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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mrsleaze, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Arrrrrgh, I would fork out for them all!
  2. I was getting a bit excited when this was bumped.
    Do we know whatever happened to the band? Have they officially split up or do they still exist on paper?
  3. They have some live shows scheduled this summer, so they definitely exist. As for a new album, I haven't heard anything. I'm hoping Nina got her solo stuff out of her system and they can give us a proper Cardigans album.
  4. Would love a new Cardigans album. Wasn't too keen on Nina's recent solo stuff - bit dull.
  5. Some of the A Camp songs were good.

    I can't look at "Colonia" without thinking "irrigation" on the end of it though,
  6. There was some lovely solo stuff on Nina's album but nothing would substitute for another Cardigans album. Please come back!
  7. Nina solo stuff is quite pleasant. I don't know much of The Cardigans outside of the greatest hits, but I've been thinking about getting the studio albums.
  8. I loved The Cardigans, but the first A Camp album is absolutely brilliant. Didn't like Colonia or Animal Heart that much though so I'm here for a new Cardigans record.
  9. The first A Camp album is simply amazing and Animal Heart was pretty good as well. I saw her live last year and it was a brilliant show. I didn't even mind that she didn't play any Cardigans song.
    Seeing an actual Cardigans concert is up there on my bucket list though.
  10. Do it. They're all amazing... especially Long Gone Before Daylight and Super Extra Gravity. But ALL the albums are worth listen. Get A Camp too. Colonia is a masterpiece! I really miss The Cardigans. In terms of a proper band, it's my absolute fave one.
  11. So The Cardigans' Facebook shared the news this morning that vinyl reissues are coming from Universal next year!
  12. And a proper tour I hope. I died to see they were playing random Europe festivals this summer.
  13. A&E


    They've finally got around to uploading music videos to Vevo/YouTube over the past 3 months. I think only Your New Cuckoo and Black Letter Day are missing from there. Also I had no idea that there was a video for the Nåid remix of Junk of the Hearts! It's quite an odd one.

    By the way, a Cardigans + solo projects singles rate is being planned, of course it's still months to go before it starts with all the other rates in the queue, but I'm including the planned list of songs to rate below just in case anyone might have missed something, or would like to familiarise yourself with them already. Let me know if I have missed anything.
    1. Rise & Shine
    2. Black Letter Day
    3. Sick & Tired

    1. Carnival
    2. Hey! Get Out of My Way (single version / UK&Europe album version)
    3. Rise and Shine (re-recorded / UK&Europe Life album version)
    (and Sick & Tired is the same as the Emmerdale version)

    x. Desafinado (Nina solo)

    First Band on the Moon:
    1. Lovefool
    2. Been It
    3. Your New Cuckoo
    4. Losers (US promo)

    Gran Turismo:
    1. My Favourite Game
    2. Erase / Rewind
    3. Hanging Around

    x. Burning Down the House (with Tom Jones)
    x. Theme From Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (Nina & David Arnold)

    Paus – s/t (Peter solo):
    1. Leia
    2. Chock

    A Camp – s/t:
    1. I Can Buy You
    2. Song for the Leftovers

    Righteous Boy – I Sing Because of You (Magnus solo):
    1. Loved Among Friends

    Long Gone Before Daylight:
    1. For What It's Worth
    2. You're the Storm
    3. Live and Learn
    4. Communication (limited vinyl)

    Super Extra Gravity:
    1. I Need Some Fine Wine
    2. Don't Blame Your Daughter (Money! Diamonds!)
    3. Godspell (promo)

    x. Roaring 40's (Christian Kjellvander feat. Nina)
    x. Your Love Alone (Manic Street Preachers feat. Nina)
    x. Black Winged Bird (The Cake Sale feat. Nina)
    x. Baby You Got Me Wrong (Florian Horwath feat. Nina)

    A Camp – Colonia:
    1. Stronger Than Jesus
    2. Love Has Left the Room
    3. My America

    x. The Blues (Primary 1 feat. Nina)

    Nina Persson — Animal Heart:
    1. Animal Heart
    2. Dreaming of Houses
    3. Clip Your Wings (UK promo)
    4. Food for the Beast (UK promo)
    5. Sometimes (limited vinyl)
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  14. I never take part in these Rates because I find them so overly complex. I love The Cardigans so much though, so this might be an exception.
  15. I've been on the most random obsessive Cardigans kick lately.

    Gwen might have triggered it when I heard Make Me Like You & craved the real thing instead. Peter's involvement in some of the best new pop music out there also ignited my interest again. I just love them.

    Just bought myself a new copy of the Life album because I've realized I can't live without it. Also digging into the A Camp album that I've ignored for years now. Peter & Nina are such an incredible team (along with the rest of the band, obviously).
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  16. Will they ever come back? I'm dying for new Cardigans material.
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  17. A&E


    Moto Boy was sitting in for Peter for their recent live shows, no? I guess he must have been a very in-demand songwriter in the recent few years. The first album where he wrote and produced for someone else was Titiyo's amazing Come Along album in 2001 (highly recommended) but 2005 was when he started co-writing with Max Martin and probably got some connections that way. It wasn't until the post-Cardigans A Camp and Nina solo releases that I realised how much he added to the sound of the band, and how Nina's input got more and more prominent with time as well.

    By the way, vinyl reissues of albums (and the first A Camp one as well) are apparently coming no earlier than "late spring", definitely not in time for Record Store Day. I think Magnus runs the band's facebook so that's basically first-hand info. He also mentioned that they have no control over how they're released (as in quantity & what countries they're distributed to) as they're no longer signed to the label but they chose to collaborate on the preparation of the reissues.
  18. As long as I can get Emmerdale, the best Cardigans album IMHO, on vinyl I'll be super happy.
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  19. I honestly, truly, passionately believe that Peter Svensson is one of the best guitarists of all-time. I would put him in a category with Johnny Marr (my other favourite) and not raise an eyebrow.
  20. I heard 'Rise and Shine' for the first time in years the other day. *What* a tune! I really need to rectify never having heard Emmerdale.
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