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The Changing Face of Music

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I did a brief sweep of the Forums, and in my opinion, didn't find anything too similar to this. However, I'm fine with having this moved or locked if moderators find it too similar to anything else.

    Essentially, this thread could be a discussion about how music is changing, and speculation as to what the future will bring. I'm not particularly limiting this to any aspect or genre of music in particular, but naturally, as this is a pop music Forum, it will mostly relate to that.

    To start things off:

    1) How will music develop over the next few years? Will certain genres become more popular than others? Will there be a fall to the ever-rising trend of electro/dance-pop hits that have been near inescapable for the past 2 or 3 years?

    2) Will female solo artists continue to dominate popular music? What about male popstars? Will there be a return in the world-conquering boy/girlbands that were so quintessentially 90s?

    3) A question that actually influenced the naming of this thread - how will the current roster of singers fare as they get older? Do popstars need to mature their sound as they get older, or do singers like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna disprove this? Is there an 'age-limit' on popstars? Is it embarrassing for older singers to desperately try and compete with their peers who are half their age, yet have a similar sound/look?

    4) Will the trend of reigning, omnipotent producers (who seem to have a shelf life of a matter of years) continue? Will the general public become sick of constantly hearing the same 'sound' in the charts? And how will popstars react to this - a greater mix of producers? More unknown names? Will underdog producers make a break through? Or will we continue to see the likes of big producers who essentially consume, and sculpt the whole shape, sound and direction of albums - à la Dr. Luke and Max Martin on 'Femme Fatale'.

    And finally,
    5) Will the U.S.A. continue to dominate pop music worldwide? Could something akin to the 'British Invasion' occur again, although from singers/groups not necessarily from the U.K?

    Haha, I realise that this is quite a lot of food for thought - just some things that I've been thinking about recently!
  2. Eek there's so much to think about there.

    My first contribution however is just two random thoughts I had today, which I think somewhat relate to this.

    1) The dance-pop craze needs to die-down, or change direction, or something... I adore dance and I adore pop, and obviously both genres are kind of intrinsically linked by the fact they rely heavily on synths, beats, repetition, hooks, etc. But they're becoming so melded together at the moment that everything is sounding completely the same and contrived, and just, MEH!... I miss the days when there was a "dance" room and a "pop" room in the clubs.

    2) If Lady GaGa is the next Madonna... So what? I don't think she's some copycat, but it hit me earlier today that we have countless female performers who carry on the trends of former stars, so surely it would be nice to have someone else in the same vein as Madonna. Beyoncé is in the footsteps of Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, etc. There hasn't been another pop star, that I can think of, who wants to tread the blonde-bombshell-controversy-driven-enterprising-thinking route... and I don't think we should complain about having one.

    Edit: The second point relates to this as it refers to GaGa carrying the Madonna baton into the next generation. [resists the urge to make ageist joke]

    My two cents.
  3. A part of me believes (pop) music is screwed. So in that sense I don't see a very positive future for it.

    But, the sharp decline of the last 5 years might turn around. Who knows.
  4. Well, this is quite a deep discussion, so naturally I'll try to make some good points and pretend to know what's going to happen.

    I'm unsure what the future holds for Katy Perry, Rihanna, and especially Ke$ha. Are they the new popstar, or are they running on an elongated fifteen minutes? Ciara would attest to the latter, and as much as I enjoy all of them, especially the former, I think I would agree. An artist can only go so far on sex and synths without the substance to back it up. Britney is the exception, one that only comes around every few decades. I think Katy has the best luck with sticking around because she's got the songwriting down and her songs are less focused on the sexual or partying aspects that Rihanna and Ke$ha support, respectively.

    This dance craze seems to have lasted much longer than necessary, and still doesn't show any signs of dying. Hopefully Kelly Clarkson's new album shows a bit of the rock-pop that is sorely missing in the Top 40, but judging by Avril's 'Smile', no one wants to hear variety, which is quite sad. Everything is essentially sounding the same, and songs are becoming personality-driven rather than sonically-driven.

    Lastly, I think pop stars are going to come and go far more quickly. Fan bases must be established immediately, so artists need to hit hard with their first single; there isn't much time in the early years for experimentation. Gaga, Ke$ha, and Katy are examples of this, though the latter has definitely swung with the tides more.

    Pop music remains amazing. I enjoy about 70% of what's on the Top 40 right now, which is more than I can say for years past. I think Gaga is here to stay, and most likely Katy as well. Otherwise, we're witnessing the fifteen minutes of MANY new pop stars of the past couple of years.
  5. If you ask me, the successor to the dance-pop craze will be soul. Between Adele's success and Amy dying (I almost said "Adele dying" there), I don't think it's hard to believe that labels will be desperately trying to find the next wave of Amy/Adele/Duffys. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Duffy tries to make a comeback. Will dance-pop die quickly? I would say no, but I do think it will gradually begin to have a smaller presence in the chart as soul and RnB become more prominent (and thank God for that).

    This is impossible to tell. It only takes one huge boyband or one amazing male popstar to start a revolution and that can happen very randomly. Look at The Saturdays. When they launched there was a vacuum in the girlband market and because of the success of their first album a bunch of other girlbands tried to launch this year, with all of them bar Wonderland failing. Perhaps that wave of girlbands could have been successful and we would have been looking at girlband domination for the next few years.

