The Boys (Amazon Prime’s Superhero Show)

I hate the superhero genre but I'll watch this because I think Chace is God's gift to humanity.

Let me suffer through those horrendous costumes.
This was brilliant. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a great take in the genre.

Homelander is one of the most menacing characters I’ve come across in a while. The actor is amazing at transmitting that self aware loose cannon presence.

I grew tired of Billy but I guess he’ll change quite a bit with the last minute twist.
I'm solely watching this on 2160p on my TV because one of my good Judys told me you can see Chace's ass in this.

LET THE THIRST BEGIN. And I fucking hate the superhero genre.
I read about The Boys and its original creator Garth Ennis a bit and checked out some other comics he's written (Crossed in particular) and
Saw the pilot and thought it dragged a bit but planning on watching the rest of the season. They'd really benefit from shorter episodes.
I binged this all in one night - was really great. Wish they'd give Chase a bit more to do - literally his only storyline that had anything to do with anything was him sexually assaulting Starlight. He contributed nothing to any plot afterward.

Sad Elisabeth Shue was killed off in the finale, as she was really great, but I'm excited to see where this goes. My prediction is the entire Seven realizes how out of control Homelander is and goes up against him.

BTW, the real hottie of the show is by far Laz Alonso, not Chase Crawford.
Dammit, sis the spoiler tag, please use it - EURGH. But I guess it’s my fault for clicking on here so soon without seeing season 2.


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Just finished this and loved it. The plane scene in episode 4 was incredible, haunting and hooked me for the rest of the season.

Ironically, The Boys are probably the least engaging part for me. I thought Starlight, Homelander, and Stillwell carried most of the show.