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The Boys (Amazon Prime’s Superhero Show)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TobyC, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. It has arrived..

    Plus fiction becomes reality haha!

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  2. Wait season 3 is out now? Also eek at Antony. What bad timing.
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  3. No, this is the animated spin-off series that’s supposed to hold us over till Season 3 drops in June (I think).
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  4. This season is going to be AMAZING! (Minus Frenchie)
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  5. What?! I love Frenchie.
  6. This looks unhinged. Homelander milking the cow?
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  7. I am just watching the first ever episode and, I think I'm already hooked after the first ten minutes.
  8. He


    Shows making me endure Imagine Dragons need to stop!

    That man's horrid vocals are so distracting.

    Season looks amazing and so much action!
  9. This season is going to SLAP!!!
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  10. Kind of can't wait for Soldier Boy. Kind of excited to see Homelander eventually one-shot him in the finale.
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  11. Yeah, Frenchie is the hottest one of the best characters.
  12. The actor's accent is just terrible.
  13. Just the first episode and I’m GAGGGED!!
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  14. Uno


    The dick scene, I —
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  15. That was a bit too much... I cringed.

    Not everyone is into
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  16. “What was your safe word again? When I used a dog collar and a strap on? Vincent Cassel.”

    God I love this show.
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  17. Termite... oh wow, oh wow.
  18. Just caught up and this is so easy to get back into.

    The temptation to skip any scenes that don't involve The Seven though... especially when Butcher is on screen.
  19. Yeah I’m a bit over Butcher at this point. Smoke a joint and lighten up a little, sis.
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  20. fuck me raw, sis.

    I'm only on S2, it starts wonderfully
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