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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mrsleaze, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I remember being in Copenhagen and hearing Rise and Shine blasting out from a shop. That was when I knew that Scandinavia was the place for me.

    I do think that Nina is a very underrated lyricist. I mean, Burning Bridges For Fuel is such a wonderful song title AND lyric. She's even more special when you realise that English is her second language.
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  2. I want a new album from them. Was listening to Super Extra Gravity this morning and forgot how lovely it was. It's essentially part 2. of Long Gone Before Daylight but more rough around the edges.

    I wouldn't mind another Gran Turismo style album from them.
  3. Gran Turismo is one of those albums where I have never found anything else that sounds like it and that's all down to Tore Johansson's production. He's worked with plenty of other people but Gran Turismo just has that cold, minimalist sound that really suits it. Saint Etienne's Good Humor is the closest to it I guess, being as that came out the same year but Gran Turismo is just so unique. I wish they'd recorded more around that time.
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  4. Is their Greatest Hits worth getting? Isn't there a b-sides disc or something?
  5. Their b-sides are quite literally bae.

  6. Oh the Greatest Hits is really good. That second disc was all new to me when I bought it and there's some great stuff on there (only one Gran Turismo-era track if I remember rightly though).
  7. A&E


    Yes, the bonus disc includes the majority of their b-sides and bonuses, the ones from Long Gone and Gravity eras being pretty much essential. The first disc also includes War which had appeared on the soundtracks to A Life Less Ordinary in 1997 (as It's War) and 10 Things I Hate About You in 1999.

    Missing B-sides: Mr Crowley (cover), The Boys Are Back in Town (cover), Iron Man (demo), Cocktail Party Bloody Cocktail Party (15-minute instrumental piano medley of songs from Life), Das Model (cover).

    If I'm not mistaken there's no b-sides that actually came from those sessions. (It's) War appeared on the My Favourite Game single but predated those sessions and Deuce from... X-Files I think? also doesn't sound much like the album. The 2000 Das Model cover that's on the For What It's Worth single is the closest they've come to replicating the Gran Turismo sound.
  8. I was thinking of The Road. I'm sure in the sleevenotes it says someting along the lines of 'maybe we should have recorded more during those sessions'. I'm not at home though so I can't check. I do love War though.
  9. I know War and Deuce, the latter was on The X-Files movie soundtrack, yes.
  10. Ray


    They have such amazing lyrics. For a band whose biggest international hit was "Lovefool" they are really dark.

    "Communication" is about using drugs together when you don't know how else to communicate. "And Then You Kissed Me" is about violence and co-dependence. "You're The Storm" is about constantly falling for the bad guy and not being able to do anything about it. I'm sure there are fans much more advanced than me to come up with more detailed explanations. I might also be wrong with my interpretations, but that's where Cardigans and my life seem intertwined.

    My favourite song, as of now, is "Diamonds" because I could aim it at my stepfather. "Your daddy's not guilty you came out a little faulty/and the factory closed so you can't hold them liable". "Your autograph's worthless, so don't send me letters and don't mail me cash, cos your money is not good". I could quote all of this song – the best bit is all of it.
  11. I love that song too. I uploaded a higher quality video of it (that doesn't show up when you search for it though):

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  12. It is lovely. I can't decide on my favourite song of theirs... perhaps Communication
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  13. Oh Diamonds is so good! "You're cutting diamonds with a rubber knife". Give me those amazing mataphors Nina.

    This was the fan vote to be added to the Greatest Hits even though it wasn't a single. It's there for good reason though and it's another reason that the collection is so good.

    Long Gone Before Daylight is such a lost classic isn't it?
  14. I downloaded the Best Of album yesterday and it's really lovely.
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  15. Are they officially over/broken up or just on a break?
  16. They're still together! They tour a bit, but I don't know if they've been recording anything at all.

    This destroyed me today.
  17. They're not together for me as long as Peter's not there. Peter + Nina is where the magic was.
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  18. One of my all-time favorites. It's the perfect album to put on at midnight. This one always turns me into a wreck:

  19. I like the heartfelt yet cool sounding 'Higher':

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  20. Country Hell is probably my favorite Cardigans track.

    Shame it was only a B-side.
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