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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew.L, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. A catfish has won two of the three series so far (including the celebrity one), so the odds on Andy or Manrika winning this aren’t great but I really hope it backfires on Manrika. Until last night’s episode I liked her, but the way she went for Andy was nasty.

    Yes, it’s a game but surely you want to come out of it with some viewer support? Alex managed it in series 1.
  2. I really don’t see how she was nasty about him to be honest ? If she said something personal about him fair enough but all she is doing is playing the game and trying to get Andy out as she realises he’s her biggest competition !
  3. I can't stand how it's the Manrika show now. It's actually putting me off watching. She's basically getting whole episodes to herself, which is almost signalling a win.

    I have no problems with anyone (including catfishes) playing the game to win. Hell, I want Hashu to win. But I'm not here for Manrika's scheming. She's so arrogant that she genuinely thought Andy was obligated to stick up for her in the chat, so when he didn't, he had to go. She draws the most convoluted and negative conclusions from every conversation she has and then makes it a crusade to get rid of everyone that could rumble her schemes. It's game playing, I get it, she wants to win. But it just leaves such a sour taste. I'm not finding her planning other people's downfalls enjoyable to watch at all.

    She's just incredibly manipulative and it's boiling my piss that she's so vocally critical and insulting about other players being dishonest or playing a game, yet she's the biggest culprit.
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  4. When you’ve been on your own for three or so weeks with nobody else to bounce off and all you have is messages that you can read into in any particular way, it’s no real surprise that you may end up going down a weird path mentally.
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  5. Yeah that's a good point and she is young. But others do handle it better than her.

    I've always been curious what the days look like in there because it must be so fucking boring. I wonder if the production team interact with them in any way. Like remind them to talk about certain things aloud etc, or if they're just left completely to their own devices. Filling the days with jenga and jigsaws is a big ask.
  6. Manrika is a reality tv gameplaying icon - i actually find her genuinely likeable and I don't understand the vitriol (on social media, not here) when she's literally playing the game and succeeding. The only other players worthy of winning are Syed and Felix in my opinion.
  7. This is a good watch for stuff like that.

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  8. Ah thanks, that's fascinating.
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  9. Agreed. The tagline for the show is 'What would you lose to win?' Andy's game plan revolves around keeping his integrity and being as honest as possible. Manrika's is built around saying 'fuck integrity, loyalty and honesty - I want the money'. She's not changed her identity as part of the game but she's decided to set aside some of the qualities we want/expect from people in normal society in order to grab the prize. That's fine because it's not normal society. I'd find it nasty, concerning, distasteful etc if the other players didn't know that someone might be doing this but they know exactly how the game works and have the option of doing the same. They've simply made the choice not to, like Andy has, which is a game plan in itself. They'll probably have seen James last year plotting against players whilst pretending to be a single mum; they've certainly seen this year's James pretending to be an NHS nurse to gain popularity. It's up to them as players to figure out what's truly going on as best they can.

    Weirdly, I've got a lot of respect for Manrika. I wouldn't be able to play the game like she is. I'd be too caught up in thinking about my public image etc. The fact she doesn't care about that too much... fair play to her. People are assuming that this means she's an immoral person away from the show. We don't know that - all we know that, in a game environment where you can make 'immoral' choices, she's chosen to do that. If this does reflect her personality outside of the show then the people around her will be more than aware of it now. She might win the money but she will probably find it harder to go on behaving like this.

    I think we as an audience just need to take things at face value: these are choices being made by players as part of a game in which they only get to interact with complete strangers via text. We can say that we don't like their choices or haven't warmed to them as people but definitively saying people are 'vile' or 'bullies' (which is what I've seen on social media) just seems way too strong given the nature of their interactions and the rules of the show.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Manrika is phenomenal. Get your bags ready Andy!!!
  11. I’m not surprised that people have come out saying Manrika allegedly bullied them in school, that is the vibe I’ve always got from her.

    I get that it’s a game and no one can accuse her of not playing it well, however I find some of it uncomfortable viewing.
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  12. It's also not a surprise because she herself alluded to it during her conversation with James. She's definitely tapping into skills that bullies use in real life and by referring to herself as a 'bitch', she's essentially told the audience she's aware of this. I suppose that's why it's uncomfortable viewing: the game allows people to behave in ways we know is immoral and gives them a platform in which they can do it very brazenly and visibly. You'd hope that, alongside all the people slagging Manrika off, there are also some people who are seeing parallels between her game plan and how they navigate life and are realising that outside of a game, it's not OK. Reality shows are great opportunities for people to explore psychology and behaviour on a personal and societal level. It would be great if the public could consider these shows like that rather than trying to tear players down and becoming the exact thing they're criticising the contestants for.
  13. Yes, I picked up on that. She said something along the lines of “I used to be not a nice person”, and a few days later it becomes apparent that she still isn’t.

    £100K isn’t exactly life-changing, and there’s no guarantee she’s going to win it. If she does, then great for her but if not, is it really worth it? I don’t know how far in advance it’s filmed and whether she’s already had to deal with the social media backlash after Friday, but this could affect her for years.

    I know we are in snowflake world now where you can’t say anything without fear of offending someone (and heaven help those that do), but surely she’s taken it a bit far? And Femi too for that matter.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’d want to leave something like that with some integrity, and think more about what might come afterwards.

    We’ve seen what happens in the final votes before anyway. They vote tactically and then someone unexpected wins who doesn’t necessarily deserve it (the Irish lad from the second series for example - he hadn’t been there long enough. Woody, Georgina, Tim or even James as Sammy were all there from the beginning).

    I’ll watch the rest but Friday’s episode did leave a nasty taste. If this is what you have to do to get on then it’s not something I necessarily want to see.
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  14. I’ve not been as interested in this season because of the producers meddling, particularly with this one it’s affecting the chances of some of the contestants which I don’t find particularly fair. The Tally Clone and Circle Assassin stuff felt like some of the contrived Big Brother “twists” they started throwing in to top the previous season.
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  15. Femi has just got to go... Manrika I can forgive as she’s been there since the start, but Femi taking this issue with Andy way too far and refusing his apologies is too much.

    I wasn’t that bothered about Andy up until now but I definitely want him to win now. Or anyone apart from Manrika or Femi.
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  16. I’m tempted to give up on this season, it’s gotten quite painful to watch in a way that S1 and S2 didn’t. Fair enough Manrika is playing the game very well, but it’s not nice to see when it’s painfully obvious the nastiness in her tactics. Herself (and Femi it seems now too) have been borderline bullying and gaslighting.

    I think Femi and Pippa leaving would’ve put the show back in a much better position.
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  17. Way too many twists!!!!
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  18. They needed a twist to generate enough story for the upcoming week but I would rather they did a shorter, tighter series. Pippa and Femi aren't even the best players for this twist. Billy and Tally were. The clone twist should have happened now that the players know each other reasonably well. They've kind of done things in the wrong order/too early.
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  19. It does make me wonder if Channel 4 are already predicting the end of The Circle in this country. They carried on with Big Brother way beyond its sell-by date (and that was before Channel 5 revived it), and are perhaps wary of doing the same with this. It didn’t need this many twists and smacks of desperation.

    I was pleased to see two of the “triple threat” go, much as I’d have preferred it to be Manrika, but then for them to stay as yet another catfish was a massive disappointment. They clearly want to kill the show off. Series 2 will probably go down as the best, but even the first was much better than this one.
  20. I’m sorry but I’m really not seeing this so called nastiness from either Manrika or even from Femi (and I don’t even like Femi) in all honesty ....
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