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The Boys (Amazon Prime’s Superhero Show)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TobyC, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. I agree. I think the whole season was a bit ropey.

    Noir's arc was just absolutely pointless with zero payoff.

    Annie supersayaning and then delivering a regular blast and then falling over fffff
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  2. The think pieces on Digital Spy about this season are so tragic.

    “The Boys S3 has a kink shaming problem”
    “The A-Train twist was a step too far”

    Get a grip huns.
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  3. I only just finished S2 earlier, and Stormfront's downfall was absolutely fantastic, and deserved.
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  4. Imagine if they read the comics. They'd combust.
  5. Well I’m disappointed with what happened to
    Black Noir, there’s a lot of unhappy fans going on about it, although the character can regenerate but it looks like they’ll be a New Black Noir in S4 which just won’t ge the same.

    Anyone else get the impression that the actress playing Maeve wanted out of the show.
  6. To be honest, I was completely confused about Black Noir even being in this season - I thought he died (or was incapacitated beyond recovery) last season! I was getting a kick out of thinking they just had someone else in the suit, but then it was him after all.
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  7. I enjoyed the season for what it was. The final showdown was fantastic but I agree Queen Mave and Annie were underutilized. Frenchie of course continues to be a wet noodle and it’s a shame Komiko is tied to him. Their storyline time could have gone to Queen Maeve or even A-Train. I’ll continue to hate watch his storyline until he’s hopefully killed off.
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  8. It would've been easy to have Noir be the one to throw HL out the window and die having the storyline make sense. I did stan Maeve holding her own and injuring HL though. He's not as invincible as it seemed.
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  9. Is there any point to The Deep? Is he supposed to do something pivotal in the comics that warrants keeping him around??
  10. The Deep in the comics is completely different to the TV version, he’s probably not as much as a dick as the rest of the seven in the comics but he’s the most underused, can’t remember a storyline from the comics but he’s actually one of the very very few characters that survives in the comic.
  11. Chace Crawford's body is worth keeping him around honestly.
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  12. I think he brings a bit of levity, honestly.
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  13. Uno


    He's just as inessential to the comics. His personality is more serious/mature and his powers are different (he only has super strength & flight -- no aquatic based abilities) but other than that, he's just as useless to any plotlines.
  14. He


    I’m still thinking of this comment one day later and find myself cackling and being annoyed at the same time.

    Couldn’t they have at least shown actual bigger damage to Soldier Boy? Like skin melting or a limb exploding. I hate how they don’t make her as strong, ever.

    Maeve did pull her weight finally. I thought she might actually harm Homelander permanently though.

    Kimiko gets the best fight scenes.
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  15. Kimiko is a treasure.
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  16. So I avoided this show for the longest time because the marketing is terrible for it (and the name). Amazon have done such a poor job of pitching this because it's way smarter and funnier than I ever thought it would be.

    Anyway, I've binged all three seasons and I love it. Ironically I think "the boys" are now the worst and least interesting thing about the show: Starlight going rogue and the supes imploding in on each other in different ways feels so much more potentially engaging than whatever the fuck Butcher and MM are still angry at.
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  17. He


    There truly is no point to drag Butcher along. Like why was there this whole: he didn’t let Hughie die so he’s worth risking everything for, ddd.
    Do we know if next season will be the last?
  18. I've had to quit this show, it's too cynical and I'm convinced they're going to do with Homelander what they did with Sylar in Heroes and just keep him around way too long.
  19. I mean, Homelander is the show. I don't think there's any question that he only dies or permanently depowers when they're ready to wrap it up. He's absolutely key to the whole thing. Particularly where we are at the end of season 3.

    I guess there's nothing you can do if you feel like he's overstaying his welcome. There really isn't much show left for you to enjoy at that point.

    For me, I could watch Starr chewing the scenery as Homelander for another few seasons at least. He's so fantastic.
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  20. He


    Yeah killing Homelander should be the final of the show. He’s the centerpiece.

    The boys themselves can be trimmed. A lot.
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