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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew.L, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Shook at Tally’s blocking, I definitely could see her in the finale. I take it she meets Manrika?
  2. Yeah I was kinda hoping Dot would go!
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  3. Dot has to be one of the most boring catfishes to play on this show. The fact that Tally has been blocked before her is...a choice.
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  4. I was shocked at Tally being sent home, but it was sweet to see how forgiving Tally was towards Manrika and funny to see them interacting like identical twins. I can see the general public hating Manrika for fully treating this as a game though.
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  5. For real though. How do producers allow someone with so much personality to play someone so incredibly dull and desperate to play it safe? Such a waste of space on the show.
  6. Manrika is playing this game how it should be played and doing it so well we love to see it !
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  7. I loved the first 2 series, the usa series and even the celeb special... but I'm bored with s3. Too much messing with the format and... not overly likable cast. What a shame.
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  8. It's weird that James wasn't put on the Celebrity series. I know it's been decades since Gladiators, but the people hired for the last series weren't exactly big stars either.
  9. But they were all people who, if you have channel flicked on TV or radio in the last year, probably would have caught. None of them were 'haven't been seen on anything in years' level of Z list.
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  10. Yes!!! She’s getting so much hate on social media and I don’t get it, she’s playing a cracking game! I just hope her and Felix are in the final, I’d love to see Nataliya walk into that room with Manrika at the table!
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  11. The wider public have never fully got on board with strategy being a part of a reality TV series. For some reason, people want authenticity but also excitement. They're almost oxymorons on reality TV but the public just don't seem to get that. I don't know if it's maybe because the first few series of Big Brother set a tone that people just won't let go of?

    It's in issue in British music too though isn't it. The public is still very busker with a guitar = proper music but carefully crafted pop spectacle = manufactured and bad. The public just don't seem to like anything that isn't a happenstance success.
  12. I also feel that when men are the ones 'playing a game' on these shows it's generally much more accepted and encouraged than when the women do.
  13. I love Manrika so much. Andy bores me to tears, the whitest bread possible.
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  14. That was so good. Yes Manrika! Queen! Pummel that snakey catfish.
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  15. Why was Gemma / James so angry at Manrika not having his back as a Geezer Girl when he was lying about who he was!
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  16. Gemma / James going off at Queen Manrika for not being honest when he was literally using the NHS to get the other contestants on side..... Trash.
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  17. I’m sorry but how could James be so mad at Manrika for the snake picture when that’s exactly what he’s been like pretending to be a NHS nurse for 2 weeks ?! He was vile .
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  18. That James and Manrika meet was AMAZING. She’s so unapologetic I love it.
  19. He was not vile, he was a Gladiator don’t you know! Lol!
  20. Wow, I’m surprised Manrika has got this invested in the Felix “relationship”. Natalya does seem like a nice person, so I can definitely understand the two of them connecting.

    As for the confrontation. James/Hunter being aggressive towards a girl about half his age, and positioning himself above her... it was very uncomfortable. He wasn’t genuine at all, and centred most of his personality faking a NHS nurse.

    Throughout his entire run, he’s just reminded me of James Haskell from I’m a Celeb. You could just tell his nice act was fake, and that he had some aggression ready to come out. Especially towards women.
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