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  1. @2014

    Great rate. Brandon and I salute you.


    (I also really want this shirt)
  2. Perfect song! Also Brandon is so hot on the Can't Deny My Love cover, it's about 70% of the reason I got on board with the Desired Effect era from the start.

    Thank you for running these rate(s), @2014! I've really enjoyed following both.
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  3. Thanks for running this, @2014!

    The Lonely Town middle 8 can still bowl me over at any given time.
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  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I had a lovely time @2014!!!
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  5. I'm curious as to the overall leaderboard of both the Killers & Brandon rates... Looks like Lonely Town scored even higher than Mr. Brightside!
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  6. Wow! I think this is the 2nd time an 11 of mine has won.

    Thank you @2014 for hosting!
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  7. Wow! I need to listen to Lonely Town again - hopefully it'll grow on me this time!

    This rate was awesome. Both parts of it!
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  8. Brilliant job all round everybody and once again to the always brilliant host @2014.

    'Lonely Town' is still #1 in an alternate reality.
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  9. That was a good rate to watch, it went how I expected roughly.
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  10. Dreams Come True should've been top 3. It's a testament to how well the song's written that it never veers into saccharine territory even though it could've at any minute. Immaculately produced, and the best way to open the album.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    ALBUM AVERAGE = 7.26
    HIGHEST AVERAGE = 8.79 @P'NutButter
    LOWEST AVERAGE = 5.93 @Mr Brightside

    BEST SONG = ONLY THE YOUNG (#3 = 9.432
    WORST SONG = PLAYING WITH FIRE (#26 = 5.909)

    3. Only The Young 9.432 (11 x 4)
    5. Crossfire 9.182
    13. Magdalena 7.659
    15. Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts 7.591
    16. Hard Enough 7.568
    17. Jacksonville 7.500
    19. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas 7.227
    20. Swallow It 6.841 [10 x 2]
    21. Right Behind You 6.841
    22. Was It Something I Said? 6.568
    23. On The Floor 6.409
    24. The Clock Was Tickin' 6.386
    25. I Came Here To Get Over You 6.273
    26. Playing With Fire 5.909



    ALBUM AVERAGE = 8.55
    HIGHEST AVERAGE = 9.64 @Beginner @Jwentz
    LOWEST AVERAGE = 7.45 @send photo

    BEST SONG = LONELY TOWN (#1 = 9.995)

    1. Lonely Town 9.995
    2. Can't Deny My Love 9.682

    4. I Can Change 9.432
    6. Between Me And You 9.068
    7. Still Want You 8.386
    8. Dreams Come True 8.063
    9. Never Get You Right 8.023
    10. Diggin' Up The Heart 8.000
    11. Untangled Love 7.932
    12. The Way It's Always Been 7.909
    14. The Desired Effect 7.614


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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    King of even low scoring the acts he stans.
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  15. I didn't take part but Lonely Town is clearly the best thing Brandon has done as a solo artist. Can't Deny... is way too high though.
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  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Can't Deny My Love is an absolute beast of a song. I still remember that monstrous chorus coming out of nowhere and completely knocking me out. Easily would've been my 11. I don't think I 'get' Lonely Town the same way everyone else does, but regardless it's a great song too.

    I'm sorry I didn't participate @2014 but it was a lot of fun to follow along! You did an amazing job.
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  17. I still fucking love this album. I actually love it more than any other Killers releases.
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  18. So, "Joel The Lump Of Coal" should NOT have been in last place! And, "The Way It Was" should have been a single. I love how often they play it in their setlists.
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