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The Boys (Amazon Prime’s Superhero Show)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TobyC, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. I agree with this, maybe having him killed off in the third season.
  2. To be fair I've only seen to the end of episode 3. And the action at the end was what I've been waiting for.

    I really can't wait for a big action scene with all of the 7/ Starlight / Kimiko.
  3. That reveal midway through season 2 episode 4. Should have seen it coming but it made me squeal.
  4. The latest episode was its weakest? I felt it didn’t go anywhere. It’s seem like more setup for the Seven, while the Boys were just stuck at the house. The scene with A-Train were great though. Why does Frenchie even exist in this show? He’s useless.
  5. And his French accent is embarrassing
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  6. It was boring. I wish they had taken a chance and the scene in the plaza wasn't a fantasy.
  7. My issue with the show is that I feel like they're still only scratching the surface with some of the more interesting characters that have have had plenty of opportunity for more growth - like Maeve for example. I feel like The Deep's storyline more than ran it's course in season 1 and they could be using the screen time elsewhere.
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  8. Ugh, yeah The Deep stuff is so boring. I don't really understand where they're going with his storyline and mostly want to skip any scene that he's in. Other than Lucy the whale scene, which made me howl.
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  9. It all seems like an excuse to make an elaborate Scientology joke.
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  10. The Deep’s storyline is...there but I must admit I laughed at “’s food for the soul.”
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  11. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I figured they were setting up that church/cult as the new big bad for next season, but yes it does sort of feel like this season has just been a retread of last with the stakes simmering instead of rising as they should. They spent all of last season trying to expose Vaught and now that’s just, like, over with a blip? The pacing has been weird. Hopefully we get a twist out of left field in the next couple episodes to shake it up.
  12. Yeah the action at the end of season 3 felt so cathartic because I felt like they'd been almost going there but not for some while.

    I thought the same with the Church as you - it reminds me of the True Blood storyline if anyone saw that.

    I hope we start getting a bit more climatic, the show could probably benefit of slightly more of a one big bad a season format.
  13. Is The Boys really that big for Amazon?
  14. Yeah I’m sort shocked by this? Season 2 has been tepid. I guess they are pulling enough numbers and probably they need more programming so why not.
  15. Well, this episode certainly upped the stakes.
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  16. I think Season 2 has been amazing. I love the writing on this show. Maeve is so fucked. The utter disregard the supes have for human life is still shocking every time i see it on screen.
  17. Wait, wait....

    Did Frenchie say he used to turn tricks? Never mind, he likes the Golden Girls. I hate that I find him so fucking hot....
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  18. He did and I do as well.
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  19. Great episode, I like when they actually show us powers. Stormfront is a great addition. Can't stand Frenchie.
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