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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew.L, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. I just find it utterly bizarre that people don't like the contestants catfishing and gameplaying when it's literally the premise of the game. Very odd that Manrika and Femi in particular are getting singled out...
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  2. Manrikas whole game has been to make manipulate people to think they’re her besties and then boot them off. She gave false hope to both Tally and Vithun, bites into Andy for anything now and has also made her little new group hate him too.

    I think fair catfish and gameplay all you want, just don’t do it in a way that is absolutely brutal. Syed is played very well, along with Dot. You can game play without being awful the majority of the time.
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  3. Sorry to hear that. Do you really think that kind of behaviour is acceptable? To the majority of us, I’m afraid it isn’t.
  4. Yes she has been brutal and ruthless with her strategy and gameplay but she has not said anything nasty or personal to anyone at all which is what I was replying to the other person with who seems to think she’s been nasty .
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  5. Well it really isn’t the majority there is quite a lot of people that enjoy and appreciate her game play .
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  6. You’re missing the point completely. She gets people on side to help her case and if they dare say the slightest thing against her, she tears them down by getting others on side so she can get them out.

    If you think being brutal and ruthless are not nasty qualities to have, then what are? Of course she’s not going to be nasty to their faces, that wouldn’t help her. And how could she get personal? If she did, again it wouldn’t put her in a good place.

    The meeting of “Gemma” and her was like no other before it. I didn’t particularly like Gemma/James but Manrika was equally to blame for the that meeting turning sour.

    I was thinking it finished on Tuesday (or even tomorrow) but was slightly disappointed to learn we have another five days of this. I’ve had enough of it.
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  7. I’ve not seen anyone else say that, but best of luck to you if you think that’s how to behave. In my world it definitely isn’t. We’ll have to agree to disagree and no hard feelings.
  8. Is it odd? No one has an issue with how Syed/Hashu or Vithun played the game, so I think that statement is a reach.
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  9. And what is the problem with that ? I’m sorry but IT IS A GAME there is one winner in all of this and these people don’t know each other at all. Unlike other reality shows also they haven’t actually met each other in person or actually lived with them in person so they have no actual loyalties to anyone whatsoever and are free to switch and change there mind/opinion’s on people and certain situations .
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  10. Well I have so yeah likewise best of luck ....
  11. Manrika is running this game and I'm loving every minute. It's a game people! Maybe it's because I'm American and we're used to championing people who strategize well but she's playing it better than anyone else there, yet at the same time being authentic with the audience about every decision she's making and why she's making it. That's why I love her. People are forgetting that all these people know about each other is profiles that could be real or fake - the "connections" made are always going to carry a degree of skepticism, and if someone shows a degree of disloyalty in a game like this, it's not worth the risk. Manrika is playing smart AF. I don't think she's being brutal or cruel whatsoever, every participant knows exactly what they're getting into.
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  12. The people who are saying it's just gameplaying and that she hasn't said anything nasty - did you just miss that she spent a few days calling "Gemma" a fucking bitch at every opportunity, over something that she was totally wrong about? At that point, "Gemma" hadn't done any of what Manrika thought she'd done. She's totally irrational, draws wild conclusions and is extremely immature. When your card is marked, that's it. She can't see that someone like Andy was being genuine to her - she sees it as a personal attack.

    As has been mentioned already, spending 3 weeks on your own in there will do weird things if you're not mentally prepared for it. So I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. But Manrika just exudes mean girl vibes to me - nice to your face and a total horror story behind your back. But there's a nature about it that doesn't seem like it's just game playing for the show. Obviously I don't know her personally, but that's the impression she's leaving me with.

    Thing is, I'd have enjoyed it if she didn't take it to such a weird and mean place. I like that she's got a clear plan and some of it does make sense and could have been really entertaining. But she just goes too far. As others have said, there are actual catfish, playing real game plans, that are still managing to be fun and enjoyable to watch. Aside from Felix now taking great delight in leading Manrika up the garden path, which isn't going to end well for anyone.
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  13. God some of you are going on like she killed your dog.

    It's like Makosi in BB6 all over again. How dare a women of colour not be sweetness and light.

    The paternalistic 'she should just be nice' reactions are qwhite over the top for a TV show where game playing is literally the aim of the game. It all smacks of 'know your place little girl' which leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

    And don't tell me that Andy didn't use just as crude manipulation techniques last night, dobbing Manrika in every chance he got and crying 'poor me' to anyone that would listen.
  14. Admittedly I haven’t watched this series but what in the Digital Spy is going on in this thread? It all seems very tense for a show about Facebook messenger babes. X
  15. Well she’s clearly split this house. For me it just boils down to the fact I don’t feel particularly comfortable watching the way she goes on. It reminds me of school bullies. But also, if people are less sensitive to that stuff I can see why she would be GREAT tv.

    Aside from Manrika, I wonder what they’re going to do this week to drag it out until Friday? I can’t see this new pairing being interesting / believable enough to give enough content to go until Friday. Surely the others will click on very quick?
  16. Vithun did an interview where he said the edit was kind to him by making it seem like he chose to confess about the anonymous message when, in reality, he was forced to confess because Manrika very credibly ruled out everyone except him and Andy as the culprit. He said if Andy hadn't been a part of the conversation, he probably would have pinned it on him to avoid being booted as he knew it would spell the end for him. He was under no illusions.

    The way players like Vithun and Tally are leaving the show talking about their own strategy and not being bitter at all but viewers are up in arms about them being bullied/betrayed... It's almost like the players really do just see it as a game environment.

    I found this quite interesting. He, just like Manrika has been doing, talked quite openly about needing to manipulate the others yesterday as he felt his place on the show was in danger. Yet no-one seems to have a problem with it!
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  17. You know this show is not real right? It’s heavily edited and manipulated. They don’t make any decisions themselves, literally none and they spend their time talking to producers through speakers. When they talk out loud they aren’t talking to themselves they’re having a conversation with a producer 24/7 and more than likely being manipulated into saying something the producers want to hear. They are all scouted, none of them actually get through from auditions on TV, The Circle is one of the fakest reality shows there is but it’s amazing to watch! Everyone needs to stop taking it so seriously and remember 1, it’s just an entertainment show and 2, it’s a game to befriend everyone to win 100 grand it’s not a game to be nice to everyone that’s why it’s not face to face, makes it more fun!
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Pippa has the potential to be amazing with the catfish twist but Femi needs to lighten up a little bit. There is no way Syed isn't going to win at this point which would be the right decision!
  19. Dot or Felix lined themselves up nicely after last night's ratings but that only means they're pretty much guaranteed to be tactically voted down. Which might mean, middle of the pack Syed swoops in for a deserved win.

    The new catfish at this stage of the game is nonsense. Pippa is nice enough, but I didn't enjoy Femi at all. And honestly, what's the point? As if any of the players are going to let a newbie win when they arrive just days before the end.
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  20. I’m surprised the cast have been able to talk so candidly about how set-up aspects of the show are. For example “Gemma” saying he diddn’t want to visit Manrika but was basically given no other option.
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