    This is already happening if you ask me. In the US, Florence has a Gold album, Adele has the best selling album of the year, Jessie J has made some noise and her album just missed the top 10 and now Dev might just be getting a hit. And let's not forget Bulletproof going top 10 back in 2010. The US charts are becoming less impregnable and if foreign artists can find success in the US then that will likely lead to the US becoming less dominant in pop. But at this point all of the "main girls" (Katy, Rihanna, Britney, Beyoncé, did I miss anyone?) come from the US, so let's not jump the gun.

    Pop is very unpredictable and one event can change the next few years, but I do think the US charts becoming less US dominated and the dance-pop genre becoming less prominent in the next few years are two things that have a very good chance of happening.
  6. I think Ke$ha has a lot more songwriting credits than Katy Perry. If music goes in cycles, then we're due for straight up R&B to make a comeback to popularity. This will be followed by a resurgence in a rock genre which will then be followed by whatever pop is at that time.
  7. Hahaha!

    So I'm guessing GaGa is either in a stratosphere above them or you're just stirring a bit.

    Anyway, if you were going to miss anyone out it would be Britney. I LOVE Britney, but her influence/impact/presence is seriously waning nowadays. She will probably retire from music soon. <<<< In fact this is my prediction. I don't want her to. But I think she will.
  8. Just joking!

    I think her US success is still good enough to justify her spot with the others. She does still get everyone talking when she does anything interesting so... yeah. Femme Fatale is doing very poorly compared to her other records but it's not selling that badly either. One underperforming record does not an irrelevant popstar make.
  9. I really don't have a problem with dance singles taking up most of the charts, "I'm not here for that". I haven't taken any notice of the singles charts in a few years now but it's refreshing to see that while those charts are full of dance "hits" that will quickly become forgotten, the album charts are consistently full of great records, which may make established artists really concentrate on making great albums as opposed to some good singles and whatever else they can find.

    That is what will truly establish some of the main pop stars of our time. Katy definitely has potential; her songwriting can be quite mature when she wants it to be and she is an incredibly smart woman conducting this whole image, I expect her to be around for quite a while. Rihanna has a few good years ahead of her, probably with the same winning formula and yet I can't see her as a recording artist in her 30s?The big 3 (Beyonce, Britney and Gaga) are all fine.

    I can't see another girl/ boyband becoming all conquering for a long while. Pussycat Dolls came close but there's no room for them really. Most people only want to be solo anyway and who can put up with the media constantly creating rifts between members?

    I actually think it's the indie market we will see evolve over the next few years. I think we'll see a lot more mainstream indie acts coming through, especially from the UK. Adele has opened doors for British acts in the international markets so it'll be quite exciting to see what happens next.
  10. I agree with that.

    But then you've got the whole "Is her heart in it?"/conservatorship/mental illness business to add to the pot. Time will tell I guess.
  11. Britney has a good 10 years in her, I hope.
  12. I hope you just mean that in a career sense...
  13. I don't get it. But I do see Britney making music until she's at least 40, yes.
  14. It was just black humour. Implying you were saying she only had a decade left to live.

    #jokefail #hides
  15. I honestly don't think soul will overtake the charts to the same extent as dance pop currently. Dance pop from the likes of LMFAO or David Guetta is just so much easier to manufacture, and acts like them are a dime a dozen. Whereas it's probably harder to find the 'next Adele.'

    That doesn't mean record labels won't try, of course... I just don't think it will work.
  16. I see. I never get jokes so it's more my fault than yours I'm sure.
  17. It was also quite a shit and tasteless joke to be fair.
  18. Well yes.
  19. Yes, maybe tasteless (that's black humour after all) but it was a good one.
  20. Great topic. Love the questions.
    Ok so first off I think the USA will still be the main dominators for music, however UK acts are really starting to break out, especially in the last few years.
    I think that there will always be some mega female pop stars but you are right there is loads right now.
    Rihanna is going to have a very, very long career as far as I can tell. By the time she reaches the end of her career (which I think will be in decades) she will probably be one of the most successful artists of all time. She has already proven she is not just manufactured with Rated R and I think as she progresses I think she will only grow and improve. I really think she has a bright future ahead of her. She has already achieved too much to be forgotten.
    Ke$ha....hmm. I can't see her fading either, there is something fresh and original about her.
    As for the Dance/Pop genre you are totally right. It has gone too far. Its over saturating the music market and I think its coming to an end. However I don't think think that Soul will be "the" dominant genre but it will be more of a front runner then it has been lately.Every label is going to look for their own version of Adele, not necessarily even a female just someone/or a band that is different. The dominant genre will always belong to Pop as far as I can see. By that I mean catchy, radio friendly songs. I do think though that there has to be some new kind of sound...and soon. I can see R&B making a come back at some stage, but I don't know when and I highly doubt it will be like the R&B that used to be popular. I think it will be some kind of revamped form. I don't know there needs to be some new sound coming. We had the the Bubblegum Pop era, the R&B era , the Timbaland-esque Pop/Urban/R&B era and now the Pop/Dance/Dr Luke era.
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