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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew.L, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Maybe it's because I've watched so much BBUSA/Canada but I honestly don't think Manrika has done one thing wrong. She's in to win £100k not best mates, so she's doing what she feels she needs to do, which in a game show is fine.
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  2. Manrika is on Instagram saying she’s going to do a Q&A even though she’s still in contract but contracts have been broken on their end, whatever that means?! This is turning into a mess and I’m here for it!
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  3. Colour me intrigued!
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  4. It sounds like she's not happy with the edit and so wants to spill some tea. I'm not convinced anything juicy is going to come of this. I feel like this is just her whipping up a storm as the social media queen that she is whilst the opportunity is there.
  5. She’s revealed on Instagram that both her and her family are getting death threats on social media, so I imagine it’s in response to that as well. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be on the receiving end of that!

    I hate how toxic social media can be, these are the same people who’ll preach #bekind yet will hate on a woman who plays a game on a game show...
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  6. NOT lying about a fake dead nan!
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  7. That episode felt a lot more like a healthy balance. Lighter vibes and nice to see Dot & Syed get more screen time. A good watch thank god!
  8. If that was Manrika who done that Twitter would be in a storm.
  9. Last night's episode was really enjoyable, and I laughed at Manrika too.

    The editing is clearly so important and when we're forced to look at Manrika's game playing for nearly whole episodes, it'll inevitably rub some people up the wrong way. If they'd struck a bit more of a balance, I don't think she'd have had such a bad reaction. But obviously that wouldn't have made for such compelling TV. They struck gold with her as a character, so I can understand why they ran with it.

    She can be really funny, while still wanting to win, but just not intent on destroying people. I hope that these last few days are a bit lighter than the previous week.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Pippa and Femi are so mismatched fffffff I feel bad for her. "Alice" seems like a complete waste, but I just want Andy out at this point.
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  11. Trailer of the New US Circle which starts on Netflix next week !

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  12. I loved the main 4 coming together to to plan to get rid of the newbies . Shabaz/Alice needs to go tomorrow so we have a dramatic final dinner .

    Manrika meeting Felix. Everyone seeing they were right about Pippa and Femi. Uncle Syed walking in as Hashu. Triple threat being exposed to Andy. Potential incredible TV !
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  13. It’s a shame it’s finishing in a couple of days because it has gotten really good again the last couple of episodes. Although saying that, I am absolutely gagged at the thought of these players meeting face to face. It’s going to be amazing television!
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  14. I've enjoyed the last couple of episodes (including Manrika) very much. Alice is the only option for the boot today. It absolutely has to be everyone else at the dinner table.
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  15. That fight between Alice and Felix was a scream. Natalya has got NERVE.
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  16. Andy has to block Alice, surely?

    I’d prefer Tom in the final purely because there will be so much more to unpack at that dinner with Pippa and Femi there ddd.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Dot and Felix meeting was utterly heartwarming I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it in here. I'm rooting hard for a Felix win now??
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  18. I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode. It was so nice to see Dot and Felix meet as they’re both absolute sweeties. Gonna be great TV when they all meet tonight. Bringing back Femi and Pippa has been great for the show this week even though I wasn’t fully sold on them, it’s resulted in some great twists and the original 4 bonding has been good to watch.

    Granted the winner seems to be all over social media, but I would be very happy if Felix / Andy / Syed won.
  19. The final tonight

    Manrika or Syed to win please !
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  20. OK I love Manrika but why is she so annoyed at Natayla? I mean, I get it but I feel everyone who comes into The Circle says they're single anyway so they will be more popular and can flirt with the other players.

    EDIT: Hashu is so cute!
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