox (8) - "Never really gets going like the other dancey ones."

    @eccentricsimply (7) - "Oh, this is acceptable."

    @ryan_riot92 (6.25) - "The instrumental is amazing but the song doesn’t have enough punch to hold my attention. The break-down after the second chorus was pretty cool."

  2. Let's get this bread, Cross Gene oppars! ♡
  3. Uh 8th? I thought this was a shoe-in for top two...
  4. I wish I liked NU'EST's music as much as I like NU'EST as people dddd.

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    Cross Gene - La-di-da-di

    CandY: (@junglefish, @Serg. 10)
    Haters: (@Sanctuary 5.5; @ThighHighs 5)

    Oh y'all wanted a twist? Yes we're eliminating two songs in a span of a day for the first time in 2 months. Oh yes that's the real Christmas present. The elimination doesn't come to anyone's surprise since y'all were pretty shocked that this came so far in the rate and tbh I'm quite surprised myself at the amount of support La-di-da-di (not to be confused with the best b-side of 2018 and AOA's huge 'Ladi Dadi') has gathered.

    Cross Gene is a freshly four membered group as the groups original leader Takuya has left the group just 10 days ago! Cross Gene originally debuted with 6 members under Amuse Korea label they had 3 Korean, 2 Chinese & 1 Japanese member and their plan was to cross the superior genes (GET IT? THE NAME) of each country and create a perfect group. Shortly after their debut one of the Chinese members (J.G.) has left the group and was replaced by another Korean member Seyeong. In 2017 the second Chinese member Casper has left the group and as stated above the only Japanese member Takuya has parted ways with the group 10 days ago meaning the Cross Gene's genes are now pure Korean.
    They have released 5 Mini albums and dozen of singles in Korea and a full album and lots of singles in Japan, including a short period where they tried to debut in China. With their latest Korean effort mini album 'Zero' being released in May of this year.


    @ryan_riot92 (9.5) - "Does this sound slightly familiar to anyone else? Reminds me of one of those mid-to-late 00s dance bops. This song is quite a banger!"

    @eliminathan (9) - "I wanted to clock this song but it's actually really enjoyable. I'm a crazy I'm a crazy for this song tonight."

    @Slice of Life (9) - "Ddddddddd this dated lovely mess. I love it so much. This is like straight from 2009 which is the year I accepted K-Pop into my life so this sound will always have a special place in my heart. God, I miss these weird kids."

    @Empty Shoebox (9) - "This is a bit of a bop, and I quite like it, but I can't say any more than that unfortunately."

    @Monkey0 (8.5) - "Pan-Asian Kings. Trashy 90s dance inspired bop. Deal with it."

    @eccentricsimply (8.5) - "Oooooooooh, BOP. I'm genuinely so happy this song is much better than the rest I might be overscoring it, but even the overused beat is well used here. Also how can a choreography be fun even if they are SITTING DOWN?"

    @ThighHighs (5) - "What is with the “sit and be fit” choreo? Was that their gimmick to be noticed? The song isn’t terrible, but that's embarrassing."

  6. Face has an 8.25 average and La-Di-Da-Di has an 8.27 average
    The good sis @Serg. is the lowest scorer on the former and the highest on the latter.
    Someone call up @karmarisma because I smell a stunt.


    The cross gene song is pretty good even if they've been cancelled since Takuya left.
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  7. Me if Cactus wins but y'all don't help it go Top 10 in the Winners Rate:
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  8. Into top 5 we go...





    hey sweets



    Day6 - Congratulations

    My Day: (@junglefish, @Slice of Life 10)
    Haters: (@Monkey0 6.5, @Empty Shoebox 6)

    Happy Holidays boy group stans of KPJ. I'm back to reveal the last elimination before the final 5 battle it out in the lipsync for your legacy, crown and place in the next winners rate. The group to leave us at #6 is no other than one of the forum faves, A BAND at that. Day6!!!
    It was a very close battle between #6 & #5 with only 2 marks between them and 0.3 in average but the Day6ers can still be very happy for bringing this rock song so far in a pop dominated forum I certainly was a bit shook at the stannage of Day6 in the first place when I first visited the forum

    Day6 is a rock band(!) ;atrl thread did day6 scam their way into this rate; under JYP Entertainment and are the last eliminated group from the company, congratulations! They debuted in September of 2015 with their first mini album 'The Day'. They're also known as '5LIVE' prior to their debut. They've released 2 studio albums, 4 mini albums and a single album every single month of 2017, DayGenere6. Consisting of 5 (formerly 6) members they're the leading band(probably the only one) of the Big 3 and are getting more famous with every comeback with 'Shoot Me' proving to be a recognizable song worldwide.


