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The Cardigans

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mrsleaze, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. This was also a good choice for the Best Of despite not being a single.
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  2. I would've liked 'Good Morning Joan' to have been a single too.
  3. Arrange my books in order
    Make up some nice stories to amuse you
    Make things look smart and easy
    Shape up the place
    Hungry for the meeting
    The dinner we'll be eating
    Wine that we'll be drinking
    And kinky thoughts I'm thinking
    All because of you

    And now I've found a partner
    No one can be happier than I am
    And now I've found a new friend
    No one can be happier than me

    Prepare a meal with candles
    Sweet wine and strings
    Chosen for the purpose
    Then take a bath with bubbles
    Shape up my face
    Eager for the meeting
    The dinner we'll be eating
    Wine that we'll be drinking
    And kinky thoughts I'm thinking
    All because of you


    A book of Nina Persson lyrics is not going to publish itself, someone see to it.
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  4. Still waiting patiently for these vinyl re-issues. I checked out their Facebook and apparently according to the comment responses on the page they are all coming this year and it's everything from Emmerdale up to Super Extra Gravity and possibly A Camp as well.

    Is anyone going to see them in Stockholm in May? I think I'm going to go as can get £34 return flights but I just wondered how easy getting into these Gronalund events is. I would hate to fly there and not get in if its too busy; apparently you can't book tickets.
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  5. The perfect band.
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  6. They still together then?
  7. Technically, they didn't split.
  8. I need Long Gone Before Daylight on vinyl. Definitely in my top 5 albums of all time.
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  9. It's an amusement park, so you can be hours early. People risking not being able to enter are the ones who show up five minutes before they're scheduled to get on.
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  10. The Other Side of The Moon better be included in this too. I'd love to have Country Hell on vinyl.
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  11. Peter is The Cardigans, to a great extent. He is also one of the best guitarists ever and I'm very comfortable stating that opinion. I've often said that he's on par with Marr, except he writes lyrics too.
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  12. I love their lyrics! Better than most English speaking bands.
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  13. How many bsides are missing from the Best of deluxe edition ? Could anyone help ? :-)
  14. Hope the reissues will be released soon, probably october/november for Christmas?

    Long Gone Before Daylight super audio cd must be one my most expensive music purchases ever. Paid about 185€

    The vinyl reissues from Simply Vinyl, Fugitive and Plain Vinyl are to avoid. They aren't even worth 5€, although they are sold at various sites for 200€ and more. They have done many reissues from 90s bands, but all horrible pressings (pops, clicks, serious warps).
  15. Cardigans reissues on the way ? Really ? Can't wait !!!
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  16. [​IMG]

    Tickets on sale Friday, O2 users Wednesday exciting!!!! Really wanna a new album though.
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  17. I HAVE to go.

    Oh wait. The O2 Academy is the worst.
  18. Oh my God! I have to go to this, I've never seen them live.
  19. Phenomenal news!
  20. You lucky brits. Surely a US tour is in the works.
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