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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by iRyan, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Does anybody else watch this? It's an American show but I believe they'll start airing it in the UK a month or two from now. (or you can find it online, duh.) It's one of the longest running reality competition shows on television (Season 33 just premiered yesterday) and now they basically poach from a cesspool of international reality shows (Bear from CBB, Theo and Georgia from Love Island, Kyle from Geordie Shore, Da'Vonne and Josh from BBUS, a guy from Ex On The Beach: Brazil, a guy from Survivor: Turkey, etc). It's pretty diverse casting.

    Here's a trailer of the new season:

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  2. So this year's Challenge has been bringing the dramz. The latest episode (ep 4) has been all sorts of messy with twist and turns out the wazoo. I have to say bringing in contestants from other reality shows (especially Big Brother) has been the injection shot the show needed.
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  3. I know their thing is that the game aspect is switched up every season, but so far this iteration is very strong. It seems like they've finally (36 seasons in) ironed out the kinks and have a unique game that balances the social and physical aspect appropriately.

    The lack of Bananas domination is definitely appreciated, and I hope this season gives the producers enough confidence to retire him and move on.
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  4. Bananas definitely defines a long era of The Challenge, as did Cara Maria, and I think the show feels revitalized without them. I’m not opposed to them making a comeback, but goddamn, they both needed a fucking break. I’d rather see Cara Maria return before Bananas though. I also think the season feels more dignified without trashy people like Rogan, Dee, and Bear.

    Big T becoming a rising star of the franchise, I love to see it. Production adores her and rightfully so.

    On the topic of today’s episode...Devin going off on Amber was sooooo random. There’s obviously more going on than what’s been caught on camera. I wonder if he was into her and she rejected him? Very odd.
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    I used to looooove this show with a passion back in the day with Inferno, Gauntlet, THE DUEL.

    The challenges now are just so ridiculous with bringing on crossfit bros and juggernauts to compete. The challenges themselves have gotten a bit "Hollywood stuntmen auditions" for me.

    I got 5 or 6 episodes into the Dirty 30 season and while I didn't hate it, it just didn't have the same appeal as it did before. I need my Svetlana, Beth, Coral, Susie, and Tina back.
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  6. I still reluctantly watch this show even though it is a sham of what it once was. I get it, more dangerous missions, things go BOOM...but give me the first Battle of The Seasons through...whatever was before Fresh Meat. I feel really nostalgic when I see CT, Aneesa, Darrell...

    Battle of The Seasons 1 will forever be legendary, and that’s just from the girl’s team as the guys were boring. (and that’s without Queens Coral, Katie, and Tina.)
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  7. Their obsession with trash bag Johnny Bananas made it hard to watch after a while. I might watch the current season.
  8. FRESH COTTON PADS?????? rattles around in my brain whenever Big T is on screen. She and CT have a great dynamic partnership.
  9. That Devin/Amber tiff was all strategy. It was an excuse to throw Nelson into the pit. I want to feel bad for Nelson but he's dumb as a box of rocks.

    The CT Big T coupling is great and I actually like the Devin/Tori "frenemies" duo.
  10. Did they explain that on the show or on social media? I wasn’t paying full attention.

    The Inferno remains the most iconic season of the show for me. The gals brought drama. Julie attempting to kill Veronica in episode one, Katie vs. Veronica all season, Leah’s panic attack, Julie challenging Coral to a wrestling match to which she responds “I don’t wrestle! I fucking beat bitches up,” Leah/Kendall’s chaotic Inferno...what a season!

    The Evan/Kenny/Bananas era belongs in the dumpster. But I think the show has gotten a lot better since the addition of international participants and bringing on people from Big Brother, Survivor, etc. However the Real World vs. Road Rules era will always be my favorite. The show was a lot more campy fun back then.
  11. You’re in luck, because a spin-off tentatively called We Want OGs is filming in just a couple weeks. The following names are deemed “very likely” to be on it so far:

    Katie (RR The Quest)
    Trishelle (RW Vegas)
    Arissa (RW Vegas)
    Ruthie (RW Hawaii)
    Kelly Anne (RW Sydney)
    Aneesa (RW Chicago)
    Ace (RW Paris)
    Syrus (RW Boston)
    Brad (RW San Diego)
    Yes (RR Semester at Sea)
    Derrick (RR Xtreme)
    Eric (Fresh Meat)
    Mark (RR1)
    Nehemiah (RW Austin)

    A couple of them may be alternates and not on the final cast though. Other names that are rumored but not confirmed include legends like Veronica, Beth, Tina, Coral, and Svetlana. Beth and Tina have both openly stated that they want to do it, so it seems likely they’ll be confirmed. But with covid...anything can change.

