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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Isn't this the American version?
  2. As Channel 4 cancelled the UK series, there won't be a separate UK and US series moving forward. Contestants from the UK, US, Canada and Ireland will compete on the same show airing on Netflix.
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  3. I like that they're making it an international cast now, following in the footsteps of The Challenge.
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  4. Oddly, they're only casting people from the UK, US, Canada and Ireland. No signs of the Brazil or even France editions returning or being folded into one big international edition.
  5. I like this idea. Chloe was such a good addition to the last one. It makes sense too with Netflix having an international audience. I also imagine it's cheaper to have UK and Irish contestants since it's filmed in Manchester.

    I've also just read it's been renewed for a fourth and fifth season.
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  6. I'm not surprised it's coming back so soon. It's gotta be the easiest and cheaper reality show to produce in these times.
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  7. Season 3 is here! Just from the intro they promise more twists and turns than ever, which makes me incredibly excited. The way producers messed with the S2 cast was delicious.
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  8. I feel like they should have waited a bit longer to drop this, I'm not really excited about a new season so soon after the last.
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  9. It does feel a bit like overkill. There have been about four seasons this year with the UK/US and celebrity editions.
  10. I love the first twists. S2 started with big drama, but in this they have gone for producer messery from episode 1. I didn't connect with the cast right away, but it's been very entertaining so far.

    I felt so bad for Michelle. It must have felt powerless seeing everything unfold. To be fair, I feel like it's a case of everybody giving bad replies/making poor choices of judgement, rather than someone being super smart and good at the game.

    I love how Kai is super confident and at the same time has no clue of what's going on. I feel like that's a recipe for trouble in the future.

    I was hoping that Blue Michelle would go far in the game, but the way they have screwed the very first responses and challenge doesn't bode well at all.
  11. Ava and (more so) her sister Chanel are iconic.
  12. #poormichelle

    The twist just feels so mean spirited and not entertaining.
  13. Yeah the twist made me feel bad as well, especially as it happened so early on.

    I found quite a lot of the people irritating during their introductory montages but at the moment I like almost everybody. Rooting for Kai and Ruksana at this point. I binged the episodes in one sitting so bring on the next ones!
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  14. Same. Love Ruskana.
  15. I am only a couple of episodes in but I finally worked out that ‘douchebag’ Nick sounds exactly like Phil Dunphy (the most irritating character in Modern Family) - and now I want to punch my screen whenever he talks! Dddd

    (Watch him win ddd)
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  16. Kai & Ruksana are fantastic and I hope make it far. I’m a bit worried that Kai is going to get stabbed in the back, though.

    Nick might be one of the most insufferable people I’ve ever experienced on television.
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  17. I don't mind Nick? I was afraid I was going to get that toxic macho energy of setting shallow concepts of "truth" and "family" as the impossible standard, but in the end I got that from Calvin.

    I've warmed up to Kai in this week's episodes, becuse I love her attitude and she finally has started to make correct impressions of people. Ruksana continues to be the best, Isabella is super charming, and Ashley is beyond cute.
  18. I initially thought Nick was an absolute knob but I'm warming to him now. The burner profile/Vince twist is brilliant and he's playing it really well. I kind of love that Calvin went. Most seasons they have a straight man who is everyone's friend and just coasts to the final.

    Daniel's starting to grate on me. And how do you get to the age of 20 without kissing anyone? Has he just never set foot inside a gay club/met another gay person?
  19. Well, let’s just say that The Circle made me realise I generally don’t like... men?

    I’d bin Nick, Calvin, Daniel, Jackson (the persona) thus far on my watch.

    Somehow Ashley does not bother me as the persona presented is okay. However - I feel the opposite for Isabella. I like Sophia and wish she played as herself, the Isabella persona is really bland but I guess that’s how one wins! Ddd

    Not too sure on James yet, but so far I am team Ruksana and have Kai as second fave...
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  20. There was a short promo after episode 8 that spoiled the next 2 players to get blocked :/
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