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The Boys (Amazon Prime’s Superhero Show)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TobyC, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. He


    Yeah I didn’t expect him to be this short lived. Was hoping he actually showed starlight what a good companion is, instead of the assholery Hughie keeps putting her through.
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  2. Supersonic was the hottest man in 3 seasons of this show so of course he got offed in 4 episodes. At least we got Jensen Ackles nude, I suppose.
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  3. I'm sad that we probably won't get any more terrible/amazing boyband songs.
  4. I am not ashamed to admit I did bop.
  5. The Kendall Jenner pepsi spoof... I screamed.
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  6. Ruthless.
  7. Wow the rest of episode 4 was jam PACKED. So much happened. One of the best ever?

    I hope Kimiko is okay and if she is okay I hope her storyline isn't that she's no longer a Supe because she slays those action scenes...
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    Yeah they better not Rogue her.
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  9. It doesn't look good for her... As soon as she and Frenchie made plans to leave after One Last Job, I was like 'No, don't do that, now one of you is going to die' - it's one of those classic tropes.
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    I hope it’s Frenchie then, who bites the dust. Maybe once she recovers and everything is ok, he’ll die.
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  11. Kimiko (and frenchie’s hotness) is the only redeeming quality of the flop force five. Nothing better happen to her!
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  12. Frenchie is not only a shit character but Tomer Kapon is a terrible actor with a crap french accent and is also a Zionist. Gross.
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  13. He really is. ‘She speaks’ made me cringe.

    Thank you for sharing about him, too.
  14. He


    Ah damn… thanks for letting us know.

    I know he won’t die but I hope something goes really wrong for Hughie. He’s so annoying!! I hope Starlight find another plan.
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  15. Holy shit what an episode.
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  16. I'm kind of losing sight of anyone's motivations at this point.
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  17. God damn that was a great episode. When the fight kicked off in the last 10 minutes, I squealed.

    Anthony Starr was excellent in this episode. More so than normal, and he's always brilliant. He's fantastic on Twitter too.

    I suspect @Celestial Mosaic enjoyed what Jack Quaid brought to Herogasm. A lot.
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  18. Each episode just keeps getting more and more absurd. Incredible television!
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  19. Sceencapped and saved to my special folders. Also saved any shots of him in his pink nightie on insta.

    Chace Crawford also giving me all I need. Might never use Octillery in a Pokémon game again though....
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  20. Frenchie is just the fucking pits. I want Maeve back ASAP fucking shit up.
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