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I know this shoudn''t really be in here, but since the board has long gone to the dogs and topics about how awful Robin''s teeth can remain in here, I figured the moderators wouldn''t mind someone actually wanting to discuss music for once.

For years now I have been trying to track a very PWL 80''s sounding remix of Erase/Rewind, which I remember used to get a lot of play on Kiss FM, back in the day when it was listenable. It was never commerically released, to my knowledge, and I have never managed to ever get a copy or even know who done the remix.

Can anyone help...?
Perhaps you missed the other forty threads on the front page discussing things other than Robyn''s teeth.

I don''t see how discussing Robyn''s awful teeth* is any less relevant to the PJ board''s as Rachel''s fucking gloves and Alison''s glitter horse. People give Hilary Duff shit for her veneers and Paris Hilton shit for her chlamydia, why not criticise Robyn''s apparent disinterest in dental work? Tacky, perhaps, but off limits? I don''t think so.

Also, there''s a whole subforum for questions like this.

*Mind you, I''ve not participated...
I was being sarcastic for fucks sake. I just think it''s ludicrous to be discussing Robyn''s teeth. Rachel''s gloves were fierce and it was a fun topic. Slating someone''s teeth because someone else believes they are not looking good is personal and to me, is beyond ridiculous.

Anyway, it was a lighthearted comment/dig, so calm down.

Back to my original question - thanks Cheryl Tweedy, i think it could well be the ''Dimitri''s Old School Mix'' - It reminded me of a kinda 5 Star/PWL mix, not what I would call electro... But, haven''t heard it since 1998, so forgive me.

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These are the only mixes I can find info on;

Erase/Rewind (Cut La Roc Vocal Mix)*
Erase/Rewind (NÃ¥id Remix)*
Erase/Rewind (From The Old School Mix)
Erase/Rewind (Torti''''s Edits From Hell)
Erase/Rewind (Torti''''s Breaks & Beats)

I suspect the ''''From The Old School Mix'''' is the one, although it was only on a Swedish 12".... * = UK CD single.


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I know the one you mean... I had a look for it this morning but couldn''t find it.

I''m not helping much, am I?
Popjustice said:
I know the one you mean... I had a look for it this morning but couldn''''t find it.

I''''m not helping much, am I?

Please Peter, look again... i''m begging here. Had no look whatsoever in tracking this.


The Naid remix, included in the lovely The Cardigans remixed by Naid - Grand Turismo Overdrive cd is awesome, thanks mrsleaze for making me dig it up.

I got it signed by the band and Nina was impressed I had it. Sweet Nina, I love her.
I know it''s a bit out topic, but since this is a thread about the Cardigans... I heard there''s a Greatest Hits comming out in Nov. Any news? That''ll be really cool, specially if there''s some new songs on it, like Garbage''s or Natalie''s.

I have the "Erase/Rewind" cd single, i got it when it first came out, i remember it have just one remix, but i don''t know if it''s the same you''re talking about, I''ll have to check.
vasilios said:
Of course a dvd would be ace.

Deffo! I''ll love a DVD (I hope it includes the Romeo & Juliet version of "Lovefool", instead of the original one, or both.)

I can''t find much information about the Greatest Hits, I wonder if it''s still happening.


Re: The Cardigans - Greatest Hits

I can imagine this being a hit in Sweden (of course), but in the UK? No way. Well, it'll probably improve on their latest chartings, but still...


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Nothing on their official site, so must be fay-ke.

Still a well promo-ed singles album with a good lead single (see No Doubt/It's My Life) and a reminder of Lovefool, My Favourite Game, Erase/Rewind, For What It's Worth, Carnival and a bonus DVD could do well.
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you know, i would actually defo get this.. was never one for the whole 'lovefool' era (although 'been it' was a corker of a track), but some of their later stuff was really interesting. 'i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer' was not only the best song title of 2005, but one of the stand-out best releases of the year (as was the follow-up single 'diamonds') and my favourite game is still completely epic..

i actually cannot explain for the life of me why i have never ever purchased one of their albums when i have like almost every single post-lovefool single.. *shrugs*

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Re: The Cardigans - Greatest Hits

I'll be buying. It's about time they did one really, so it's welcome. DVD bundle too, please! God, you can tell it's christmas.... so, five weeks you say? Doesn't leave them much time, does it?
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I've lost track of them since Nina gave us that horrid 'A-Camp' album.
Until that point they were among my most ultra-favourite bands. I still insist those three albums (life; first band on the moon-grand tourismo) put them on par with Abba. Nothing less.
(Hope the greatest hits would include at least one of their Black Sabbath versions.They were awesome!)


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Long Gone Before Daylight is the masterpiece.