    @Slice of Life (10) - "OMG FETUS DOWOON!!! I was a DAY6 stan since day one ddddd. Me and my roommates played this all the time and yeah, we cried for the poor guy in the music video. This brings so much good memories... ah~~~"

    @ryan_riot92 (9.75) - "I remember putting them off as “just another band” but they are much better than the other bands in this rate. In fact, they’re probably the best in the rate. This track really brings me back to my alternative music stanning back in the day and feels very nostalgic."

    @ThighHighs (9.5) - "HOW HAD I NEVER HEARD THIS BEFORE?!? This is so good! I’ve liked a lot of their music before, but this is actually really good and I’m feeling feelings. Help! The post-chorus is so pretty and fun. The video is really good, too. Let me actually give them more of a look in the future."

    @eliminathan (9) - "All of the DAY6 members that can sing do it well, even that keyboard guy that I've never seen before. Young K looks good and everyone else looks like they're babies even though it's only two years old."

    @eccentricsimply (8) - "I'm not particularly into them, but this song is cute. "

    @Monkey0 (6.5) - "I didn’t become a stan until Everyday6 project. It’s nice rock song but it’s too cutesy FTISLAND for me."

    @Empty Shoebox (6) - "Had potential, but then just dragged on a bit too long."

  9. Not me being labeled a DAY6 hater and have receipts thrown in ma face calling them 'cutesy FTISLAND'.
    @Slice of Life gonna kill me.
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  10. What an apt placement for a group named day6.
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  12. Hopefully it goes:
    05. Wanna One - Energetic
    04. Shinee - Replay
    03. Seventeen - Adore U
    02. Highlight - Plz Don't Cry
    01. A.C.E - Cactus

    If I did all this stanning for nugu icons only for Replay to 1) win another rate and 2) snatch ACE's rightful trophy... whew Jesus.

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    Seventeen - Adore U

    Carats: (@Monkey0 , @Slice of Life 10)
    Haters: (@ryan_riot92 5)

    Finally the first elimination of 2019!!! And remember when I promised this to be over by the new year well, maybe Chinese new year at this point.. Hehe anyways I'm so sorry for this delay I just kinda lost the plot no more excuses I'm just gonna make fun of myself and hope y'all aren't mad, but anyways I really hope I can find motivation and strenght to finish those last 4 eliminations until the end of the week and maybe get the winning song in before the next winners rate starts, if that even is still happening after the dramatics in the last years thread, so we scrap the top 5 finally and in the battle of Wanna One, SHINee, A.C.E., Seventeen & Highlight, it's one of the older groups, which is really weird to say considering they only debuted in 2015. Well practically they are 3rd oldest if we count BEAST, but lets go with what I said earlier...It's the 2nd oldest group remaining Seventeen that leaves the rate.

    Seventeen is a boy group under PLEDIS entertainment home to previously active girl groups like 'After School' & 'PRISTIN' and contrary to what their name suggest and what one girl promoting K-Pop groups said on 'Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel' or however his show is called said, they have 13 and not 17 members. Which was shocker to me also considering first time I saw them I thought there's that many of them. Seventeen is one of the few generally acceptable boy groups on PJ so this result doesn't shock me one bit and 'Adore U' is quite a cute debut song recieving only one score below 7. The group debuted in May of 2015 with their first mini album and have since then spawned 4, soon to be 5 more minis, 2 studio albums, a special album, 2 digital singles and debut in Japan, China & Taiwan. Alongside their promotions as 13 they also have numerous sub-units [Hip Hop Team, Performance Team, Vocal Team, SVT Leaders & BSS]


    @Slice of Life (10) - "KINGS OF MY HEART!!! One of the better boy group debut singles ever. Memorable, fun, kinda different, and oozing with potential. The definition of talent."

    @Monkey0 (10) - "Saviours of Pledis! Kings of Self-produced Bops. "

    @eccentricsimply (9.5) - "Seventeen can do no wrong, love my thirteen sons."

    @ThighHighs (9.5) - "I don’t care that it’s not the best song in the rate, they’re my babies and I need to give them a decent score. They do teen crush pop bops better than anyone else. They have the talent, the choreography, and the vocal line is no joke. The angel moment is so fucking dumb, but the rest of the song and video are a perfect representation of their charisma and talent, and this isn’t even in their top 5 singles."

    @eliminathan (9) - "Uh I remember hearing this song and not caring for it. Why is the music so good this time around did someone edit the video. Wonho, DK and Mingyu being kings as usual."

    @Empty Shoebox (9) - "The verses I can leave, but the chorus is all right."

    @ryan_riot92 (5) - "No thanks."

  14. Top 4




  15. [​IMG]

  17. Not me calling Wonwoo “Wonho” when he is my favourite member. The fake stan jumped out!
  18. What was I THINKING with that fake-ass-fan 9.5?!?!?!? Adore U is a classic and Seventeen are the boy group that we need and DESERVE.
  19. I'm kinda rooting for Energetic to win this and I hate Wanna One. It's that good.
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  20. Energetic is... competent. Their whole existence feels like a weird blur.
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