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  1. My pleasure @2014, didn't really provide much commentary but I'm sure I'll do more when the reveals/eliminations start.
  2. Hey question, I wanna do the B-Flo rate too, but will I be able to get those in at a later time? I got Shakira and Sugababes to do as well.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    That should be fine! The deadline isn't too strict at the moment, it's just more of a guideline for you all really. I will say nearer the time how much of an extension I will give/ if I give one so don't fret x
  4. I swear...

    If Shot in the Night is done wrong...
  5. This should be amazing, would love to take part! I think it speak volumes about the strength of their discography that people are talking about tracks from every album as contenders for their 11s. Just one thing though - is there a reason why Four Winds (one of the Spaceman b-sides) wasn't included? That's one of my favourite 'extra' tracks from them!
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Great! I will have a look about including some of their later b-sides, but I'm hesitant about there being too much for people to get through. Sorry, but I will definitely have a look!
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  7. Oh not to worry, I really didn't mean to criticise or anything! I just wondered if there was a rule I hadn't seen (for example, I know the Sugababes rate excludes their covers outside their albums). I just happened to notice that particular song as it's one of my favourites, but I think the rate should be great as it is! If you haven't heard Four Winds though, it's well worth a listen.
  8. Also, I mentioned it before but I'm not sure if it's been addressed: is there any reason why the bonus tracks for Battle Born (Carry Me Home, Prize Fighter) aren't in the rate @2014? Especially as the bonus tracks to the other albums seem to be here...?
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  9. I've rated those two tracks, I just think @2014 hasn't added them to the list yet.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I can't edit my original post so in the second post on the front page both tracks are there for everyone to include, with links to their videos. If people do forget to rate them or miss them out I will notify them!
  11. Thank you!
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  12. I've never done a rate before. Do I just score all the song and DM them to @2014 ?
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  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Yes, you've got it.
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  14. So I've just been listening to some of their back catalogue in prep for this rate and I've rediscovered some gems. I use to blast SWEET TALK at work all the time but I haven't heard it in a while. Such a great song. Deffinately a 10.
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  15. I'm so very down for this! Have always had a soft spot for The Killers/Brandon. Was just reading an article the other day about how Sam's Town was underappreciated in its time so it will be good to revisit it.
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  16. I forgot how obsessed I used to be with Under the Gun.
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  17. The Big Pop Girls WISHED they had a track as incredible as 'Read My Mind'.

    Scalps me every. single. time.

    Probably the most important band to me. I can't not take part in this.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    How are people getting on? Bumping this back to first page don't mind me xx
  19. I am shocked at my dislike for Sawdust and I am scared for my 11 reading some of the comments.
  20. I plan on getting in my votes in shortly after I rap up the prince rate, just about two weeks and you should have them.
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