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The Cardigans

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mrsleaze, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Don’t Blame Your Daughter was the song that got me back into the Cardigans after they disappeared from the U.K. charts, I’d love this on vinyl.
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  2. I used to sort of love The Cardigans, but they never produced a truly great album. The singles from each (not including Emmerdale and up until Long Gone Before Daylight) are all pretty good-to-amazing, but all their albums have some utter dross on them. Life comes closest to being good for me, and I do have a massive soft spot for The Other Side Of The Moon, which would certainly be top 3.

    I totally lost interest after Burning Down The House though, which is the last item of theirs I bought. They totally lost their USP, their magic and essentially what made them special. Their last couple of albums just sound like any old jingly-jangly guitar-drums-bass ensemble to me, although You're The Storm at least has a bit of character about it. The blokes all remain highly doable though!

    I preferred A Camp's stuff to latter-day Cardigans. I Can Buy You remains wonderfully sad.
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  3. Best thing The Cardigans put out;

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  4. Ah, I forgot just how much I loved First Band on the Moon.
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  5. Communication.................. I don't think they've ever done something so gut-wrenchingly beautiful.
  6. One of my favourite songs of all-time. Sublime.
  7. I like all 3 albums by A Camp and her solo album also! <3
  8. I'm tempted to go see them in December but it don't know anyone who likes them and would want to come with me so it would be a solo trip.
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  9. How do people rank their albums? I've only ever really listened to the First Band on the Moon album onwards... are their first two albums any good?
  10. Well... I ordered myself a ticket for the December gig. It's the day after All Saints so it'll be a lot of London!

    It's unlikely I'll see them tour again so I had to.
  11. Glad to see that you took the plunge. I often go to gigs on my own and it's always fine. There will be plenty of PJers there surely?

    As for their albums, they're all great really, apart from Emmerdale which I don't tend to bother with very often. I'd definitely check out Life though.
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  12. Life is my favourite. Emmerdale isn't good.

    The Other Side Of The Moon
    First Band On The Moon
    Gran Turismo

    I don't really know their other albums.
  13. Gran Turismo so low on the list...?
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  14. I only really like the first two singles and Starter. The rest of the album is a bit dreary for my tastes, and it was the point at which they started moving away from the sound that made me like them in the first place.
  15. What are they doing with the vinyl re-releases?
  16. Anyone else seeing them in London in December?

    I'm going solo at the minute so could be cool to meet up with some Popjustice peeps beforehand maybe.
  17. No one? I wonder if the show is sold out I've heard nothing...
  18. Love this band. Remember Nina's gorgeous stuff with A Camp too? I was obsessed with these.


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  19. The ticket prices seem to be putting people off, I fear.
  20. I'm waiting for it to be cancelled... I can't see it selling out.
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