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The Casual Vacancy

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Anyone watch it last night? I've not read the book so I had absolutely no expectations, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. There's something wonderfully addictive about taking a quaint little village and making it all dark and twisted... and I think they might be doing that more successfully than Broadchurch is at the moment, or ever really have for that matter. And it surprised me by how modern and razor sharp it was - a great mix of cosy Sunday night drama & cutting edge drama.

    Obsessed with Keeley Hawes and Julia McKenzie too.
  2. I don't remember Samantha being particularly interesting in the book, but Keeley Hawes is the best thing about this.

    I just wish it was being played over a weekend or something, instead of weekly.
  3. I thought Samantha's obsession with that boy band in the book was pretty hilarious. It's been so long since I've read the book but I liked the first episode a lot.
  4. This was fantastic but I really really really think it needed twice as many episodes.
  5. I'm surprised that this has only really got a lukewarm reaction. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I'm devastated that it can't go on for longer. Sarah Phelps should have added to the story and turned it into a six-parter.
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  6. There was easily enough story in the book to cover six episode, though, they just cut it down to three for some reason. The main storyline still works perfectly well in three episodes, but I'd have rather had more time with the characters and got to know them better, even if it's irrelevant to the main plot.

    It's a bit weird that they cut the character of Gavin out entirely because his story is so insignificant, but they featured Sukhvinder quite prominently, even though her entire storyline has been cut.
  7. It could have done with at least one more episode really. I'm kinda glad they changed the ending, it made it a tad more realistic. Also Julia Mckenzie was amazing - I never knew she was capable of inducing so much hatred!
  8. Who okay'd this, that's what I wanna know.

  9. Poor sod.
  10. I've not read the book but felt this was very rushed as a series and should have been more episodes. It was over before it begun. Did we even find out who the "ghost" was? I loved Julia McKenzie in it though - she plays a bitch well.
  11. You see Andrew typing out the message in, I think, the first episode? And in the final episode it's Andrew who stumbles onto Dumbledore having sex, which is then shown on video before his heart attack. Other characters use the ghost username after Andrew in the book, and I think there was a scene in the second episode where you could tell Andrew never made the post about Arthur's dad. My memory's not the best, I'll have to re-read it at some point.
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  12. Sam


    Fats made the post about his dad, but Andrew deleted it.

    I loved it, the book was incredible. I'm glad they adapted the ending to make it a little less harrowing though. And I agree with the sentiment that it should have lasted longer than three weeks.
  13. The book was amazing but the series was lacking in many ways. Those of you who liked this, do read the book as it is a lot better. Most of the changes were unnecessary, more episodes were needed for more depth. And the change of the ending made it a lot less tragic if you ask me.
  14. The disadvantage of doing an English Literature degree is that reading any book that you don't have to physically repulses you. I am, however, going to read this as soon as I finish in May.
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