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The Cardigans

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mrsleaze, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Tickets booked! I know this is an obvious thing to say but fuck booking fees.

    I'm guessing they'll play other stuff once they've finished Gran Turismo otherwise it'll be a short gig.
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  2. Got me tix too
    .......I'm sure they'll chuck in 5 odd hits towards the end.
  3. I got tickets & I am super excited. Have been playing the entire discography in anticipation this morning - from What run of songs Gran Turismo, though Long Gone Before Daylight, through Super Extra Gravity is though. What a band. Has there been a The Cardigans discography rate before?
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  4. How much are tickets?
  5. Lord, I'd really love to go to this shizzle.
  6. £41.25
  7. Hearing 'Nil' live is going to be an experience.
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  8. They said on Facebook they'll play the whole album then come back and play the hits. Sounds like a great night.

    I want a Long Gone Tour!
  9. I'm going to the Glasgow show. Looking forward to the vinyl reissues too. Listened the 'The Best of' the other day when I was decorating, wall to wall tunes.
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  10. They're such a special band. Rise And Shine, Carnival, My New Cuckoo, Lovefool, Erase/Rewind and more more more. I'm glad they're doing this!
  11. Would be tempting to hear them live, although as others have said, without Peter it's not really the same. If only he could be persuaded to stop writing/producing throwaway tosh for tween 'singers' and rejoin ...

    I really should investigate their post-Gran Turismo albums. I was put off by the underwhelming singles from Long Gone Before Daylight and never bothered following up on the albums.

    I always loved Emmerdale and Life, but played First Band on the Moon for the first time in years yesterday and it's much better than I remember. It must be a contender for the worst album sleeve ever though.
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  12. Long Gone Before Daylight is a lost classic. All of their albums are great but that one is particularly special.
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  13. Is Peter not taking part in these gigs?

  14. [​IMG]
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  15. But For What It's Worth is their best single!!

    Super Extra Gravity is similar sonically to Gran Turismo though it's not quite as paranoid lyrically.
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  16. I don't want to sound hyperbolic but Long Gone Before Daylight is not only the best Cardigans album, it's one of the greatest albums of all time. No, it's not full of upbeat pop but the depth of the despair at the heart of it makes for a sad and very beautiful album
  17. It seems to be rated highly by some, but I never thought much of 'For What it's Worth' and could see why it didn't chart well. It's no 'Carnival'/'Rise and Shine'/'Your New Cuckoo'/'Erase and Rewind', etc. About the only single released before it that was worse was 'Been It'.
  18. I wouldn't say a chart position was indicative of the quality of the song. Their profile in the UK was practically non-existent by the time of Long Gone Before Daylight. Plus they had a very different look and sound by then.
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  19. Yeah it's miles miles better!
  20. Nope, just tried listening to it again and it's no better than I remember...
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