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The Chainsmokers – Memories… Do Not Open

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. I see their casual misogyny continues.
  2. ...............................................if it's true that they're not really like this (it's not) then they are brilliantly awful.
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  3. Straight men are so insecure "lmao"
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  6. I like taking dude baths as well, but I think mine might be a little different.
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  7. Them in a nutshell I'm sure
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  8. And here I was, hoping that Alex wasn't terrible.
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  9. Kleenex - for men
    Head & Shoulders - for men

    Now I understand who they market those items for. Dickheads.
  10. I really only open this thread in the hope of more pics of the hot one to gawk at and then stab myself with a fork. (I can't bring myself to follow him on instagram.)
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  11. That is funny, I like these guys. What is the problem with straight men on this forum?
  12. I seriously hate it when people add man- or dude- at the start of other words.
  13. Putting aside the horror of "dude baths" and the way that phrase makes me want to run straight to the nearest free clinic, I like that Twink says "I think I look weird when I talk" but that hasn't stopped him from demanding to have lead vocals on his songs or anything.
  14. Het scum must perish.
  15. Oh so you're a Chainsmokers fan too?

  16. English please, are you speaking elvish?

    So baby hold me closer in the backseat of your rover
  17. Straight men become a problem when they're dead keen on letting everyone know they're "SO masculine and not at all girly ew".

    I hope they drown in a bath full of glitters. Slowly.
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  18. There's nothing worng with a guying manly if he wants to be...
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