    Julie from RW New Orleans was on the final cast but was just recently removed, allegedly because she was deemed a liability for what happened back on Inferno 1, which is so silly.

    I’m personally PRAYING for Coral but last time she was supposed to be cast she screwed production over by dropping out at the last minute, so I’m cautious to be too hopeful.
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  12. The first episode of The Challenge: All Stars is free on YouTube if anyone's interested. It's been really great so far, I'm enjoying it more than all of the recent seasons. I just wish they made it 90 minutes like the main show is now, the cast members have been saying on social media a lot of good stuff is getting edited out for time. The Katie/Trishelle drama in episode 2 was a bit iconic, although sad that it ended their friendship.

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    I was looking forward to seeing Trishelle again but I think that argument with Katie was just complete BS. She was really grasping at straws and going for the jugular for no reason.

    It's really really exciting to have Beth back; she's one of my all-time favorite reality TV personalities. Jisela is the biggest surprise for me so far - she absolutely smashed that first episode and seems really hungry for it this time around.

    I'd say those 2, plus Nehemiah are my favorites - really hoping they go far.

    I'm expecting Arissa, Syrus, Kendal, and Laterrian to be amongst the next few to be eliminated. I wonder who quits? I half expected it to be Trishelle. I really hope it's not Beth.
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  14. Watched the first three episodes today and I’m really enjoying it. It’s giving me all the nostalgic joy I was hoping for and reminded me of these people I loved so much who I haven’t thought about in over a decade. I’m pulling for my girl Ruthie, she’s always been such a franchise treasure.

    I hope they do more seasons of this. I’d love to see more of these returning players.
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  15. Arissa this episode was...simply iconic. I love her character arc from “I’m very zen now, I make cannabis cuisine” to “Fuck each and every one of you motherfuckers” Her attempting to summon the sun with her mind during the challenge last episode was also one of my favorite moments this season.

    Also it was nice to see Jonna finally get airtime this episode, felt like she was invisible the first few. She can serve some cute confessionals.
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    Arissa was doing the most this episode. Not sure how she could be surprised she was voted in when she's made literally zero attempts at socializing or connecting with the group. It was very entertaining though. Jisela was also doing the most, but I found her bluntness hilarious. "I DON'T TRUST YOU!" - I cackled.

    I lowkey would've liked Mark to have been able to pick someone instead of a re-vote though. Seeing Kendall go in after being promised safety would've been a scream. I think Beth could've beat any girl she went up against in a strength challenge (bar maybe Aneesa) so it's a shame I didn't get to see her perform, but I'm also very relieved she lives to fight another day. She's by far my favorite but I can't see her going past 1 or 2 more women's elimination days since she isn't exactly the most popular person on the show.
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  17. The difference between All Stars and the main show is night and day at this point. At first I thought production was just too stupid to realize what people want to see (MTV only casting, less athletic challenges, no stupid movie themes) but seeing how well this season has been going makes the main show even less appealing now.
    Arissa did a lot but she was also going through a gluten allergy and couldn't eat anything a lot of the time. For club scenes she went because if she didn't go, the cast wouldn't be allowed to go so she didn't want to be the bad guy. I feel bad for her but I'm glad she still went on her terms. The fight she got into Veronica (yes, I realize she's my avatar...) on social media about the Inferno II stuff was shocking. Veronica was being ignorant and messy and finally found someone who was willing to tell her about herself.
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  18. It’s honestly so refreshing watching people who aren’t totally in shape and are a tad older taking on these challenges. Part of the appeal of the original show was throwing these random reality stars who had never done anything remotely physical into performing these tasks. It became uninteresting to me when they became hell-bent on casting people who spent ages training for the show, turning it into a gym rats American Gladiators.
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  19. I've also always been a Veronica fan but was super turned off by her comments too, it was unnecessary and disrespectful. I wish she would apologize for the Inferno II incident but she seems to be avoiding drawing more attention to it. I understand it was over 15 years ago, and she wasn't the only one who took part, but at least own up to it and admit it was wrong. It is interesting to think back that nobody batted an eyelid and it even made it to air back in the day.
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  20. Totally agree on this, burned through Double Agents and really didn't care anymore towards the end. Fussy disgusting ass didn't help. It's all about who's fit and trained the most.

    This series has been great to watch and bring backs so much nostalgia. Every one is not fit, In their 30's-50's but have so much more heart compared to recent cast members.
    The production also does a great job incorporating the music into the show.
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