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The Boys (Amazon Prime’s Superhero Show)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TobyC, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Fuck fuck fuck what a finale.

    I have to admit this season was a bit of a chore to get through at times and I wasn’t really sure where they were going with it but they really brought it all together.

    Maeve being iconic, WOMEN getting shit done, I haven’t been this satisfied with a TV show since Dany got her arse on a boat in 2016.
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  2. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    The 3 women beating the nazi senseless was great and a nice payoff to the “girl power” talk from earlier this season.

    I found the season rather convoluted overall but I think it set up nicely for a 3rd. The AOC character twist was unexpected. Curious where they’re headed with that.

    The creators gave an interview saying Amazon nixed that Homelander rooftop scene last season so it’s hilarious they got it in this year.
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  3. The finale was great. I was disappointed by the first three episodes but the rest of the season was way better.

    Queen Maeve x Starlight x Kimiko did that.
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  4. Chace Crawford’s arms belong in the Louvre.
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  5. YASSS QUEENS PUNCH THE NAZI. Brave Maeve is the gay icon we needed, praying she can fuck Homeland over before her inevitable death.
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  6. This sums up my thoughts perfectly. Fairly bland season trumped by a blinder of a finale. Starlight finally getting to kick some arse, and Maeve saving the day being the highlights.
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  7. I’m late to the party, but I flew through the first season and am two episodes into the second. It’s great! I’m really impressed at how interesting all* the characters are - they are mostly assholes, but layered, interesting assholes.

    Homelander has to be one of the most compelling, terrifying antagonists I’ve seen on screen in a long time. Perfect casting, too: Starr embodies the clean cut, all-American (and clearly did more homework on his accent than Karl Urban) but there’s something a little off about him and it’s fascinating.

    *I am both bored and continually annoyed whenever Butcher is on screen. I can’t stand the accent and I’ve completely gone off him as a character.
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  8. What did you think of his family member accent? I don’t understand why they didn’t just hire a British person for those roles if that’s what they wanted?
  9. I have just seen the episode his Aunt is in and fucking hell it is one of the worst attempts at a British accent I’ve seen on TV. So distracting.

    Watching five minutes of Eastenders is *not* enough research, Barbara.
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  10. 6 months away? What kind of struggling PJ-fave album campaign is this?
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  11. And releasing under a weekly schedule too…
  12. I can't wait!!
  13. At least tease us with some Chace arm action.
    Still forever bitter they didn't mass produce that calendar from season 1.
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  14. This looks absolutely BONKERS! Glad they are giving us some morsels before the show starts back up again.
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  15. Antony Starr, Emmy Winner when? Just that little clip of him slowly losing it during the photoshoot is great.
  16. Agreed. He’s always captivating in every scene he’s in. He deserves all the awards.
  17. That he didn't receive a nomination this time around is mind boggling.
  18. It really is. The show being nominated for Outstanding Drama Series seems to be a step in the right direction though, so hopefully with some luck (and interest from Emmy voters), he can get a nomination this year.
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