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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. This was fun.
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  2. Really enjoyed this last batch of episodes before the finale. I'm so happy with the finalists because I've grown fond of all of them. I can't wait to see their reactions when they meet face to face.

    Isn't it funny how the people accusing others of manipulating become the most sneaky of all? It happened first with Courtney, who I actually like more now that things have chilled a little, and Mitchell. Him in particular...I just don't mix well with that kind of simple mind. He is extremely easy to influence, has terrible instincts to recognize honesty from mindgames or outright lies, but at the same time that's what he values the most.

    Anyway, can't wait for the finale. I haven't seen S1 so I'm not sure of the mechanics, but if I had to bet I would say it's going to be between Chloe and River. They seem to be the ones who have created the strongest appeal without truly antagonizing anyone.
  3. Trevor: Some people have been playing a really shady game and that's not fair.

    Same Trevor who is a woman pretending to be a man.
  4. A deserved winner in Trevor . Not the final two being quite a similar situation to the UK version as well !
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  5. Just glad Courtney never won- never warmed to the guy and he grew increasingly smug as the season went on. Happy with the winner.
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  6. So so happy Trevor won although felt like River deserved a higher placing.
  7. I'm so glad Courtney didn't win.

    I loved the video call with real Trevor and everyone shouting hello in the background. That was so sweet.
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  8. Wtf :(

  9. The finale was great, very sweet and warm. I would have been happy with any of the final 4 winning. My choices were River or Chloe, but Trevor had very genuine reasons for the money and played a great game. The moment when she shows her husband and daughter to the rest on the table was the best. Everyone was so happy for them.

    I honestly can't wait to watch Chloe on another reality show!

    I feel bad for Terilisha. Savannah just can't chill out, even when someone is trying to find middle ground. She always goes for the yugular. The moment when Khat and Mitchell cheered behind their backs was hilarious.
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  10. I’m really shocked and confused as to why they would axe this ? It genuinely grew and got more bigger each series and there was clearly and fanbase for it . Really hope Netflix pick it up (there apparently in talks to pick it up) If they can have the US version which only started because of the UK version and is actually filmed in the UK on Netflix then surely the UK version will be brought to Netflix.
  11. What a stupid decision. It was really gaining traction.
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  12. I wonder how this affects the US version? I was told that the huge circle on the building they use has been removed...

    Hopefully Netflix will save the day, it has so much potential.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'm gutted they've cancelled it!! But me and my colleagues were talking that maybe someone else has grabbed it? Maybe Netflix hmm.
  14. I felt like the amount of negativity around the contestants this year was a bit much and I can’t help but think it had maybe run it’s course (on broadcast TV!).

    I did think the celebrity one had a lot more life in it though as that’s a way to ensure it stays on the lighter side of the game.
  15. I live very close to the building it films in and pass it on my way into work and the big circle on the building is rarely there - I believe it was only really ever there to get the exterior shots of the building.
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  16. Chloe was my first choice but I can’t deny “Trevor”/Delisha makes for a great winner. I have a feeling Courtney probably sunk Chloe in the ratings with his strategic voting, so I’m glad he didn’t win.
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  17. I definitely got more invested in the UK season 3, probably partly because it was on every night for about 3 weeks, but I think I preferred this US season. It pretty much had everything - drama, flirting, alliances and a surprisingly emotional, heartwarming ending and winner.

    The UK version was high on drama but it all felt a bit toxic and negative in comparison.
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  18. Savannah is an idiot for going so hard for someone who will be a huge threat down the road like Courtney at the first round. I love, love Terilisha, A strategic powerhouse that also serves character. She is the star and she is the moment.
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  19. I missed the first series of the UK one so I've started watching it. I didn't expect it to be so different. It feels very rough and it's quite jarring after watching the latest seasons. I also can't believe there's a fucking baby in there! I'm going to persevere with it though.
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  20. Well I wasn't expecting this.

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