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The Chicks - Gaslighter

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Ok, so maybe unpopular opinion, but I'm struggling to like this song. Disclaimer: I LOVE the Dixie Chicks and am very excited for their album.

    It's not even the song itself that I dislike. I like the lyrics and melody, but is it just me or is the production kind of terrible? Like, their vocals on the chorus sound extremely compressed and shrill, and when the drums come in it kind of overpowers the entire thing and sounds very offputting to my ear. I thought maybe it was my car so I listened on my good headphones and the issues became even more apparent. I'm just surprised b/c I thought Jack Antonoff was supposed to be one of the "greats," but this sounds unfinished. I hope the rest of the album is mixed better.

    Bright side is Natalie sounds fantastic on the verses!
  2. I’m not as in love with it as I thought I would be, but my problem is the ‘get your ass farther’ line..which they seem to be trying to rhyme with both ‘denier’ (it doesn’t) and father (annoying). It really throws the chorus out of whack for me.
  3. I understand peoples issue with the tinny vocals in the beginning, but I still love the song. Such a great tune. I can't wait for the album.
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  4. Re. the shrillness - isn't that just a natural tone without a vocal being too manufactured?
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This song bops - it's so addictive!
  6. You mean just their natural vocal tone? If comparing to their past work, no, I don't think so. Sometimes Natalie's voice can be a little loud, but their harmonies tend to be warm and pleasing overall. To me, this chorus sounds very mechanical and layered. It's very tinny sounding, as sugarcoma mentioned.
  7. Is there a good article that details what the story is with Natalie and her ex? Haven't heard the story but this trying to delay the album because of it has got me interested.
  8. It sounds like he's been pretty adamant about keeping the news out of the press. The most I've gathered is there was likely some infidelity? Otherwise there hasn't been much coverage.
  9. The Long Way Around is still such a great song (and album). Melodically and lyrically it's just... a total moment. The live version is incredible too.

    I like Gaslighter but I think the songwriting could be a bit tighter honestly. I hope the album has a few tracks as great as the highs on Taking The Long Way.
  10. I hear the opposite. It sounds layered and mechanical because it is. The chorus has harmonies and there are layers and layers of lush “ahhh” harmonies in the second half of the chorus that are aligned. It doesn’t sound tinny at all, it’s very Phil Spector’s wall-of-sound. Natalie’s tone is clear and warm.
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  11. Lol I think we are saying the same thing. The chorus (melody and harmonies) is compressed and repeatedly digitally layered, which gives it a shrill, mechanical sound. The verses with Natalie's lead vocal sound pleasing because there's more room for her tone to breathe. To me the "ahh" harmonies are competing with the chorus and drums. The levels are off, and it just doesn't sound like a well-mixed final product. More mixtape-esque.
  12. I do think some is the way Jack produced the harmony vocals specifically. They're extremely tight and present, which is fairly unlike the previous records. I'll be curious how he treats the vocals on slower songs but I think they sound great for this song.
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  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This is the first I'm hearing of it, but... he named a boat Nautalee?!

  14. No word on what's happening with this album. I expect another track next month... but I'm nervous the album will be pushed. It would make sense, especially since the tour is primarily how they'd make money this time around. I heard Natalie is taking the isolation seriously so it's not like she's itching to do promo.
  15. How did I only find out about them releasing new music now? And how has it already been 14 years since their last album? Gaslighter is so good and I can’t wait to listen to the album and know all about what Adrian did. He seems like such a douchebag.
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  16. cute throwback video from 1996 they shared on Instagram today
  17. I'm sure we all figured it was going to happen but the album has been delayed. iTunes and Amazon are showing the release as December 31st.

    Hopefully they'll release a song on May 1st at least, even if it's just the cover they recorded.
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  18. Yeah Natalie has just confirmed the delay.

  19. NOT them using Roxxxy Andrews in their delay announcement.

    But, they said "Big surprises" coming May 1st still? So perhaps a new song at least.
  20. Yeah, I suppose the good thing is that we've only heard one song so far, so assuming it's been delayed a few months at least, they should still be able to put out a few new tracks during that time and it still not seem like we've heard most of the album by the time it comes out.
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