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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew.L, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. So Manrika would have won if she didn’t put Felix first ? She really shot herself in the foot . She should have voted more tactically !
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  2. I’m also really shocked at Syed only coming 4th . He deserved to be higher than that .
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  3. I'm pleased with Natalya winning, she seems like a sweetheart. I love her relationship with Dot too, she ran straight over to him to hug him when she saw him.

    I would have loved to see Manrika win, even just for the meltdowns on Fiat 500 twitter. The hate she's been getting on there is insane.
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  4. I’m surprised Syed didn’t get higher in the ratings. Oh well. The whole Manrika/Felix situation still confuses me.
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  5. Very happy for Natalya, she seemed like a sweetheart!
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  6. 2014

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    An iconic winner!! Probably the best catfish the show has seen?? The father Tom duo really were the deciders huh.
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  7. I presume this is in response to Manrika...

    I also don't see her profile on there any more. If she's deleted her account I don't blame her.
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  8. I’m gutted for Manrika.
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  9. I enjoyed the finale.

    I was absolutely gagging at Manrika’s face when Natalya walked in. My god. But, fair play to the girl, that could have gone A LOT worse. She handled what was a total mindfuck, really well in my opinion.

    I was openly not a fan of Manrika’s middle section of the show. It’s so weird because I liked her to start with and I’ve enjoyed her in the last few episodes. It was only when she went uber-villain that it turned me off. I’d have lived for it if there wasn’t such a mean girl edge to her, but even she admitted that she had probably gone too far a few episodes ago.

    I’m conflicted about her story too, as 10 seconds on her Instagram feed from around the time she came out of the show and you’ll see she’s clearly not strapped for cash. So she does ok for herself one way or another.

    She’s clearly very ambitious, so good luck to her. She put herself out there and she tried her best to win. In the end, she did very well.

    I’m surprised Hashu only finished 4th too. And I was cringing so hard at Emma pushing the Hashu/Manrika thing when she was clearly not having any of it.

    Overall, a really enjoyable series.
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  10. I liked the way they did the finale what with it being pretty much a normal episode - only downside was practically no words from the ex players, they could have dedicated a moment to that.

    delighted about the result though. Natalya has me under a spell, she’s stunnnnning.
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  11. I'd have liked to have heard from the other contestants too, but I'm getting the impression a lot was edited out and it probably didn't go the way they'd have liked.

    Vithun tweeted to say it was not as positive as it looked in that edit and it's amazing how a bit of background music changes the tone of something.
  12. 2014

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    So strange but unsurprising how Manrika's been treated compared to, say, James, a white, straight male, cat fishing as a female NHS worker. The fact he did that doesn't annoy me to be honest, it's a game, but the things people are attacking Manrika for are somehow not considered when it comes to James. Incredible series yet again though!
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  13. The intense hatred some people have/had for Manrika is distrubing. I really don't think they're in a place to be preaching about morality, or how to behave.
  14. Actually sending her and her family messages online is psychotic behaviour.

    I didn’t hide that I really disliked about a week of her game playing and specifically her pretty rude attitude towards people, which I feel took the game to a completely negative place. But I’d never dream of bloody messaging her or tagging her or (god forbid) threatening her.

    That’s insane and unhinged.
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  15. Apparently this series was actually filmed from 13 September to 6 October last year. That means that the final on Friday happened over six months ago! Manrika knew who Felix was long before any of us had heard of either of them!

    The last week was much better. Manrika redeemed herself a bit, and I accept that editing has a lot to do with how contestants are made to look.

    However, she paid the price for the spat with Andy. I think he placed her third in the vote, it may have been higher had she not gone down in his estimations after their slight fall-out. Then again, she said it herself that if she’d not voted Felix first, she’d have won. It’s all a game of chance.

    Natalya/Felix seems a nice enough person and quite genuine. Similar with Hashu/Syed, I really liked him and would loved to have seen him win. And you can’t not like Andy.

    Why did it have to be shown so long after it was made? The programme is all about social-distancing. I think the first two series were pretty much like Big Brother, ie. highlights of the previous day with some live episodes. Why did Covid stop that this time? To have a series like that in the can for six months seems really odd?
  16. I was not expecting Natalya to win but she was my second choice behind Manrika and I'm thrilled they were the top two. Her and Manrika are going live on Instagram together tomorrow so they must be on good terms.
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  17. Manrika said on a Instagram Live with Hashu that when Gemma/James got blocked as well as sending a video to the whole group is identity he sent her a private video message to apologise to her . Wish we saw it!
  18. Girls should we create a separate thread for the US version or is this being used to discuss every iteration of the series?
  19. Was wondering that! I just finished the first episode, and it’s way better than I was expecting. It was really funny and everyone is entertaining me already.
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  20. I accidentally watched the first 3 episodes in one sitting tonight and feel like the entire cast is bringing it. Things pop off much quicker this year than last - I've never seen any of the other versions to compare.
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