The Cardigans

Controversial opinion alert.

I think Super Extra Gravity is a better album than Long Gone Before Daylight.
I think they're two great albums, and Super Extra Gravity is such a good evolution from Long Gone Before Daylight. Long Gone lulls you in with it's gloomy warm melancholy and then Super Extra Gravity kicks you in the butt so you can get up again. But it's still dealing with the same emotions, just from a different viewpoint.
Such a damn shame they went on that forever-hiatus after that...

Also, maybe even more unpopular, but my favourite album of theirs is probably Life. It might as well be a different band, but it's just such a nice easy-breezy listen. Play it whilst cleaning, play it whilst having friends over for drinks, play it in the car, play it in the garden, it always works.
I don’t think it’s controversial to say Super Extra Gravity is a better album overall over Long Gone. For The Boys and If You We’re (Less Like Me) deserved to be on Long Gone over Lead Me Into The Night in my opinion, otherwise I fully enjoy it. Though, we wouldn’t have had Good Morning Joan if that happened and I can’t imagine the album without it. Gravity just hits all of the marks.
Don’t Blame Your Daughter was my reintroduction to The Cardigans after obsessing over Lovefool back in ‘97 and then forgetting all about them shortly after Erase and Rewind, so for that, Super Extra Gravity means more to me, as beautiful as Long Gone Before Daylight is, and I do love it.
I love every Cardigans album except Super Extra Gravity. No idea why I just can't get into it at all.

Emmerdale will always be my #1.
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Oh wow, some interesting opinions. Some I wasn't expecting at all.

For me, I'd rank the albums as:

Gran Turismo
Super Extra Gravity
Long Gone Before Daylight
First Band on the Moon

I wish they were still active. I loved seeing them play Gran Turismo in full (plus some greatest hits afterwards) on their 20 year anniversary tour of that album in 2018.
I'm currently putting together a Cardigan's documentary for my YouTube channel. I will post it here once it's done.

So far, the most recent thing I saw from Nina was in 2019 where she still didn't quite know what she was doing next, musically. She did say she'd enjoy doing another A Camp album. I think, if anything, that's the most likely thing that will happen at this stage.

Peter is not really associated with The Cardigans and I don't think they'd put out new music without him. They are still seen as being an 'active' band though and I assume they still plan to tour more in the future.