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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew.L, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. So, anyone else here for this mess?

    I’m already sold at that Jeniffer pretending to be an oncologist, because it’s a trusted profession, and the man pretending to be his hot girlfriend.

    The scammery of it all.
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  2. I am certain that impersonating a Doctor isn’t legal.
  3. I think impersonating one in medical/professional circumstances is completely against the law, but on social media...
    She’s awful for doing it anyway.
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  4. Freddie’s attempt to play is straight is going to be a real rough spot.

    I can’t wait to see how he thinks straight boys act while he’s knocking back prosecco.
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  5. Freddie seems determined to make sure everyone in the building hears him.
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  6. It's an interesting concept at least.
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  7. Mitchell is the worst.
  8. Fedddie is going to give herself away by the second episode.
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  9. I thought I'd hate this but couldn't tear myself away in the end.
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  10. It's an interesting concept, but I wish they were the ones typing messages to each other. I don't like the disconnect between them telling whoever's listening what to type. I think the friendships would develop better if it was in their own hands.
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  11. It’ll be highly interesting to see what tricks they pull out of the bag to stop themselves from being voted off.
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  12. Pretty sure in a modern London building the whole flat would hear Freddie's shrieks. Where is this building anyway?

    I was mostly on board with this until the ridiculous 'date' where they were talking to a screen.
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  13. I can see it becoming pretty tedious just watching people say

    "Circle, show me my pics"
    "Circle, send message"
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  14. It's in Hayes. And yes, unless they're sectioned away floor by floor and distanced from each other, they're all going to hear his yelling.
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  15. I imagine they've sound-proofed every room.
  16. I don't see how they're going to stretch this 'Coach Trip in a chatroom' concept over three weeks.

    The casting for a show based around 'playing a game' seemed a bit off. Getting a bunch of dim twenty-somethings to flirt shamelessly may work for Love Island viewers hungry for a flash of dick or some fumbling under the fake-bake stained sheets, but having eight people text eachother... I don't think they thought this one through.

    I did enjoy the fact that the straight-guy pretending to be his girlfriend felt bad because the predatory #lad he was catfishing seemed like a 'nice person'. Straight men wouldn't last five minutes in any other role in this patriarchal horrorshow world they've created.
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  17. Do you write for the Daily Mail by chance?
  18. Yes, Murdoch was quite taken with my hot-takes on the patriarchy.
  19. The is gender fluid question revealing the boys to be absolute messes.
    Genelle is a Queen.
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  20. I thought I'd give it a shot last night with it on in the background while I was playing on my Nintendo Switch and I'm afraid I was hooked. I think it's really interesting and it's hilarious too.

    I'm loving Freddie and "Kate". So funny and so interesting.
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